Distractions – Keep the vibration/frequency up Something is going on ‘Behind the scenes’ ~ 14th March 2020

Distractions (not saying that … people didn’t die .. or suffered) … the news media … are putting out … tons of distractions for the mass population to be in ‘FEAR’.

Know and understand this word ‘FEAR’.

It is being used to lower the vibrations of Humanity into lower consciousness.

The virus lockdowns, control, toilet papers mania, celebrities death mania, celebrities getting the virus, virus news scare mania, ‘disappointment’ mania (no games, no footballs etc) … all these ..

…. are meant to keep all of You – Humanity in fear, in disappointments, in ‘anger’ (no toilet papers, no hand sanitizers, no antibacterial chemical sprays etc) …

Why? … Because something is going on … ‘Behind the scenes’ … which the controlled news media … don’t want all of You to know or find out.

In the meantime … balance your mental thoughts, your emotions in getting angry (lack of toilet papers, lack of hand sanitizers etc) …

Keep the cool, Humanity!!!!!

No antiseptic sprays? … make your own …. do some research and find out .. how to make your own organic antiseptic sprays … what’s so difficult about that?????

One thing for sure … it sure beats queing up and getting frustrated about ‘lack of toilet papers’ .. ‘lack of something’ ….

….. NOW … think about it .. logically …. does this make any common sense at all????

People are afraid of ‘lack’ … lack of something … lack of money, lack of food … lack of supplies … lack of entertainment ….

….. (that’s why they don’t focus on everything that’s logical but to just ‘follow the crowd’ ….. go amok …. go crazy …. go line up for something like toilet papers, hand sanitizers …) …

…..they focus on the energy/frequency of ‘lack’ … follow the controlled news media … follow the frenzy of buying and creating fear and anxiety within their own neighbourhood etc.

This is getting out of hand Humanity!!!!!!

Keep your cool … balance your thoughts …. keep calm and use your sacred HEART space …. to make ‘real and truthful’ decisions … on what you should do … logically … in a sane manner.

Use your HEART, calm down and know that YOU are in control of your thoughts, actions and emotions!!

Dont’ let the controlled news media to control you .. your thoughts … your emotions … don’t hand over the ‘control button’ to them … to dictate your life.

UNFOCUS!!! – Unfocus about what’s out there … about ‘fear’ .. about ‘control’ … about ‘lack’ …. about ‘virus’ … about some celebrity death/s, sickness (idolization) …. that’s taking you … away from YOU. ((You need to focus on what’s important within you, your family and loving them)).

Sure, you can take precautions (about the virus) .. do it in moderation …. not running around .. doing crazy stuff .. making crazy decisions and adding to the ‘fear’ and insane actions.

Use your sacred HEART … and not just your ‘crazy mind’ …because your ‘mind/brain’ can be manipulated through frequency waves, news, noise, fear etc.

Your HEART can’t be manipulated because your HEART will always .. always … tell you the TRUTH!!

When you ‘Focus’ on something like the ‘virus’ … YOU are in FACT .. manfiesting fear.

When you ‘Focus’ on ‘lack’…. YOU are in FACT … manifesting lack.

It is that SIMPLE!!!

Make the decisive choice … to FOCUS through your HEART on:




Abundance (perhaps enough crazy toilet papers to last you for two weeks is good enough)

Kindness (leave some stuff on the shelves for others to buy)



Focus on Self – within you

For Now … when you’re capable of doing all these FOCUS .. the world will be calmer, more peaceful, more sane, more balanced and more forgiving. – Agnes Khoo


HUGE Media Distractions – Energetic Manipulation (Kobe Bryant death, Coronavirus, Prince Harry…)