International Monsanto Tribunal – April 2017

Dear Monsanto Tribunal – This tribunal event is only to certify that Ecocide be legally known and stated to be the 5th International Crime but this tribunal event did not legally state or arrive at a verdict that Monsanto has committed Ecocide Crime against Vietnam (India and all other agricultural farmlands) and all nations/countries where they have poisoned and contaminated for the past decades.

So .. where does it leave us, the general global populace, when justice has yet to be meted out to Monsanto and the likes of other chemical corporations who are also in the same ‘business’ and is still continuing to poison our foods, water, environment, soil etc.

We have yet to read/see the words that they are to stop the process of poisoning us with immediate effect.

Is this only the first step to try them in international court or this is it?

With all these reading, the lay people do not understand if a ‘verdict’ has been given and how is the termination of all these atrocities being stopped?

Thank you for reading this. Namaskar


Livestream conclusions Monsanto Tribunal

The Judges in the Monsanto Tribunal present their conclusions, live from The Hague NL. Is Monsanto violating basic human rights? Food, health, environment. Do we need better regulations to protect people and nature against multinational corporations? Can we speak of ecocide?


Source: International Monsanto Tribunal – April 2017