Violet Flame over Long Island – New Global Daily Meditation at 4PM UTC – Prepare for Change


**ALERT!! (Explanation – Yaldabaoth – Looks like an octopus {in the picture} is a dark entity that’s thousands of years old and we’ve transmuted, transformed and dissipate most of the dark energy engulfing/situated at the top of Planet Earth. Imagine the Divine Violet Flame encompassing and penetrating through the dark entity – cleansing and transmuting the dark energy to love, light and blessings.)

Read on for more info on the dark/evil entity – Yaldabaoth –


**IMPORTANT – Divine Violet Flame over Long Island, USA – New Global Daily Meditation at 4PM UTC

Please say some prayers/positive intentions/focus-energy healing for Long Island, NYC – for at least 5mins everyday at 12noon (EDT – Eastern Daylight Saving Time) NYC and Pennsylvania time –

(Singapore time is 12hrs ahead of EDT – NYC & PA – 12midnight – every night – If it’s too late for anyone of you in Singapore – Say your prayers before you go to bed and state/announce that you’re synchronizing your prayers with the 12noon meditation in NYC & Pennsylvania – Reiki style)


6 am HAST Honolulu

9 am PDT Los Angeles

10 am MDT Denver

11 am CDT Chicago

12 noon EDT New York

5 pm BST London

6 pm / 18 CEST Berlin

6 pm EET Cairo

11 pm ICT Bangkok

12 midnight CST Taipei

– next day –

1 am JST Tokyo

3 am AEDT Sydney

5 am NZDT Auckland



As mentioned by Cobra in the recent situation update, “there are only about 180 members of the Chimera group left on the planet. They are a small and yet very powerful and dangerous group that maintains the quarantine status of planet Earth through a top quark-antiquark condensate located in Long Island, tied to plasma toplet bombs.”

As a result, a new Event is created for healing the situation on Long Island.

Facebook Global Meditation – Violet Flame over Long Island:

The following information is text from the June interview with Cobra about the importance of healing the situation on Long Island.

COBRA (June 24, 2015)

(Answering the question about Cern Collider)

They are trying to open negative portals, plasma portals. They want to create more strangelets, more anomalies.They want to maintain their remaining anomaly. That’s why they are using this accelerator. This accelerator is far less dangerous than the other one on Long Island. So there is too much focus on Cern and not enough focus on what is happening on Long island, because the accelerator on LI has produced stable strangelets, already last year. And those stranglets went to the center of the earth where they are being accumulated. Thankfully, the Light Forces can do many things about this, but still it will be good that the light workers and light warriors put more focus and start healing the situation on LI with their meditations. That would help a lot. (Source)

In the same interview Cobra speaks about CINTAMANI STONES:

They are one of the keys to the planetary liberation. There is certain unique energetic signature of that stone because #1) it came from Sirius star system and #2) it was infused with energy directly from the galactic center many millions of years ago. There is a certain technology of the light forces that they can use and they can transmit certain energies directly from the galactic center to the Cintamani stones to dissolve plasma and influence the implants. Using Cintamani stones, you can amplify and speed up the process for yourself and for the planet. (Source)

FYI: The Long Island Ground Crew has covered all of Long Island with Cintamani Stones!



WE SEND THE VIOLET FLAME THROUGHOUT ALL OF LONG ISLAND from the place in the world where we are situated.

These PROTECTION METHODS are highly recommended before the start of this Meditation:

Use your Cintamani stone while meditating, holding it in your hand, if you have one.

Also consider these options to remain in complete Balance and to always Radiate in the Purest Light:


6 am HAST Honolulu

9 am PDT Los Angeles

10 am MDT Denver

11 am CDT Chicago

12 noon EDT New York

5 pm BST London

6 pm / 18 CEST Berlin

6 pm EET Cairo

11 pm ICT Bangkok

12 midnight CST Taipei

– next day –

1 am JST Tokyo

3 am AEDT Sydney

5 am NZDT Auckland









Music only:



  1. Before beginning, begin playing this music-only track from the epic Etheric Liberation Meditation to enhance the strength and focus of your intention.
  2. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.
  3. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to speed up the process of healing for Earth and its inhabitants. Visualize this by grounding yourself to the core of the the planet and visualize gold and green light spiraling around you to strengthen your connection to Gaia.
  4. Visualize a pillar of Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, then going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through your body to the center of the Earth. Visualize another pillar of Light rising from the center of the Earth, then up through your body and upwards into the sky towards all beings of Light in our Solar System and our galaxy. You are now sitting in two pillars of Light, the Light flowing both upwards and downwards simultaneously. Keep these pillars of Light active for a few minutes.
  5. Now visualize a violet flame purifying the last remaining Chimera stronghold on Long Island – including the RHIC and its energy field on plasma, etheric and astral planes. Then visualize this violet flame expanding through all of North America and purifying it. Then expand it even more until it encompasses the whole planet, purifying its energy field on the plasma, etheric and astral planes.
  6. Visualize the Ascended Masters’ light surrounding Earth with the White Dove of Peace glowing in golden light ascending with the violet flame on the Chimera stronghold on Long Island. See a violet and white flower of life grid surrounding the planet to activate the planetary grid with light.
  7. Visualize the Light Forces taking control of the Plasma Grid around Earth, dissolving the head of Yaldabaoth, and accelerating the dismantling of all Toplet Bombs to hasten the liberation of the planet at the Event.

Victory of the Light!

IN ADDITION TO THE MAIN GLOBAL MEDITATION, you may wish to participate in additional meditations throughout the day focused on dissolving the head of Yaldaboth and disabling the Hadron Collider on Long Island.


Additional Asia Meditation – Violet Flame over Long Island:

Inspiring Videos:

Whenever you focus on Long Island throughout the day, the following visualizations are suggested:

* We do the protection. We connect with the Galactic Central Sun, we do a beam of brilliant white Light descending upon us and going into the center of Earth.

*We call upon Archangel Michael and his powerful legions to provide us with absolute safety and protection.

* We invoke Violet Flame to gently transmute, cleanse, purify and dissolve all negativity on Long Island, the particle accelerator and all devices of Chimera and Chimera itself.

*We call upon master Saint Germain and archangel Zadkiel to assist in transformation. We call upon Goddess Quan Yin to gently and harmoniously lead the process.

* We simply focus on the visualization of the Violet Flame and feel it’s blissful energy directed upon and through this area for some time.

Victory of the Light!



Source: Violet Flame over Long Island – New Global Daily Meditation at 4PM UTC – Prepare for Change

The Rainbow Warrior – Prepare for Change

By Ethan Indigo Smith


By Ethan Indigo Smith

“We will be known forever by the tracks we leave.”

Dakota proverb

If you are supportive of institutions over individuals, then you better not read this. If you disregard The Native American Rule of Seven Generations, then maybe this article is not for you. If the phrase “fuck war” irritates you because of its ‘foul’ language and not because humanity is still struggling with the devastation of institutional conflict, then I suggest you look for other reading material more appropriate to your refined sensibilities. If you support war as a political means, if you support the idea that peace can only be achieved by force, if you support the profitable status quo upheld by the Demoncats and the Republicons (or whatever leftwing/rightwing paradigm you currently are under) then move on. If you oppose the notion of real change, of social revolution (just as you’ve been taught to) then you might as well stop right here.

If, on the other hand, this sentiment inspires you, if the foulness of war makes such expletives as “fuck war” seem a reasonable use of language, then I hope you’ll read on.

The Wendigo War World

The Native Americans saw the European newcomers as being spiritually afflicted. There were probably many descriptions for this craze, but one that survived is Wendigo. Roughly translated, the word ‘Wendigo’ means ‘the evil spirit that devours mankind’. Native Americans believe that when a person consumes the flesh of another human being, he or she is overcome by evil spirits and transformed into a Wendigo, a creature with glowing eyes, long yellowed fangs, long tongues and penetrating claws.

A human infected with the Wendigo devours the proverbial or actual flesh/life force of other people, places and things with an insatiable hunger. Cumulatively, a human race infected with the Wendigo poses a far greater problem…

“If we dig precious things from the land we will perish.”

Hopi Prophecy

Whether taken literally or figuratively, the story of the Wendigo holds many lessons for our society today. We live in a Wendigo war-world, a place where force dominates and an insatiable appetite for income and stuff is considered a quality – and indeed, a necessary – characteristic.

Wendigos want. Always hungry, they are never satisfied, and never have enough. It leads one to destroy its own home. You cannot fight a Wendigo, for it is made up of colorless evil, and fighting it only feeds it. Endlessly digging, the ravenous Wendigo can only be confronted with open hands and open heart. Only by sharing can it be defeated.


The Hopi People of Arizona eloquently described this predicament when they encountered institutionalized individuals for the first time. They referred to the institutionalized Europeans who arrived on their shores as ‘two hearted’, as they recognized that those who succumb to greed and ego, who lose the conscious connection that can only exist in the moment, had a second ‘heart’ to feed – one that could never be satisfied. We can see this two-heartedness in every aspect of our society today: literally devouring everything before it, our culture constantly seeks but seldom finds fulfillment.

“When a man moves away from nature, his heart becomes hard.”

Lakota proverb

We live today in a sea of pollution and systemic corruption. We have created a culture of separation based only on ‘masculine’ ideals, forsaking and even undermining the ‘feminine’ virtues of sustainability, individuality, co-operation, community and nurturing. Now women join the perverted masculine military, as long as they get equal pay… We celebrate battles, victories and war heroes, instead of healers, peacemakers, pacifists and progressive thinkers, artists and poets. We yield our power to institutions that blatantly value competition, conformity, war, profit and power over equality, peace, diversity, advancement and solution — and we allow them to determine for us the options and directions available in our lives without ever holding them accountable to that abuse of power.

And by this two-heartedness, we have collectively lost our way.

The Heart of the Rainbow Warrior

The rainbow is the opposite of colorless evil. A rainbow is made from clarity and also is a reflection of every color. A rainbow is symbolic for omnipotent grace in its clarity and its ability to equally reflect all seven colors. A rainbow represents no thing and all things at the same time. Diamonds share this quality of clarity and ability to reflect. A Rainbow Warrior is like a diamond rainbow, clear but reflecting all colors, opposite of unclear evil and colorlessness.

Call-to-the-Rainbow-WarriorsIn order to be a Rainbow Warrior, one sheds two-heartedness and stops feeding the Wendigo. One stops choosing colors, sides, nations, flags, and all manner of institutional reflections. When one resides in one’s own heart, without impulses to speak for, act on behalf of or feed a second institutional heart, one clears oneself of the institutional mediation of the Wendigo world. Free of institutional allegiance, Rainbow Warriors represent all colors, all individuals, all beings. They celebrate – and when required, defend – the sanctity of all life and creation. But instead of a wielding a sword, the Rainbow Warrior has a clear heart, a sharp mind, and open hands, creating change through peaceful procedure. Rainbow Warriors have their hearts in the right place, as well as having their hearts placed right to cause thoughtful and peaceful change.

“When I was ten years of age I looked at the land and the rivers, the sky above, and the animals around me and could not fail to realize that they were made by some great power. I was so anxious to understand this power that I questioned the trees and the bushes. It seemed as though the flowers were staring at me, and I wanted to ask them “Who made you?”  I looked at the moss-covered stones; some of them seemed to have the features of a man, but they could not answer me. Then I had a dream, and in my dream one of these small round stones appeared to me and told me that the maker of all was Wakan Tanka, and that in order to honor Him, I must honor His works in nature. The stone said that by my search I had shown myself worthy of supernatural help. It said that if I were curing a sick person I might ask its assistance, and that all the forces of nature would help me work a cure.”

Tatanka-ohitika, Brave Buffalo

Individuation Without Institution

The American Indians lived in harmony with their environment for millennia, however there was occasional disharmony among the peoples of Turtle Island. Tribes battled each other at times, but never on the mass scale of European wars. Their culture remained grounded in the masculine and feminine in equal measure, undistorted by the hyper-masculine colonialism of the Europeans, and so disputes between tribes were actually settled. In fact, the term ‘bury the hatchet’ comes from the Iroquois legend that celebrated the peacemaker who brought together the five nations under the pine tree of peace:

During a time when people became unthankful, there was war in every village. A vicious cycle of war and revenge spun out of control to the point that no one really knew what the fight was about anymore. A child was born to a virgin, and when he grew up he traveled to all the nations to convince them to unite in peace. After a time, he was able to bring the people together and convinced them to literally bury their weapons under a white pine tree and symbolically bury their hatred and vengefulness. He also tied together arrows from each tribe to represent their unity as one. 

Today our world is very much in a state where we have forgotten what we’re fighting about. We live vengefully, fearfully, hard-heartedly, continuing on a downward spiral of oligarchical collectivism and war that began long before any of us were born. To most of us, the very idea of tying our figurative arrows together in unity with foreigner individuals and institutions seems laughable — the dream of idealists. And yet whether it is prejudice of individual of nation, as who does that sentiment benefit, and who does it cost. We do have the power to make peace…

A Little Green Revolution











True social revolution begins at the bottom, not the top. It is up to Rainbow Warriors to make peace, be peace and spread peace. It is time to demand an end to war! It is time we began to heal Earth Mother and her inhabitants from generations of separation, conflict and destruction. We are everywhere, and we are more common than we have been led to believe. And there is no time to spare: without a groundswell of forgiveness, compassion and unity, there will be no healing, and without healing, there will be no revolution, and without revolution there will be no peace.

“If dem wanna win the revolution, de must win it with Rasta. You cannot win other way, because if you win other way you have go fight again. When you’re Rasta ‘n win, there no more war.”

Bob Marley

Rainbow Warriors are clear, and yet of every color or vibration, but to heal a society of two-heartedness, a successful revolution must be green. Certainly the ‘green’ symbolism of integrative energy and cleaner living is ultra-important and of immediate necessity for revolution, but further a successful revolution has to be green more specifically in that it must reflect the healing energy of the heart chakra. The heart chakra is associated with the color green and is central among the seven chakras, its centrality indicative of power, grace, love and equanimity — the only qualities that may overcome this human sickness.

If a revolution does not begin in or emanate from the heart, if revolution is an act of violence not an act of love, then more than likely the revolution will fail and the cycle of conflict and destruction will continue. The Wendigo’s claw must be confronted with an open human hand, and only by sharing and caring with an open hand and an open mind can the Wendigo be defeated.

Be centered and open, with diamond-like clarity, as a Rainbow Warrior.

“When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the rainbow.”

Native American Prophecy


Source: The Rainbow Warrior – Prepare for Change


quote   {{

Recommendation For Beginners

One recommended way of doing it, which was tested by the BBC’s Michael Mosley in order to reverse his diabetes, high cholesterol, and other problems associated with his obesity, is what is known as the “5:2 Diet.” On the 5:2 plan, you cut your food down to one-fourth of your normal daily calories on fasting days (about 600 calories for men and about 500 for women), while consuming plenty of water and tea. On the other five days of the week, you can eat normally.

Another way to do it, as mentioned above, is to restrict your food intake between the hours of 12pm and 7pm daily, while not eating during the hours outside of that time.   }}   unquote


“Everyone has a physician inside him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food. But to eat when you are sick is to feed your sickness.” – Hippocrates

Fasting has not received as much attention as it should when it comes to the world of health and medicine. That’s because you can’t really make any money off of it. The ‘pharmaceutical science’ studies used in medical schools to teach doctors about human health simply don’t focus enough on fasting for doctors to be knowledgable in the subject. Doctors also learn very little about nutrition and are trained to prescribe drugs as a result.

Dr. Jason Fung is trying to change all that. A Toronto based nephrologist, he completed medical school and internal medicine at the University of Toronto before finishing his nephrology fellowship at the University of California, Los Angeles at the Cedars-Sinai hospital. He joined Scarborough General Hospital in 2001 where he continues to practice and change peoples lives.

He is one of a growing number of scientists and doctors to create awareness about the tremendous health benefits that can be achieved from fasting. It’s one of the oldest dietary interventions in the world and has been practiced for thousands of years. If properly practiced fasting was bad or harmful in any way, as some doctors suggest, it would have been known by now, and studies would not be emerging showing the health benefits that can be achieved from fasting regularly.

The Research

For example, a recent study published in the journal cell shows how a fasting diet can trigger the pancreas to regenerate itself, which works to control blood sugar levels and reverse symptoms of diabetes.

Mark Mattson, one of the foremost researchers of the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying multiple neurodegenerative disorders, like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, has shown through his work that fasting can have a tremendous effect on the brain, and could prevent or even reverse the symptoms of multiple neurodegenerative disorders. You can watch a great TEDx talk he gave on the topic here.

Other studies have shown how fasting actually fights cancer and triggers stem cell regeneration. You can read more about that and access those studies in an article we published last year, here.

There is absolutely no evidence, for the average person, that fasting can be dangerous. If you’re on prescription medication, or experience other medical problems, then there are obviously exceptions. But it’s quite clear that the human body was designed to go long periods of time without food, and that it’s completely natural.

“Why is it that the normal diet is three meals a day plus snacks? It isn’t that it’s the healthiest eating pattern, now that’s my opinion but I think there is a lot of evidence to support that. There are a lot of pressures to have that eating pattern, there’s a lot of money involved. The food industry — are they going to make money from skipping breakfast like I did today? No, they’re going to lose money. If people fast, the food industry loses money. What about the pharmaceutical industries? What if people do some intermittent fasting, exercise periodically and are very healthy, is the pharmaceutical industry going to make any money on healthy people?” – Dr. Mark Mattson (taken from his TEDx talk linked above)

Dr. Fung, Fasting & Diabetes

Dr. Fung recently published a book, co-authored with Jimmy Moore, titled “The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate Day, and Extended Fasting” It’s a great book that puts to rest the fears and myths associated with extended water fasting. He also recently published “The Obesity Code: Unlocking The Secrets of Weight Loss”

Fung, like 90 percent of doctors out there was conventionally oriented. He is a kidney specialist, and many of his patients had/have type 2 diabetes as a result of that. It eventually became clear to him that something was very wrong with the conventional treatment of type 2 diabetes….

>>>   Read on …


Conscious Universities for the New Generation – Prepare for Change

Living in Alliance with the Earth

When I graduated from high school in 1985, college was the unquestionable next step for an intelligent, middle-class or upper-middle-class young person. I entered an elite school not out of any particular ambition, but because the story that surrounded me said that this is how to do life. College, and probably further degrees thereafter, was the path to full participation in society.

The problem was that, deep down, I didn’t want to fully participate in society. I sensed a wrongness at the base of things. As I learned more about the workings of the world, I didn’t want to be part of it. Even the public service paths, that elite education could prepare me for, seemed themselves to be still part of the same system.

But I didn’t know of any alternative to university, or perhaps I wasn’t brave enough to find one. And besides, at that time I couldn’t identify the cause of my lassitude, my passive rebellion, my lack of motivation.

Now two of my own sons have reached college age, one 18 and one 20, and neither has yet gone to college. The nebulous intuition that led my unconscious rebellion has become, for them, an outright refusal to follow ‘the program.’ Moreover, they have alternatives that were not on my radar screen in the 1980s. Jimi has spent some time in ecological, spiritual, and permaculture programs in the U.S. and Costa Rica, that prepare people to participate in a future that is not just an extension of the present, but a different world with different values and different ways of seeing.

Programs like these exist all over the world, yet still, they are scattered and lack a unifying narrative that might present them as a solid alternative to traditional higher education. Young people must luck into them or know enough to seek them out. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this kind of education – education in what the planet needs most right now – were more easily accessible?

Teach permaculture
Imagine if permaculture practices were taught in all schools.

Imagine a worldwide archipelago of land-based institutions of learning for people like my sons; sanctuaries of alternative technologies of earth, mind, matter, and body that are marginal or absent within conventional universities. So much of the most exciting work, whether in medicine, agriculture, or social change, is happening outside academia, invisible to many of the young people who might otherwise follow them into a career, and lacking the financial support and community of research that could propel them to the next level.

We need a parallel system of technology development that can guide society as conventional systems unravel and conventional technologies fail to adequately address our problems.

We need, to use Ken Carey’s phrase, to establish islands of the future in an ocean of the past. For reasons I will describe soon, let us call these places Institutes for Technologies of Reunion. They have two main functions: research and learning.

What is Technology?

What kind of technology are we talking about here? The word usually brings to mind things like computers, robots, lasers, nano-scale fabrication, gene editing, chemical engineering, and electronics. These we think of as ‘high tech.’

All of these share certain characteristics in common. They depend on a high degree of specialization; they depend on a vast industrial infrastructure to produce, they are derived from scientific research, and they are based on the application of energy to manipulate and control matter. Accordingly, the standard dictionary definition of technology is “the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.”

These technologies have utterly transformed the world in the last few centuries, but they are proving incapable of solving the problems we face today, many of which, ironically, are caused by the very same kind of technology we hope to use to fix them. Whether it is agricultural chemicals degrading the soil and creating the need for even more chemicals, or medical interventions causing side effects that require further medical interventions, technology often becomes a ‘fix’ in the sense of an addiction; requiring more technology to manage the results of previous technology.

Pills for symptoms of more pills
We’re popping pills for symptoms caused by other pills!

On a broader scale, the entire scientific-industrial system has created ecological degradation and social atomization that we attempt to fix from within the same technological mindset of quantification, engineering, and control. It follows the dream of techno-utopia: that if only we could exercise precise control over every bit of matter; if only we could quantify and label and digitize every object with its own IP address, then we could manage the world rationally, eliminate uncertainty, and maximize human wellbeing.

Technologies of Separation vs Technologies of Reunion

On the social level, the same ambition translates into the program of total information awareness, so that each economic transaction, each social interaction, and all physical movement is tracked and saved in a database. Yet it is becoming obvious that despite continuing advances in our ability to control matter and society, the promise of utopia is receding into the future, and indeed has passed the event horizon called cynicism. No longer does anyone believe that material and social engineering is on the verge of ushering in a perfect world.

For these reasons – the failed promise and worsening crisis of technology as we know it – I would like to offer an expanded conception of technology. The kind of technology described above is but a subset of all technology, a subset I’ll call ‘technologies of separation.’ These will always have their place, but at the present historical moment we need to shift our collective will and energy toward a different kind of technology, which I will call ‘technologies of reunion.’

To expand the definition of technology, we can simply return to the original Greek roots of the word, which means “a logos of crafts.” Technology is a system of techniques for applying human will to alter the physical world.

Everything is connected
Everything is connected.

A Transition in Our Narrative

Technology is not just a haphazard collection of techniques. As a “logos of crafts” implies, these techniques are interrelated; they grow from a common logic, a unifying narrative or worldview. This narrative determines what we consider to be real, possible, and important. It answers the questions “What can we do?” “What should we do?” and “How can we do it?”

The technologies of separation that dominate the world today draw from the story of separation, which includes:

  • Humans are separate from nature
  • The self as a separate individual
  • Full selfhood (consciousness, sentience) existing in humans alone
  • Competition as the defining characteristic of life
  • Domination and control over the other as the key to wellbeing
  • That all things are composed of generic, identical building blocks
  • That to be real is to be measurable and quantifiable
  • That the forces of nature are basically random, so human progress depends on insulating ourselves from their dangers and harnessing them for our purposes
  • Linear and reductionistic thinking as the basis of technology
  • Force-based causality
  • Human destiny to conquer or transcend nature.
  • These are the threads of the mythology that has overtaken civilization over the last few thousand years, and especially the last few centuries. It is rapidly becoming obsolete though, giving way to a new and ancient story, the Story of Interbeing. It holds that:
    • The self is relational at its core
    • Humans are not separate from nature
    • What we do to the world, we do to ourselves
    • The basic qualities of a self (e.g. consciousness, intelligence) are ubiquitous and universal; everything is alive
    • Each being is a holographic mirror of all
    • Cooperation, sharing, and symbiosis are defining characteristics of life and evolution
    • Morphic resonance is the primary causal principle
    • Each being has unique and necessary gifts to give toward the wellbeing and evolution of the whole
    • Human destiny is to use its unique gifts to serve the health and development of Gaia

    Technologies of Reunion draw from the Story of Interbeing and contributes to its emergence in world civilization.

    Each includes the other
  • Each includes the other, the part includes the whole, the inner mirrors the outer.
  • Technologies of Reunion contribute to the reunion of human and nature, mind and body, thought and emotion, matter and spirit, modern and ancient, masculine and feminine. They reunite all that which has been made artificially separate or even placed into opposition in the civilization of separation. It is not the erasure of binary opposites, nor is it the dissolution of all boundaries; rather it is the understanding that each includes the other, that the part includes the whole, that the inner mirrors the outer.

    Examples of Technologies of Reunion

    Almost any practice, whether in medicine, agriculture, energy, or education that is called ‘alternative’ or ‘holistic’ exemplifies a technology of reunion. Here are a few examples to illustrate how these practices draw from the Story of Interbeing.

    Regenerative agriculture, for example, no-till organic horticulture. This practice is motivated, in part, by the understanding that the health of crops and of people is inseparable from the health of the soil. It seeks, therefore, to serve the wellbeing of the soil, confident that the health of one is the health of all. Secondly, regenerative agriculture sees the soil not as a mere repository of chemical nutrients, but as a living being possessed of its own kind of intelligence, and as part of a larger living being that is the entire farm ecosystem. Therefore, instead of merely imposing a methodological template on a piece of land, the farmer carefully observes the land until she intimately knows it as a being unto itself, so she can ask, “What does the land want?” The relationship is intimate, personal, and unique, irreducible to any set of quantitative data on soil composition and rainfall distribution.

    Homeopathy, based on the realization that every condition of a human being is mirrored by some material substance. Self and world are not separate. Homeopaths believe that introducing the informational signature of that substance into the body will unlock that disease pattern and bring healing. Furthermore, the medium for conveying the information signature of a substance is water, which in homeopathy is understood not as a generic substance defined merely by its chemical formula, but as capable of holding information and structure (a view supported by recent scientific thinking as well).

  • Homeopathy adheres to the priciple that the self and the world are not separate.

    Truth and reconciliation processes. The Story of Separation says, “If I were in the totality of your circumstances – biographical, economic, cultural, etc. – I would not do as you did. I am better than that.” Punitive justice comes from that belief: people do bad things because they are bad people and therefore must be deterred by threat of punishment. The Story of Interbeing says the opposite. It says:

    If I were in the totality of your circumstances, my brother, I would have done as you did.

    Truth and reconciliation processes change those circumstances. They come from the belief that if he could only be connected with the full impact of his actions, he would no longer want to do that. They rely on the healing power of the truth made visible. Brutalization depends on a cutoff of empathy, on the dehumanization of the victim. By sharing their stories to the witnessing of the perpetrators and the surrounding community, the victims reclaim their full humanity in the eyes of all.

    Universal basic income (UBI) and community-based forms of resource sharing. In the Story of Separation, which says human nature is to maximize rational self-interest, this is an insane idea. If everyone’s basic needs were met, what would compel people to work and contribute to society? But if we believe that human nature is to want to contribute to something meaningful, greater than oneself, UBI and resource sharing becomes a way to support that impulse. It also validates and supports the kinds of contributions that are hard to quantify, such as giving loving care to children or old people, making art and music, bringing healing to land and water in ways that don’t increase economic output, and so forth.

    So, Technologies of Reunion include material technologies, social technologies, and also non-material technologies based on a different understanding of what is real.

    A partial list might include: mycoremediation of toxic waste, composting toilets and graywater/blackwater recycling systems, herbal medicine, therapies using psychotropic plants, earth building techniques, sacred architecture, sound healing, hypnosis and mind/matter techniques, nonviolent communication, compassionate listening; sociocracy, holocracy and other group decision-making methods; council processes; restorative circles; family constellation work; tantric sexual practices, communication with other-than-human beings, nonviolent methods of political direct action, implosion motors, over-unity energy devices, worker-owned cooperatives and other forms of economic cooperation, biodynamic agriculture, silvopasture, perennial-based horticulture, wetlands restoration, Montessori education, Waldorf education, technologies of voice, dance, and mask, the use of trance and dream states…

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Source: Conscious Universities for the New Generation – Prepare for Change


Self-Sustainable Lifestyles are Becoming Illegal – Prepare for Change

Across the U.S. local zoning officials are making it increasingly difficult for people to go off-grid and live self-sustainable lives. Building tiny homes, harvesting rainwater, using solar or wind energy, and even building community gardens are being targeted and in some cases, the people involved are even threatened with jail time and fines.

Tiny Homes

Tiny Homes are structures 500 square feet or less and are one way for people to break free of mortgages, taxes, utility bills, and the general entrapment of having more than is necessary. They’re especially attractive to Millennials and retirees, or those seeking to live off-grid. In Maryland, tiny-house legality will likely be handled at the local level as a zoning or building code issue where placement on a property is determined by local zoning and land use regulations.

small-house-353929_640A priority for many tiny home owners alongside being self-sustainable, is reducing their carbon footprint and many are opting to use the elements for their energy from solar and wind, collecting rainwater, and reusing gray-water. And in many areas those who put their tiny home on a piece of land away from big cities with the intention or living off grid and self sustainably, are considered outlaws by the state because they are refusing to hook up to the utility grid. Tiny homes everywhere are being targeted by unjust laws to keep people tangled in debt.

Solar Panels

The issue of developers and homeowner associations banning homeowners from installing solar panels is widespread across the nation, but is especially relating directly and significantly to Texas, California and Florida, since homeowners in those states are overwhelmingly governed by property owners’ associations. Homeowners have lost lawsuits and have been forced to remove solar units they installed because they conflicted with an HOA’s binding legal obligations written into the deed of a property by the seller. These covenants can penalize buyers by fining those who fail to obey them. In January, Nevada practically killed its solar industry, causing solar providers to leave the state by increasing their tax on solar customers by 40 percent!

Collecting Rain Water

Harvested rainwater is storm water that is conveyed from a building roof, stored in a cistern, and disinfected and filtered before being used for toilet flushing. It can also be used for landscape irrigation. In some places it is illegal to even collect rainwater, threatening those who do with jail time and fines, but often you have to jump through a bunch of hoops, such as registering with the division of water rights or some states that put a limit on how much water you are allowed to collect on your property at time.


Community Gardens

Community gardens are also labeled a threat of the food industry because of the freedom it provides for low income and impoverished people. One example of a garden being shut down is the South Central Farm that was a community garden located at East 41st and South Alameda Streets and the garden was the largest community garden in the United States. The city allowed the farm the be created but sold the property to Ralph Horowitz in a secret deal out from under the citizens, and the new owner attempted to evict the farmers even though the farmers were able to raise the money to buy the land themselves.The selling of the land was corrupted, as it involved many backroom deals but it still ultimately lead to the demise of the peaceful garden.  There were many protests and acts of civil disobedience for several years before the farm was finally bulldozed in 2006. There have also been many cases from around the country where the city or HOA’s shut down peaceful community gardens and even regular front yard gardens.


Building On Your Own Land

Many landowners are also being targeted just for building structures on their own land without having adequate permits. Even people who are building their homes well within codes are being forced to tear down the structures they have spent so much time and money creating. Activist Adam Kokesh, outright bought a piece of land in Arizona, started building and making improvements to it and not soon after he was harassed by David Williams, an employee of the county government. David Williams believed a written document from 1910 obligated Adam to comply with David. After Adam had his lawyer contact David and David was unable to provide any evidence that the code applied to Adam, David only escalated the situation by offering Adam a false choice, either an admin hearing or a criminal prosecution. This is still an ongoing issue for Kokesh as he has elected to not make the regular updates he was making about progress on the land. Which not only affects him as a paid content creator, but also those he was inspiring and helping learn from his venture.

axe-616297_640Though people continue to struggle for the freedom to use their land and structures as they see fit, this self-sustainable movements only continue to grow. More people are choosing to live a more environmentally friendly life and will continue to build a life free from corporate choke-holds. Time will only tell if the state will continue to attempt inhibit the growth or encourage self-sustainable lifestyles but for now their choice is clear.



Source: Self-Sustainable Lifestyles are Becoming Illegal – Prepare for Change

Why it is Imperative to Create Conscious Partnerships with Nature – Prepare for Change

Nature is part of All It Is – co-created within the ‘bigger picture’ of our Prime Creator. –

We are all interconnected. Trees and plants are all part of the sacred feminine energy of soul growth and advancement through the natural order.

Trees know which saplings are their ‘children’. They connect with each other through their roots.

Why do you think that the Middle East, Africa etc (and those countries/nations) with barren land mass, are easier to ‘manipulate’ – void of the sacred feminine energy of love, enrichment, enhancement of souls?

Big chemical corporations like Monsanto are working against the natural order of All It Is.

By using the system of GMO, they are creating more ‘walls’ for the natural order to not work with the natural order of how our body system works for aeons. Hence, the big money for cancer and all other ailments which are helping the big pharmaceuticals to get richer and do more research and lab tests for far worse chemicals that will destroy all natural order of All It Is.

That is also along the same path to which they will create a reality where Artificial Intelligence can work and penetrate all human and natural forms – hence transhumanism with their ‘sale pitch’ – for the’ sake of convenient advancement of humanity’.

Humans love to be lazy – they want everything quick and they want it immediately. Fast food, fast information, fast knowledge, fast results etc …

This concept (of realizing the disorder of the natural order) is very easy to understand when One’s mind isn’t brainwashed by the regular lame media of so-called science (for the ‘sake’ of ‘advancement’) and also the lame media of advertisements.

Stop watching cable and tv. In time, all of You will start to unlearn all that we’ve been brainwashed with since birth and start to open our hearts to relearn what’s the natural order of All It Is – which is a part of the ‘bigger picture’.

The more we realize the ‘truth’ of the natural order – the closer we are to the God Source of All It Is.

Learn to limit the use of cell phones, computers (strictly for work). No one can fight this battle of natural order for you. Only you can do it for yourself and to teach your children and friends to be more intuitive to your heart and not just with your brain logic – being hijacked by the current lame scientific/chemical industry.


It is becoming increasingly important for humans to understand the extensive partnership they have with nature, especially when focusing on issues of form and consciousness and all that this combination implies. We are in an interesting time in human development where the desires and needs of the human soul on Earth completely outstrip the ability of the present support frameworks. By this we mean support frameworks in all areas: agriculture, science, physical health, mental and emotional health, government, social, education…

The development of the human soul collectively on Earth has surpassed the development of its support systems. In the nature-dominant environment that existed on the planet prior to 1932, the human soul could more easily develop support systems that were compatible. One reason for this is that nature was abundant and could accommodate every human’s needs. (We do not mean to imply that all needs were met, only that all needs could have been met had humans so chosen. The physical means for all human support could have been met at any time because of natural abundance.)

Since then, this balance has shifted and the planet has become human-dominant. Nature is no longer abundant enough to accommodate human needs and desires without careful consideration regarding the larger picture. We don’t see this as a “bad” development. If ignored, however, it would be a dangerous development for all. But it is also a development that is forcing the human soul to expand on every level in order to address and survive the severe challenges that the shift to a human-dominant planet has created. Prior to this shift, individual human souls could expand and develop in ways that were not associated with survival. In short, there was a sense of leisure around this kind of expansion. The individual had a lifetime to expand his understanding from a broader perspective, while at the same time he devoted his efforts and energy primarily to those activities that served to support his day-to-day physical survival. Now, for the sake of survival on all levels, the human soul is required to make this shift, this expansion, and to do it quickly.

The present support systems were designed to best address human survival in a nature-dominant era that existed within a Piscean context (parent/child emphasis). Now the shift to a human-dominant era is being affected by the Aquarian impulses (partnership, balance and teamwork emphasis). All of the previously workable support systems are crumbling. At the same time, humans are expanding. By this we mean that the human in the conscious state is expanding to enfold the human spirit in the unconscious state.

With this fusion, when it occurs, the unconscious becomes conscious. Humans are beginning to understand in an immediate and personal way that life is far broader and more complex than they ever before understood. This expansion does not occur in a vacuum. It requires support on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) in order for it to be stabilized and maintained. So humans are expanding in their efforts to address serious survival issues on all levels, while at the same time they are having to function within a collection of frameworks that were never designed to meet the pressures of the present issues. There is an ever-expanding gap between today’s expanding human and the planet’s various social support systems’ capabilities.

We have not gone off the topic of presenting the co-creative process with nature. We are giving you the background needed to understand the crux of the issues that humans face as well as why it is now so imperative for them to link in conscious partnership with nature in order to develop the support systems of the future—and we mean the near future!

The expansion of the human system requires that the expertise of nature in the areas of the relationship of five-senses form to energy and involution (bringing spirit and purpose into form) be tapped in direct proportion to the expansion. In your vernacular, the intensity and complexity of the game have increased to such a degree that the relative simplicity of the old support systems has been rendered ineffective. Humans must become partners with nature in order to establish the systems that will support the new complexity.

Don’t forget – the expansion of human consciousness to enfold its own unconsciousness includes the grounding of the entire expansion into form. Otherwise, the expansion will either falter or take on an ungrounded air and be useless. This expansion process is what is referred to as your higher self and the invisibles (evolution). The grounding of the expansion and its expression through form is what is meant by “the involution” (nature). The human soul is being pressed to open beyond or soar above the existing support systems on the planet in order to see the new. To properly support this expansion, the development of systems enfolding the balance between the involution dynamic and the evolution dynamic is imperative.

And this is what nature can give you now. It understands the relationship of energy to five-senses form, and it knows what is required in order for the direction and purpose of spirit and soul to become perfectly seated into form in balance. As we have pointed out a number of times, nature is the master of involution and the expert in matters involving the relationship of energy to five-senses form. In order to create support systems that respond to this new demand of human souls seeking to ground a broader picture of reality into form, man must turn to nature.

Nature does not mean to imply that if man turns to it for the needed development of his support systems that this development will be effortless or perfect. It has no intention of perpetuating a parent/child dynamic in its relationship with mankind. It has no intention of dictating structure and process. In fact, this would be impossible. Humans must supply intent, purpose, direction and need when it comes to systems development. With this definition, nature will seek to supply the best structure in which to accommodate and move intent, purpose, direction and need. It is a true partnership we seek. Nature will not interfere with or attempt to alter the human evolutionary thrust. Nature is here to assist and accommodate this thrust.

In medicine, humans have seen the relationship of nature to themselves in the areas of nutrition, natural medicines and stress relief. Humans do not see themselves as nature/human soul systems requiring involution/evolution balance. Instead, they see themselves as souls utilizing nature for the purpose of evolutionary growth. Nature has been …

>>>   Read on …

Source: Why it is Imperative to Create Conscious Partnerships with Nature – Prepare for Change

List of REAL Assets That Hold Their Value Through Nuclear War + Social Chaos or Debt Collapse | Prepare for Change

How much of your money will only exist as a computer record on the day the global banking system fails?

When you log in to your online banking account and view your account balance, do you really think those electronic digits on your computer screen are real money?

Most people keep the vast majority of their savings and “cash” in electronic form, existing only as a computer record in a distant bank so far away that they don’t even know its physical location.

All electronically stored assets are not REAL, and they can all disappear in the blink of an eye for a long list of reasons.

When the global banking system fails — now a mathematical inevitability — banking customers will be shocked to discover that electronic numbers on a digital screen are not real wealth. As they say in the gold bug business, if you can’t touch it, it isn’t real.

Gold, silver and other precious metals are real wealth for the simple reason that they don’t vanish as banking systems fail.

The stock market, bond market or real estate bubble market can crater all they want… your gold and silver are still just as real (and just as heavy) as they were before. More importantly, they’re just as valuable… or even more so because precious metals tend to skyrocket in value when fiat currencies collapse.

What I’m trying to get at here is that if you don’t own gold, silver or other precious metals as at least part of your savings portfolio, you might find yourself in real trouble when SHTF.

Only real assets will outlast the cataclysmic financial “day of reckoning” that’s coming. That list can include any or all of the following:

Things of real value that are portable:

  • Cash (green paper money, which may become instantly worthless, so don’t hold too much)
  • Pre-1963 coins (that contain silver content)
  • Physical metals (gold, silver, platinum)
  • Collector’s coins, stamps and historical firearms
  • Practical firearms and suppressors (silencers)
  • Bearer bonds or corporate stock shares
  • Natural medicine, seeds and essential oils
  • Iodine, useful for water purification and protection vs. radioactive iodine-131
  • Museum-quality art
  • Valuable yachts or boats if used as the bugout transport of choice
  • Small aircraft, if you fly out as your bugout strategy
  • Deeds to land assets (paper proof of ownership)
  • Antibiotics and prescription painkillers or insulin (high value, easy to carry)
  • Bitcoin [and Ethereum] wallets on a thumb drive, hopefully encrypted and backed upsomewhere else (will only work if the internet stays alive)
  • Night vision equipment (PVS-14)
  • Small radiation detectors
  • THINGS YOU KNOW: (all the things you know are, by definition, portable)
  •         Medical knowledge / first aid / surgical experience / infectious disease
  •         Communications knowledge / HAM operator / shortwave radio
  •         Firearms knowledge / gunsmithing / long-range shooting
  •         Natural medicine knowledge / natural antibiotics / wound healing / prevention
  •         Food knowledge / harvesting / preparation / preservation / seed saving / wildcrafting
  •         Workshop knowledge / repair / making tools / blacksmithing / construction
  •         Navigation knowledge / compass navigation / topo map reading / area knowledge
  •         Rural living knowledge / animal care / roping / knot tying / butchering

Things of real value that are not (easily) portable:

  • Land, real estate and commercial buildings
  • Ranch animals / cattle
  • Vehicles, tractors and even construction equipment
  • Ammunition
  • Ammo reloading equipment / brass / bullets
  • Storable food
  • Water filters
  • Honey (it’s food and medicine, and lasts for decades)
  • Salt (very heavy but also invaluable if you need some)
  • Water wells, springs or flowing water sources
  • Large water storage containers / tanks
  • Recreational vehicles that can be lived in
  • Solar power systems
  • Defensive bunkers / underground homes / shelters
  • Alcohol stills
  • Communications gear: HAM radios and antennas
  • Machine shops or heavy tools
  • Large generators
  • Fuel stores (diesel, propane, natural gas)
  • Ballistic protection gear (helmets, vests, shields)
  • Heavy equipment grease, hydraulic fluid and engine oil
  • Knives, machetes, hatchets and tomahawks
  • Tactical optics (binoculars or magnifiers)
  • Portable light sources: Lanterns, flashlights
  • BIC lighters and magnesium fire starters (easy to barter, may be portable but are not very valuable per kg)
  • Protective gear vs. biological agents and infectious disease (masks, surgical gloves, body suits, etc.)
  • Personal hygiene items: toilet paper / feminine hygiene / soap
  • Canning equipment, food dehydrators or smoke houses
  • Bicycles and other human-powered gear

This Article Could Save Your Life: “Consider This Your Last Wake Up Call”

Things that will be (mostly) useless in an apocalyptic collapse:

  • Pensions
  • iPhones, Android and all mobile devices
  • Digital bank accounts holding “money” in electronic form
  • Paper currency (might hold value temporarily, but could collapse suddenly)
  • Check books (nobody will accept a check when the banks are down)
  • Anything that runs on gas (will be hard to find fuel)
  • GPS navigation devices (won’t work without satellites and power)
  • Apartments at very high levels of buildings (no electricity means “vertical hiking” up dangerous stairwells)
  • Luxury vehicles with heavy reliance on electronics (the simpler the vehicle, the better)
  • Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and social media
  • Your Blu-Ray DVD collection
  • Cell phone communications
  • Government entitlements: Food stamps / Medicare / Medicaid / Unemployment
  • Academic degrees in “social justice” topics
  • Electronic books (Kindle)
  • U.S. Treasury bills or other forms of government debt (including municipal bonds)

Right now might be a good time to trade VIRTUAL assets for REAL assets

The bottom line? Right now might be a good time to start trading your virtual assets for real assets. Otherwise, you might end up losing your virtual assets when the financial house of cards implodes.

Sources: Collapse.News;


Source: List of REAL Assets That Hold Their Value Through Nuclear War, Social Chaos or Debt Collapse | Prepare for Change

“Respond to the Latest attempt to discredit the Resistance Movement” – 25 April 2017 by Edward Morgan @Prepare for Change

Cobra is talking and confirming this –

quote {{ legal medical grade which is cataloged in Quantico, Virginia at the FBI; implanted and chipped with nanotech. It’s all GMO, nanite compatible, very tiny computer systems. Same as with all smokes, vape, junk foods, etc. He’s asking Is this true?”

COBRA – Yes it’s true. }} unquote

** Note – The “Legal” medical grade of marijuana medicine from the feds cataloged in Quantico, Virginia at the FBI are not clean/pure and their products are mixed/implanted and chipped with nanoteach – And its all GMO, nanite compatible, very tiny computer chip system.
# Only those who are being grown and made by smaller natural/organic marijuana farmers and marijuana oil makers are clean and pure that will work for natural and holistic therapy use. Their website and product labels will state how they grow and make them.


“There is a lot of entertainment on the Internet, and as the Cabal writhes in its death throes, the desperation is apparent.”

During his last Cobra situation update on: 04/22/17,, Cobra made a post informing all Lightworkers and Lightwarriors that because the Cabal has not been able to start World War 3, they have tuned to “electronic warfare” against key workers and warriors of the light . He also issued a strong ultimatum –a warning–to the Cabal, stating,  “Anybody using a directed energy weapon against a civilian target, either knowingly or unknowingly, is committing a crime against humanity and may expect to be dealt with.“ He further stated that an “international diplomatic and political scandal with far-reaching consequences, exposing certain key people from the United States, responsible for use of those weapons against civilian population, may explode soon.“

Cobra also said that this is an obvious attempt to remove the workers of the light from the surface of the planet, as the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors with the power of their unified consciousness are one of the main obstacles in the Cabal’s plans to create global war. He further explained how these weapons are used by the Cabal agents worldwide, torturing a very important segment of civilian population. He asked everyone to spread far and wide the following information explaining what “directed energy weapons” are:

Cobra has been warning us for years about the energy and plasma scalar devices that can negatively influence and harm our physical bodies. The Chimera Group uses these devices to attack Lightwarriors and Lightworkers by influencing their body functions, disturbing breathing and heart pulse. The Chimera Group also uses plasma scalar lasers to project thought forms into minds of Lightworkers, plasma infrasound to lower the frequency of auric membrane of Lightworkers and plasma ultrasound devices.  It is the ultimate spying and surveillance machine.

Uncovering and exposing the Cabal’s latest attempt to stop the work of the light hit a nerve and created an immediate backlash on their behalf. Basically now The Cabal ITSELF is claiming that  “Cobra is The Cabal,”  when in reality, Cobra is the furthest thing from the Cabal. Anybody who believes that Cobra is the Cabal is, quite frankly, a fool. If you believe such lunacy, it would be best to educate yourself on this topic prior to making unfounded accusations.

Some websites have stated correctly that these recent wrong-headed comments floating around  that “Cobra is the Cabal” simply reveal that the person who is writing such things is ignorant to the facts, has not followed Cobra’s work, or done any research. Balanced people who have done the research can clearly see through the latest attempt from The Cabal to discredit Cobra and his organization. Here is one of those balanced comments:

– I, personally, perceived no intent whatsoever to “fear monger” or “fear porn” in the latest post by Cobra, referenced above. Rather his post was a “be aware of this” and “here’s how to protect yourself from it” article. That  “other article” made the accusation, that Cobra’s post was fear mongering and creating fear porn.  That article appeared to possess an intent to discredit Cobra (and his Light community) and the work they have done and are doing to prepare us for Ascension.  This is an old tactic. What else is new? –

If there is no danger to humanity at this point from the Cabal, and disinformation and lies are no longer permitted in this country, as the accuser who goes by the strange name,  “One who knows” claims  then, why CNN News site and all the other MSM websites were still filled with blatant “fake news” this morning? why not give us Disclosure now then? I’m talking about Disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence.  ETs, both positive and negative, have been here for millions of years.

If there is no danger to Humanity from the Cabal because the “One Who Knows” and his team have it now all under control, then why are wars still raging in the Middle East? Why are the banksters still taking homes from the people and running unchecked, stealing everyone’s money? Why is there still untold amounts of suffering everywhere and why are millions still dying of starvation if the Cabal is already under “Their” control? Where is the RV & GCR that the disinformation agent that goes by the “One Who Knows” claim will happen always “NEXT WEEK” or NEXT MONTH……why “next week” or “next month” never comes while the battle AGAINST the RV and GCR has been going on non-stop for the last 10 years?

Why is this person, who calls himself or herself  “One Who Knows,” (who has, in the past, made other malicious accusations)  now saying Cobra is not spreading truth but is “fear mongering.” “One who knows,” doesn’t know much.

Why is he saying in his article he posted in the Dinar Chronicles that Cobra is a “female” when everyone who knows Cobra or who has listened  to his many Youtube interviews posted online knows for a fact Cobra is a man.  This alone is a huge lie.  “One who knows” doesn’t know much dear ones, always remember: “By their Fruits You will Know Them?” (Matthew 7:15-20)

All the promises and predictions made by the agent provocateur that goes by the name “One Who Knows” have never come true, though he claims to get his intel from the highest sources and from the Grandfather (whomever this is)  himself!  Wake up people, how many times do you have to be lied to, in order to spot a liar?

Unfortunately, other disinformation agents have now taken this opportunity and are piggybacking to spread more lies about Cobra and his organization. Other disinformation agents are saying that Cobra said that marijuana was bad because it had nanites. “How Evil that sounds right?” This claim is simply a wrong, incorrect  paraphrase of Cobra’s words. Read Cobra’s last interview. You will see that he was only answering a question about marijuana.

Here is the portion verbatim of the interview transcript:

Aaron – “Next question.   I found the following statement and I’d like you to tell me what you know about this: The statement starts by saying: Do you really think that you are getting pure marijuana, or clean marijuana? Think again! This is the marijuana especially the legal medical grade which is cataloged in Quantico, Virginia at the FBI; implanted and chipped with nanotech.   It’s all GMO, nanite compatible, very tiny computer systems. Same as with all smokes, vape, junk foods, etc. He’s asking Is this true?”

COBRA – Yes it’s true.


Do  you really think that the marijuana being specially nurtured and grown, produced, crafted and nicely packaged just for you by your CIA, FBI & MONSANTO friends is being carefully created having your highest good in mind?

The bottom line is that all those so-called truth seekers or so-called blogs of the light need to start using higher discernment when posting articles with such vicious and unfounded accusations against sister organizations who have proven throughout the years their worth and dedication to the light.

When you continue to post or interview people who have proven AGAIN AND AGAIN their information and claims are incorrect and untrue and their many predictions always turn out to be inaccurate — this is just purely irresponsible! By helping spread lies, knowingly or unknowingly, including on Youtube channels and blogs, you are making yourselves the opposite of what you claim to be. You are becoming the indirect channels and tools of the dark.

This whole drama have taught me a sad lesson: Our community of “awakened” blogs and sites are really not much different that the “Fake News” MSM channels, we are just as sensationalist and as easily manipulated as them. At the very least, if you feel the adrenaline rush ad the urge to be the first one to post “something” take the time to do your own independent research before hurting or staining some true Lightwarrior’s image just because the news looks “sensational” enough to be posted in your blogs or Facebook pages.

This link,  says:  “This blog is the official communication outlet for the Resistance Movement.”

The Resistance Movement is Pleiadians who are members of the GFL (Galactic Federation of Light) who are here to liberate this planet from the Chimera Group who control it. Dear friends, there is a war in the Heavens.  You may be ready for the “Event” if you keep listening to those who are here to lovingly guide you and  help you through the process by telling you TRUTH.

Or, you may instead listen to the agents of the adversaries who are here to keep you confused by telling you beautiful lies that you want to hear. Remember the advice Cobra have given us several times to spot disinformation agents: ” A person who goes out of his way to publicly attack and discredit others of the light credibility is a sign that the attacker is a disinformation agent”

I leave you with a with the following message which is part of our Prepare For Change Organization Mission Statement: “Man must confront that which IS so that he can change of it into a path of glory instead of a path into slavery and destruction.”

You might ask, “How does knowing these truths set me free?”

Remember this:  The truth may not always be pleasant to know, especially in these times.  Once you know, you can prepare yourselves and remember how to allow God’s co-creative mind to assist you in making strategic plans of action for returning balance to all unbalanced circumstances.

On the other hand, when you are ignorant of truth, which is unfortunately the “state of affairs” for most people on our planet,  you will not be able to prepare to make the necessary balanced changes. You will, instead, suffer the consequences of your inaction or unbalanced action, which is a result of ignorance.”

Truth is quite disagreeable and unpalatable at best.   Do we wish to upset you or vanquish your joy?  No–but truth will set you free and bring you joy.

But joy alone will not bring you freedom.

We love you.

Source: “Respond to the Latest attempt to discredit the Resistance Movement” | Prepare for Change

What is Compression Breakthrough ~ The Event? Part One of Two – by Therese Zumi Sumner @Prepare for Change

An overview article for newly awakening readers – 26th April 2017

Almost immediately after the Day of Compression Breakthrough or the day of The Event we will have Peace on Earth – yes total and complete peace that is incomparable to anything that we have ever experienced before. We will be lacking for words, we will walk around in utter amazement when we receive the news via mainstream media that all wars on this planet have ceased and all weapons have been put aside. It will take some time to sink in but after eons of enslavement, eons of feeling lost in a wilderness we will finally see beyond the veil that has been clouding our vision of reality for so long. We will finally be free to allow the truth of our being to bloom, free to develop and express the true sovereign beings we are.

I hope that we ban fireworks or at least any that sound like bombs etc. exploding so that the war weary traumatized souls all over this planet can heal quicker. On that note if you have knowledge of some positive method of healing please know that your assistance in this area will be very much needed and appreciated.  There will be so many souls needing help to release trauma, programming etc. so that they can let go of their fears and once again begin to find trust, begin to believe that they can be a part of a community where they are appreciated and accepted for who they are.

When we begin to adjust to existing in a world where we no longer need fear, when we have managed to digest and assimilate all of the information about the truth of our reality beyond the mass programming and control of the veil, our creative urge will blossom and we will unite with others in so many wonderful creative projects to heal Mother Gaia and everyone living here.

Who Is Cobra?

His name is derived from the expression Compression Breakthrough and for the sake of his safety the Resistance Movement have insisted that his voice must be adjusted during interviews. He is the authorized voice of the Resistance Movement and evidence of his work will be provided through mainstream media after The Event. His first posting on The Portal website was on March 31st 2012. The first time that I read a posting there I knew inherently that this person truly knows exactly what he is talking about – a voice of authority that touched my heart. When he told us that he would be holding conferences to give more details about the liberation I quickly decided to attend one and met him and his beloved Isis in Nov. 2012 in Laguna Beach LA. He was aware of my website Veritas Galactic Sweden and he encouraged me to continue writing. After the conf. I immediately got to work writing about The Event combining all of the Resistance Movement info from Cobra with channeled information from Archangel Michael that I knew to be totally reliable. Here is the link to that article.

For those that would like to read more about Cobra this page on my website might interest you.

Prepare for Change has gathered many articles of interest about Cobra and the Resistance Movement – RM on this page:

Pie in the Sky? No – New Atlantis

If you happen to be a new reader and have no prior knowledge of this subject you might be thinking right now that this woman needs her head examined, how could anyone in their right mind believe that there will soon be overnight peace on earth when the world seems crazier than ever right now?

On January 4th this year Cobra gave us some details about the plans for the co-creation of the new society after The Event, he says New Atlantis is the codename for the energy grid around the planetary surface that will support the Compression Breakthrough and also the codename for the New Society after the Event……. The New Atlantis project actually aligns the vortexes of the Old Atlantis with the new energy grid that is about to be completed soon.

New Atlantis is a project of the Light forces that is already ongoing for millennia. Saint Germain is one of the main beings working on this project. He has revealed parts of this project to humanity in his incarnation as Francis Bacon in a novel called New Atlantis, where he described a utopian society based on meritocracy. In his next incarnation as Comte de Saint Germain he attempted to co-create a new Society in America by assisting in the independence of the USA and by being the main spiritual force behind the Constitution.

Now Comte de Saint Germain has asked me to assist him in completion of the New Atlantis project. The planetary energy grid of New Atlantis is namely the energy tool that will manifest the Compression Breakthrough, the Event and the New Society.

Cintamani grid around the planet is one of the major tools in manifesting that aim. Whenever a Cintamani stone is planted in the soil somewhere around the planet, a huge angelic being is anchored in that spot, creating an energy vortex miles in diameter: (Lightworkers worldwide have been busy with this important project for nearly two years and the project is almost complete)

When the critical mass of those angelic beings are anchored around the planet, the head of the Yaldabaoth entity will begin to dissolve…….”

Recently Saint Germain discussed the Fulfilment of Divine Mothers Plan which he points out is ‘no pie in the sky’ but very real. In other words, from the Day of Compression Breakthrough – when the Light from the combined Forces of Light above meets the Light from below ~ Gaia + RM + Agartha on the surface nothing will ever be the same again. We will unite with one another and begin to co-create a new Golden Age on Gaia. We have all been affected by these powerful Galactic Waves of Love these past four or five years and we are transmuting, letting go of, healing, our burdens, wounds, belief systems, everything that has hurt us.

You will need to know that the so called Master Plan for this change has been in place for at least 3 – 4 decades. I have taken the link about the Master Plan for The Event from Prepare for Change because many of Cobra’s most important ‘key’ articles are available in one place (see heading Cobra RM top of PFC site) there and many of them have been translated, so just roll down to the bottom of the article and you will see which languages are available.

In Depth Information about Allied Light Forces and Liberation Progress

For the reader who is unfamiliar with who exactly the so called Resistance Movement or Allied Light Forces are I have gathered an overview of the various groups involved, below surface, on the surface, in the solar system and not in least on higher dimensions on a webpage entitled Victory Now.

Following the aforementioned information that same webpage covers the most important details about the battle with the dark forces for planetary liberation, covering the timeframe from this message here from June 5th 2012 and up until the present moment.


June 5th 2012 – Leader of the Archons Leaves Earth

We were informed by Cobra on June 10th 2012 that the “leader of the archons on the physical plane was arrested on May 5th by the Resistance forces and taken off-planet. He has crossed over to the Light and is now free-willingly assisting with the planetary liberation process. This arrest took place in Rome. He was the one that many members of the Cabal were worshipping in their distorted rituals, so now they are worshipping something that does not exist any longer.” I might add here that some time ago when Cobra was asked about this archon leader and whether he was still assisting the Light Forces we learned that the realisation of all of the suffering and pain that he had been the cause of was too much to bear and he asked to return to the Galactic Central Sun and begin the soul journey all over again.

I should add that should you decide to follow the progress of the Light Forces over the past four years (2013 – Present) it will demand many hours of reading and a necessity to take breaks as it covers over four years of Cobra updates that are directly connected to the battle with the chimera. On April 7th 2017 we learned the following;

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light forces are intensively clearing the head of the Yaldabaoth entity (the tentacles of this entity which stretched into the solar system have recently been removed) with all plasma anomaly and plasma toplet bombs and all plasma scalar technologies of the Veil. Realizing that they are going to lose, the Chimera have stepped up the plasma attacks on the key Lightworkers and Lightwarriors that are beyond brutal.

On Wednesday, the Light forces of the Galactic Confederation and the Ashtar Command have begun full force active removal of all plasma negativity near the surface of the planet. Every direct intervention of the Confederation forces inside the quarantine Earth provokes retaliation by the Chimera and they started first by trying to provoke nuclear exchange between USA and North Korea: This complete update;

On April 22, 2017 another ‘Situation Update’ from Cobra relates:

Now that the Cabal could not trigger World War 3 directly: ,

they have turned to electronic warfare.

Aside from many times mentioned plasma scalar weapons, they are now using directed energy weapons to their fullest, targeting key Lightworkers and Lightwarriors in an obvious attempt to remove them from the surface of the planet, as the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors with the power of their unified consciousness are one of the main obstacles in Cabal’s plans to create global war……….

…. A certain elite task force has begun removing key perpetrators of those crimes internationally. They „shoot first and ask questions later.“

They have issued a warning, stating that „anybody using a directed energy weapon against a civilian target, either knowingly or unknowingly, is committing a crime against humanity and may expect to be dealt with.“

They have also stated that an „international diplomatic and political scandal with far reaching consequences, exposing certain key people from the United States, responsible for use of those weapons against civilian population, may explode soon.“……..



…..Now it is of the utmost importance for all Lightworkers and Lightwarriors to invoke and anchor the Light as much as humanly possible, although I am fully aware that we are tested beyond limits. Here is a very good and effective example of how to do this:

Our unified awareness and consciousness will transmute this situation, as it has transmuted countless situations before.

Victory of the Light! To read this complete update;

I am so looking forward to the arrival of that DAY of days when I will be adding the final Victory of the Light information to this page hopefully in the near future.   Here is the Victory Now webpage link:

New Financial System

Recently I saw an article written by someone anonymous who claimed that he/she had inside information about the so called Global Currency Reset or GCR. This person then made several derogatory remarks about Cobra and his sources of information. I have to say that for the past 3 and a half years at least we have seen many articles, whether ‘channelled’ (fake) or peoples contacts in the financial world of various kinds saying more or less that the GCR was about to happen within days or weeks max.

We have been informed by Cobra that the so called Reset, Reval of the Financial System will take place at the time of The Event not prior. These articles will no doubt keep popping up until then.

Regarding the New Financial System this link here was the first article we received on this subject from Cobra on April 28, 2012.

This article is one of the ‘Main Cobra Articles’ found on this page on PFC where you can also find translations to many languages – just check the language box at the bottom of this link:

3 years ago in Dec. of 2013 we received an update about the New Financial System and The Event where we clearly see the game being played behind the scenes that has taken place and will continue no doubt to do so until the last minute. “A battle continues for the control of the new financial system, which is being created now with full speed. The Eastern Alliance is building the new financial system to support the coming Event:”

I wrote / compiled this article in February of 2016 to give readers a broader view of the Financial Reset.

“I will attempt here to convey to you why there is no need for doubt regarding the question of financial redistribution of wealth to humanity after The Event. “

Understanding the Role of the Red Dragon Society Regarding The Event / The Re-Distribution of Wealth to Humanity

Phenomenal Results of Our Recent Etheric Liberation Meditation

Cobra asked us to join forces in an important meditation in February this year telling us The master key for the energy grid around the planet is the Congo vortex. That is a huge energy vortex that is anchored in Lake Kivu in Congo. This area was the landing space of a special expedition of the Central Race which landed there more than 2 million years ago, anchoring a very powerful Light presence. Much later this vortex was taken over by the Reptilians who actually energetically controlled most of the Sub-Saharan Africa from that area. This is the reason why black magic is so widespread in Sub-Saharan Africa and why so many people there are possessed by Reptilian entities:

Congo vortex was the entry point for the Archon invasion in 1996. Since then, the Archons are doing whatever they can to destroy the feminine energy in Congo, while the Light forces are trying to heal the situation:

On Feb 26th we united worldwide in an Etheric Liberation Meditation with massive success here is what I wrote to my blog readers when the results came in from the RM. “TZ here; My God! – dear readers we could not have better news than this! – now I understand why Cobra used the word EPIC in his previous short report about the etheric meditation. Enjoy this message in all of its amazing details and know that you will clearly start to see signs whether small or great all over Gaia that we are on the road to liberation and total Victory of the Light. Cobra mentioned that this epic meditation has cut the remaining waiting time before The Event in half. The Resistance Movement have ways of estimating ~ depending on the current situation ~ when The Event is most likely to take place. This type of estimation is of course classified for safety for the surface human population. SO the Resistance Movement are no doubt themselves amazed at the influence this meditation has had. This should encourage us all to continue every effort to affect a strong positive return of Light and Love – we can take note of Yeshua’s reminder yesterday that when we change our behaviour the whole world changes. The weekly meditation on Sunday shall no doubt continue as long as necessary ~ we now have enormous evidence that meditation and etheric work generally moves mountains. Things are developing at an amazing speed now and NO-ONE person knows the Day or the Hour that Goddess/Mother will give the signal for The Master Plan (see Most Important Cobra articles on PFC or The Portal) to begin. Our greatest goal right now should be to connect with our I AM / Higher Self Presence and lovingly follow advice given as to how we best can move forward in Love for ourselves and others. In Love and Light to everyone TZ


Etheric Liberation Report

Our meditation on Sunday (Feb 26th 2017) was the turning point in the decisive battle for the energy grid of planet Earth that is taking place between January and April 2017, and one of the biggest victories of the Light. It is estimated that our meditation has cut the remaining waiting time towards the Event by half….

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Source: What is Compression Breakthrough ~ The Event? Part One of Two | Prepare for Change

Why Is Glyphosate Sprayed on Crops Right Before Harvest? – Prepare for Change

Glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto‘s Roundup herbicide, is recognized as the world’s most widely used weed killer. What is not so well known is that farmers also use glyphosate on crops such as wheat, oats, edible beans and other crops right before harvest, raising concerns that the herbicide could get into food products.

Escalating Use of Probable Carcinogen

Glyphosate has come under increased scrutiny in the past year. Last year the World Health Organization’s cancer group, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, classified it as a probable carcinogen. The state of California has also moved to classify the herbicide as a probable carcinogen. A growing body of research is documenting health concerns of glyphosate as an endocrine disruptor and that it kills beneficial gut bacteria, damages the DNA in human embryonic, placental and umbilical cord cells and is linked to birth defects and reproductive problems in laboratory animals.

What is not so well known is that farmers also use glyphosate on crops such as wheat, oats, edible beans and other crops right before harvest.

A recently published paper describes the escalating use of glyphosate: 18.9 billion pounds have been used globally since its introduction in 1974, making it the most widely and heavily applied weed-killer in the history of chemical agriculture. Significantly, 74 percent of all glyphosate sprayed on crops since the mid-1970s was applied in just the last 10 years, as cultivation of GMO corn and soybeans expanded in the U.S. and globally.

Glyphosate Used to Speed Up Wheat Harvest

Charles Benbrook, Ph.D., who published the paper on the mounting use of glyphosate, says the practice of spraying glyphosate on wheat prior to harvest, known as desiccating, began in Scotland in the 1980s.

“Farmers there often had trouble getting wheat and barley to dry evenly so they can start harvesting. So they came up with the idea to kill the crop (with glyphosate) one to two weeks before harvest to accelerate the drying down of the grain,” he said.

The pre-harvest use of glyphosate allows farmers to harvest crops as much as two weeks earlier than they normally would, an advantage in northern, colder regions.

The practice spread to wheat-growing areas of North America such as the upper Midwestern U.S. and Canadian provinces such as Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

“Desiccation is done primarily in years where conditions are wet and the crop is slow to dry down,” Joel Ransom, an agronomist at North Dakota State University, said.

Ransom says desiccating wheat with glyphosate has been a useful tool for farmers.

“It does help hasten dry down and controls grain weeds and other material that slows down the threshing practice,” he said. “It has an important role in areas where it’s wet.”

Ransom says the practice has increased in North Dakota, which is the leading wheat-producing state in the U.S., over the past 15 years due to wetter weather.

While more common in Upper Midwestern states where there is more moisture, desiccation is less likely to be done in drier wheat growing areas of Kansas, Oklahoma, Washington and Oregon.

All Conventional Farmers in Saskatchewan Desiccate Wheat

According to a wheat farmer in Saskatchewan, desiccating wheat with glyphosate is commonplace in his region. “I think every non-organic farmer in Saskatchewan uses glyphosate on most of their wheat acres every year,” the farmer speaking on condition of anonymity said.

He has concerns about the practice. “I think farmers need to realize that all of the chemicals we use are ‘bad’ to some extent,” he said. “Monsanto has done such an effective job marketing glyphosate as ‘safe’ and ‘biodegradable’ that farmers here still believe this even though such claims are false.”

The vast majority of farmers in Manitoba, Canada’s third largest wheat producing province, also use glyphosate on wheat, said Gerald Wiebe, a farmer and agricultural consultant. “I would estimate that 90 to 95 percent of wheat acres in Manitoba are sprayed pre-harvest with glyphosate; the exception would be in dry areas of the province where moisture levels …

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Source: Why Is Glyphosate Sprayed on Crops Right Before Harvest? – Prepare for Change