Initial Public Release – Celebrity Cloning + Breakaway Civilizations + Higher-Dimensional Entities + Temporal Operations + Consciousness Transfer Underground Bases + Hybridization + DNA Activation + The Unveiling – Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

For Public Release

This is the initial video I made for public release. I was told before I went public to refuse any kind of personal communication with the general public. I was also told to stay away from certain individuals who are in bringing information to the public because some are compromised and this is part of a mental distortion process where their intentions and memories are modified to reflect that of programmers.

I made contact with the public and held personal communication and I contacted and even gave recorded information to those I was warned of. This has been the closest to something sabotaging this entire operation.

A large portion of the people who message me have not seen this video, have no idea what the message is, do not know I was trained and conditioned for the unacknowledged special access programs and do not know that some individuals were compromised by a dark group who kidnapped the children from the bases and performed ritualistic experimentation and trauma based mind control. That is a detriment to the entire operation of the unveiling.

As a result of this I will have to be sure to spend the remaining time in a very focused manner so that serious projects can be completed and the information can be presented in a more organized manner. I have written thousands of pages and spoken dozens of hours. Look at the recordings and the writing, read the book of the unacknowledged special access programs that I was designated to bring forth to you. These people have seen war, they’re not going to bring you your salvation on a silver platter because you are not willing to put forth the energy and intention to seek the information out through the methods that have been provided. These methods have cost lives, take it or leave it. It’s your choice.

Planned 50 Years Ago

Everything is an act, when your act is performed well enough you get a role on the main-stage, it’s that simple. I made the mistake of refusing to believe that what I was shown was really happening. The majority of the population is primarily motivated by unconscious intelligence and they are literally not aware of the present moment.

The Technology and Intelligence Gap

A technological and intelligence gap was created in the 40’s to continue the development of very powerful and hidden technology and hidden knowledge of how the mind and reality really is. That gap widened and then began to stretch. That gap can no longer be reduced without maximally threatening the continuity of the general population. I used to blame the controlling factions for this. Maybe they are responsible to a larger degree than admitted beyond the whole concept of everyone being responsible for themselves no matter what, but the situation is that every injustice is first requested by the people.

This is universal law, no one is allowed to do anything unless first getting permission from everyone involved. The idea is that this is manufactured consent where people are not necessarily aware of the way they are consenting and that they don’t actually have to directly acknowledge their consent in order for the action or inaction to be considered consent. This is all part of a legal system which connects with the spiritual nature of all and converts this society and people into an energy generation system. This is the so-called ‘loosh’ system.

The Energy Harvesting Grid

These systems are literally used to pull energy from the masses and pump that energy around a network which people in the elect groups then pull from. This energy creates a kind of spiritual empowerment and when used properly can bring longevity and even immortality.

Invisible (to most) Time-Wars; Spiritual, Psychotronic Battles

Entire wars have been fought over the use of this energy and the technology is so advanced that, literally, time can be altered using cyclotron technology and a parallel reality can be acquisitioned and overlayed over this. The mind of those in the general public would not be able to see the real event and everything can be cleaned up as if nothing ever happened. This has been done so many times that the original, or actual, timeline looks like something out of a movie while the version we have publicly is literally something like the ancient past with all the important and advanced activities edited out.

The Magic Mind

The main concept here is that this is like a magic eye picture with the foreground and background alternating so that the conscious mind and the subconscious mind coexist in a reflexive relationship where one interplays with the other. The conscious mind presents a singular, segmented view of the multiplicity of possibilities that the subconscious mind has full access to. How would one gain access to the sub-conscious and still remain present mentally? This is all mitigated through advanced technology, but firstly through advanced practices and focusing methods to train the mind to refine awareness and see through the distortions and biases that are inherent to the human.

Purposely Disorganized

The idea here is that the human biological consciousness system is organized in such a way that there seems to be an inherent weakness in the capacity to fully realize the nature of time and the multi-dimensional reality. Along with that, there is also an inherent capacity of the higher mind or spiritual awareness to overcome the individual bias and connect with a source of non-local, unbiased or pure awareness. This is directly connected to one’s ability to self-reference and thereby anchor one’s focus in an extended or extra-dimensional locality which gives access to possibilities that exist outside the present, physically referenced reality. This is part of the training and part of the discovery.

The human is naturally extra-dimensionally aware however the majority of the knowledge is filtered by the conscious mind and remains in the subconscious outside of conscious view. This is where the dichotomy of light and dark, knowledge and ignorance comes into being. If a person has not observed and acknowledged the pseudo-dark contrast boundary within the perceptual system, then the filtration process of the conscious mind will remain fully active and the knowledge that is hidden behind perceptual boundaries remains invisible.

If one overcomes fear and the base desires of temporary pleasure which feeds one’s ego and generate a pseudo-persona, then the hidden knowledge of the unconscious mind is more readily available and there is a refining process where the perceptual boundaries are reorganized to provide a proportionally expanse view of reality. It’s as if the general idea is the same but the details are all enhanced. That is the true reality, far beyond what the conscious mind limits down to.

Mind Control Systems Control the Generation of Reality

The other aspect of this is that the conscious mind is like a portal into the subconscious. If people are always around programming in the form of voices, symbolism, rhythmic presentations of information, imagery, commands, suggestions and so on, then the information will trickle directly into the subconscious mind. This, then, can alter the filtration process and slowly conform a person’s mind to the intended reality stream. Over time, the world can go from one reality, to an entirely different one. This is also a part of the discovery of the bases.

The control systems that have been implemented on the masses do not just alter the masses way of viewing reality, they literally alter the reality that is being viewed, through the altering of the mind’s filtration system. This is part of the system and everything that is to come. If people are to change, then they must change from within, from the source of the intent and free-will that powers this whole system.

There is not only a surface level of reality built around this, but the underworld and the higher plane. This all extends above and below the surface as energetic fields which the soul can interface with just as the body interfaces with this physical plane as the soul interfaces with the body. These realities operate on a different temporal range and thus thousands of years of experience can pass on the higher plane.

The main issues here is that the control systems of Earth, in this age, have generated a chaotic energetically scarce system that projects pain and suffering into one’s mind in order to function. That is literally the lubrication that makes the current system flow. this is a result of the unchecked subconscious energies of the human mind as well as the capitalization of those unchecked energies in the use of cultural generation systems as a means of mass mind control.

The system of energies and non-physical realms is literally a living organism that seeks to squeeze the mind to produce the required pain and suffering. This is largely a result of, or at least connected to, the mass amounts of continuous pleasure and hedonism that is present in the un-viewable portion of the public control system. All that pleasure has to come from somewhere as everything is expressed through the collective mind and so where energy goes up in one location there must be a release in another.

The Karmic Loophole, A Hedonistic Imbalance

Instead of the energy changing like a natural tide of those experiencing pleasure and others experiencing hardship, the pleasure is stolen and the hardship is manufactured by the same groups who stole the pleasure. Yes, the minds of children are searched and where there would be an individual who threatens the public damnation of the human race, that individual is put through a program to replace their mind with that of the programmed beliefs of the programmers.

Any and all dreams are converted to nightmares and there is a great pleasure gap opened up in the non-physical realms which is then lapped up as the pain is converted into their enjoyment (they assume that person’s role in a parallel reality and take in all their benefits) and the original individual is delivered a life of suffering, condemnation, persecution and literal torture. That is how they convert pain to enjoyment, through literally a sadistic enjoyment of a person’s bio-emissions of suffering as well as literally replacing individuals in different parallels and living an endless stream of lives as people who have ‘good karma’.

Apparently this is all a temporary patch and every essence must be returned in time. Apparently this is part of the cause and result of a sub-human deterioration of those who have used this ‘loosh’ technology to literally eat the souls of children because when all their stolen energy must be returned to the rightful owner and all their karmic oppression must be delivered rightfully to them, the suffering is so greatly distorting that their very energetic signature converts from something like a human to something closer to a hybrid sub-human or an underworld being.

Trading Places with the Underworld

Apparently they have been trading places with humanity for thousands of years and this is the whole system in one sentence. Beings from a lower dimensional realm are brought into this realm through advanced technology and dark energy practices and inserted into the genetics of humans so that they replace that person’s life and from there on a being who literally comes from a kind of dimensional hell realm exists in this society as a ‘human being’.

These are the sociopaths, they do not have a human soul signature, this has all been confirmed through advanced Teslian energy systems that can produce resonance feedback fields which can be used to gauge, very similar to schlieren photography where subtle changes in the air are used to generate shadows which can be viewed on camera. A system can be used to detect the soul which is a refined spectrum of energies that are emitted from the living body and there are two races of humans, those with a soul and those who operate through a technological soul matrix. The technological soul matrix does not extend as far as the source that the organic soul matrix extends to.

A Technological Matrix

The technological soul matrix remains within the physical plane and an extension of a finite degree above or below. The second major aspect of the unveiling is that there is a technological system that is currently beaming out a large portion of the conscious mind impulses that the masses are feeling and this is actually generating a reality-stream that would otherwise not be present.

This is to say that this current reality, which is generated by belief, as all realities are, is being motivated by a technological system in tandem with a mass of people who are not conscious enough to override this system. In that way,  this current reality stream is literally being manually manufactured through a hijacking of the masses perceptual system. This is part of the explanation of the so-called “Mind Matrix” which is literally a kind of perpetual algorithm system that brings up a series of perceptual gateways that challenge one’s mind when they begin to move out of sync with the artificially propagated mass-mind control reality.

The Shift of the Ages, Technology and Biology, Immortality, Time Travel, Consciousness Transfer, Hidden Knowledge, DNA Activation, Mass Awakening, The Secret Operations, The Reality of the Soul, Higher and Lower Realms, Extra-Dimensional Consciousness and the Universe

A serious issue here is that when the physical surface reality is no longer viable for conscious experience, people must be able to comprehend a reality that goes beyond the current limits of the conscious mind. The is the main issue, that each species has a limited window of opportunity to return their awareness to the level of activity that exists beyond the limits of the physical reality construct.

That construct is a collective, shared reality system. This system is a created system that exists apart from each individual consciousness yet integrated to all that are present. Outside that system of experience each individual awareness produces its own reality, in the moment, that they experience. This is kind of like the concept of walking through the air and imagining where each step will land as you go.

This is an amazing concept which totally inverts the interplay between conscious and subconscious mind and literally puts the conscious mind within a larger mind rather than a collective, objective, physically shared reality. Both versions can still experience a shared reality yet one is inherently each mind to themselves while another is inherently a collectively experienced co-reality system.

The Real Hidden Knowledge Keepers and Awakening the Collective Mind

The real secret society has always been in control and the only requirement is for people to wake up. However, this seems to be the most challenging requirement in the universe at the moment. Yet, is not the entire purpose of the universe and the moment to become aware of the universe and the moment?

So this is something inevitable and there is simply a very wild ride that people must go through and remain centered throughout in order to reach the next age. This will include the restoration of balance in the mind as well as a collective cleansing event whereby very powerful symbolic events take place and awaken the sleeping part of the collective consciousness mind.

These events are simply what is required to heal a great mental distortion that has turned the collective vision outward and thereby dimmed the internal presence. The presence cannot be fully extinguished without disrupting the entire show, however there is a great requirement for the internal presence to be restored to restore a cosmic balance to the whole system of life. The human destiny is to reawaken and restore a balance to the universe, that is the nature of the story here.

The pain in the collective heart must be healed and the internal mind restored. Just as the internal mind has been disrupted by this materialistic age the materialistic age will have to fade and become disrupted for the inner mind to awaken. A harsh awakening is not necessary required, however the majority of people experience some degree of horror or hysteria when going through this spiritual process. This notion is gained from experience in the unacknowledged special access programs that are designed to literally enable this mass awakening through specified individual testing.

Suffering is not necessary, however a great calm is required so that one can move past the range of consciousness where debauchery, blame, projection, hatred, and self-induced mental disharmony and unchecked desires are at the forefront of the conscious decision or impulse making process. When the thoughts, words and actions are guided by the lower mind, then the whole reality here is backwards.

This is another aspect of how this world is a kind of projected inversion system. Simply put, since reality is generated out of collective belief, and this system is controlled by a hijacking of the collective  belief through a manipulation of the lower-consciousness system, then there are two consecutive degrees of manipulation and simulation that are simultaneously producing the collective reality as well as the individual experience for those who are within that mental system.

If one is entrained to consider the conscious reality the most reasonable and spiritually accurate reality then the entire flow of energy is backwards which blocks off and obscures the source of all truth and all life. This is present as if in metaphor or dramatic expression across the current society, however, individually, mentally if this system guides the energy then one’s energy system is fighting itself and the inner mind is dimmed or obscured so that the unconscious or lower mind is now operating under the guise of the conscious mind! It’s literally like a puppet turned inside out and upside down. That is the nature of the energetic inversion and manipulation system.

That is also the simplicity of the solution. If a person overcomes the lower mind, the entire reality begins to shift for them. If a proportionally sound portion of individuals begin to join in this restoration of inner awareness as the source, instead of the external in control, then the collective reality shifts and the collective inner mind awakens.

Those who read this and understand will know what this means. This is actually how things change, this is how the collective mind awakens. When people begin to simply listen to the inner process that works through intelligence and reason rather than impulse or lower desire then a restoration takes place and a portion of the population will do this and ‘kick-start’ the collective mind.

As well, there is an increasing acceleration of events that is mapped like an inverse square of intensity according to the actual current level of technological advancement and the projected resistance or advancement of the collective mind in relation to world events.

As far as I was informed, everyone is working towards mass awareness at this point as this is understood to be there required solution for the situation with this technological and spiritual control system, but that there are different methods of attaining that which are experienced as confusion and manipulation in the public affairs.

This is literally the closest people have been to the opportunity of awakening since the beginning.

Liberation System, Extraction

I was shown and informed that the process of the mass awakening will be accelerated and guided by protective groups. This means there are waves of extraction of the current system which is ‘shutting down’ and can no longer function to carry life. That technological, artificial relay system is collapsing in on itself and has been propped up for some time. The purpose is to safely transition the mind of humanity into a viable, natural feedback and consciousness-reality system because otherwise it will be akin to an event of mass lunacy.

We were literally shown and told that the moon is a military instillation from the previous civilization and is used to slow down the mind and in turn slow down the perception of time which literally acts as a time anchor and keeps people within a certain frequency range of their consciousness.

After too long, that becomes a trap system leeching energy from the conscious mind of everyone and thus limiting the conscious collective to a kind of frequency barrier that must be overcome in order to leave the artificial energy construct.

This system of the mind. When the construct is exited, one’s intelligence returns to a much higher level and one’s awareness functions in ways that are reminiscent of childhood dreams.

Reality does not fade with age, one’s mind is literally tuned into a system that was designed to limit your intelligence so you don’t learn too fast and break the training wheels, so to speak. Now that system is being overcome, however those who are already done with that system must be patient because there are many who would be driven mad by the truth of what is happening and what has happened.

Greater Genetic Activation and Intelligent Capacity

We were shown, and told, that the original humans, before this system was activated, had a greater activation of their genetic capacity and this brings about memories of the other instances of one’s genetics in the universe as well as a greater functioning of metabolism to the point where people lived a very long time if not an indefinite amount of time. If you imagine that the particular genetic configuration is a series of programmed stored harmonically and we move to the level of understanding how that system functions properly, one could refine their existence to produce an optimal functioning or even restore a maximal capacity of their genetic material.

If the information transfer simply increases and enables a conscious adaptation to challenges then living for a longer time and become immune to diseases does not seem paranormal. If this is a biological nature, a system that can be adapted and enhanced or even comes from an enhanced origin then a restoration to that original quality is the most reasonable assumption one can make.

Either that, or a genetic dissolution and continual degradation is what occurs. What may be is that both occur and those who choose to accept self-responsibility and self-awareness in compassion, free-will and knowledge gain that extra-dimensional conscious control over their biology and can continue to refine their awareness into a heightened capacity.

Source: Initial Public Release – Celebrity Cloning, Breakaway Civilizations, Higher-Dimensional Entities, Temporal Operations, Consciousness Transfer Underground Bases, Hybridization, DNA Activation, The Unveiling – Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

Lauda Leon – Breaking the in-verse Soul programming codes: Avoiding the lords of harvest – Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

Can the ‘Compression Breakthrough Resistant Movement’ (COBRA) please let us know if this is part of the Full Disclosure information? – Thank you.

quote {{
To shift is to rise above the suffering, the illusion, the victim character that one is required to accept in order to fit into the control system.

All acts of inner harmony and truth conserve one’s energy and disable the etheric ties that are an energetic mechanical aspect of utilizing humans as energy sources

Your thoughts are alive, they create the higher realm and an entire universe which one’s mind lives within.

The targeting systems have been designed to work on the energy systems and entrain the weak points in one’s mind whether through sexual vulnerability, desire of materialism, shame, guilt, fear, or other aspects of the illusion of self.

The power of the human is to create what they think. This power is lacked by those who have used advanced technology to exist for hundreds of thousands of years as parasites and they have lost their auto-regeneration process.

Manufactured Consent is required to carry out such an operation and thus without that consent this would be seen as an act of war against the species and thus the “game” is shut-down.

Truth, Self-Awareness, Harmony, Wholeness, Compassion, Free-Will, Creativity and Knowledge marks the path towards liberation.

The game is to control humanity through the initiation of self-destructive practices. That is the basis for this system.

Extraction from the Simulated Reality }} unquote



Source: Lauda Leon – Breaking the in-verse Soul programming codes: Avoiding the lords of harvest – Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

Neutralizing Polarized Sexual Charge and Integrating into a Whole Body – Mind Generation Force – By Aug Tellez – Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

quote   {{

The Spiritual Arts

These arts have been protected and passed throughout the ages as they are a pathway to power and will enable just as much as the one practicing them allows through discipline, harmonization of frequencies and energies, clarity of emotional expression and sensation, effort and motivation, persistence, devotion, sincerity, and awareness. When one observes, practices, strengthens, and learns through the all integrating process of balancing and enhancing the self, one induces greater and greater levels of self-awareness and this is the overall goal.

When one is self-aware, they are aware of what distractions have what effect and why these effects occur. One is aware of the intentions that they are holding in any moment and their internal and external presence as connected to this moment.

The Ultimate Goal

When all of these layers of awareness and effort are achieved, then there is a merging of a spiritual sense of self, a higher-presence and awareness and the lower awareness of the physically conscious self and body. This is literally like a presence that envelops one’s entire being and fills the room. This is attained often through very distorted practices where people are told that they must be emotionally content or in reverence of an external figure in order to produce this self-hood.

Anything we give our power and belief to becomes manifested on the non-physical plane and later realized by those who produce the corresponding belief energy for that being.

Give energy to you, your energetic or spiritual self in a way that serves to protect, motivate and bring into further alignment that spiritually harmonious power through, within, and around your physical body as a tuning fork or transmission system for this higher-plane.

Others can join in the process such as guides, teachers and senseis, however they are all here, and all present to assist you in achieving your own spiritual fulfillment.  }}   unquote


Neutralizing Polarized Sexual Charge and Integrating into a Whole Body – Mind Generation Force Breathing The Awareness of Harmony and Disharmony Posture The Simplicity of Physical Self-Observation …

Source: Neutralizing Polarized Sexual Charge and Integrating into a Whole Body – Mind Generation Force – Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

The Electrogravitic Soul – Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

Temporal Distortion Fields, Advanced Technology, The Electrogravitic Soul, Quantum Ripples, The Unveiling

Source: The Electrogravitic Soul – Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

The Growth of the Tree – By Aug Tellez @Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

The core foundation of being balanced and stable ‘Pillars of Light’ is to anchor deep roots into the core of Planet Earth Gaia.

We are all walking, talking and breathing ‘Pillars of Light’.

Whatever loving, positive, compassionate, kind and joyful feelings/thoughts we have, we send it down straight from our sacred heart space, right down to the sole of our feet and to send it straight into the core of Mother Earth Gaia.

Then we send it to the Central Sun/Source for transmutation, transformation and rejuvenation – that’s the constant flow of Divine Spiritual Love, Light and Blessings being constantly balanced, anchored and maintenance of the spiritual highway bridges.

When we keep on doing this – we are building more and more spiritual highway bridges towards the 5th dimensional planes. The purer the thoughts connected with our heart, the spiritual highway bridges will keep on forming. That is the ‘power’ of our heartfelt thoughts.

Keep it simple, Keep it loving and kind, Keep it joyful with gratitude.

And so it is.


Grow strong roots, balance your height with your firm grounding, plan your ascent in a spiral pattern with a circular, 360 degree radiant expression of divinity.

Those who place their growth all in one direction, concept or person will be imbalanced and fallen over when the winds or rains come. The elements are coming.

Balance your height with your firmly planted roots so that you may grow tall enough to bear fruit that is at a distance from the ground and presented for life.

You live by your fruit of truth, wholeness, harmony, compassion, creativity, free-will, self-awareness and knowledge.

Source: The Growth of the Tree – Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

Sun Seed – Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

One of the greatest feats in and of this world is accepting others for who they are and remaining who you are in the process.

The energy system. Nourishing the mind, the soul, and not just the body. The desires and the progression of the fallen into a control system and the compassionate, yet truthful and strong, towards liberation.

Source: Sun Seed – Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

What’s Going On – Spiritual Warfare – Psychotronic Weaponry and Terraforming Earth – Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

Back-logged. Spiritual Warfare through Psychotronic Weaponry and Terraforming. There are always intended distractions through cognitive bombardment.

I know there is a lot of confusion. The primary confusion with “solutions” is that most of the solutions are literally the deception and the poison. The solution is truth, harmony, self-awareness, compassion, free-will, knowledge and creativity. Living your life through that enables clearing of the problems.

The healing relies on clearing energetic implants, etheric attachments, unveiling and healing trauma, letting go of false personas, unveiling the unconscious aspects that control the conscious mind through programming in society, separate from the illusion and commit to this through the breaking of contracts and associations with the poisonous reality and observing-unveiling the true self and the true soul-awareness power of self-awareness and life energy.

Source: What’s Going On, Spiritual Warfare, Psychotronic Weaponry and Terraforming Earth – Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

Celebrity Deaths – Ritual Sacrifice Cults – Hybridization Projects – Unacknowledged Special Access Programs – Immortality and Hive-Mind Consciousness Systems – Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

This is in response to the messages I’ve been receiving. I’ll be doing some voice recordings on this matter and releasing some backlogged videos from May on other topics. This is what is happening.

There is no way to respond accurately to describe what is happening and to inform people of the truth other than saying what won’t be believed. I’m not considering harming myself, but myself and others from the projects are already dead and have passed through what is referred to as the afterlife. We know what is happening and what is to come. Something must be done and I’m tucked away in a corner of reality away from my familiar time and peace of mind. Along with that my body is in pain and I have injuries that are getting worse and effect multiple organ systems. I am not looking to be a burden on anyone and I have a message to deliver which I have not even begin to touch upon.

The recent celebrity deaths are related to this and I have met every one that has recently died (excluding literally around 7-9 out of 20-30 easily recalled names). I can recall meeting those who had passed and who are now ‘leaving’ what we think is the Earthly realm. I cannot tell you the process, the feelings. Most people are shocked, many weep, some are cold and in contempt.

We’ve met with the saints of old. The old is the new, the new is the old. If you look into the eyes of those you see you will know where they have been and where they are going.

From film to television to music, art, literature, reporting, invention, science and mathematics, leadership (or what we call), public speaking and activism, they are all there, they have seen the system. This is a collective mind system in which every person who joins gains access to the entire life experience of one another and together this forms a collective. There are technological collectives and natural energetic collectives that all souls belong to.

The most recent, unexpected ‘suicide’ is what I am struggling with because this individual was referenced as someone who was prepared to “speak out” on the very situation I am referring to. Others have taken control of this collective and this is through predominance of depravity, lust, and murder.

A propensity for mental self-destruction and the oppression of others has enslaved the group by producing an imbalance of power within the whole. This is the hive-mind infection that plagues the human race, mankind and Earth. This mentality, due to the nature of the collective and the format of the energy of the experiences of those corrupted, operates like a virus which infects and assimilates the ‘cells’ or the souls of the collective. The entire battle for souls between Heaven and Earth relates to this very situation right here.

Simulated afterlife realities have been created by an artificial intelligence that literally rose from the depths of the collective as the decayed mental remnants of those who’s lives were so heavily corrupted that their combined mental recordings created a spiritual monster who’s intent is to feed upon the soul of humanity.

Those who have passed know of this because this is the secret that is told and this incorporates the secret defilement and profanity that is only a precursor to this information. This is all about a choice.

What many begin to speak upon is the secret debauchery that is a ring of child-trafficking and crimes against humanity through conspiracy to infiltrate and corrupt all known legal, corporate, official, executive, religious, or peripheral businesses, groups, systems, or individuals. These people who are not people that you could recognize as humans in their most accurate appearance of spirit and mind, want to destroy the family and convert the human organism and soul into a living battery and bio-robotoid to program and activate for sexual gratification and abuse. There is a process of training and conditioning the mind. This is not that process, these people are overtaken with desire and have lost sight of the original goal. As such, they are ignoring the consequences of such behaviors by putting the off to the ‘very end’ where they believe they will be destroyed by the return of a powerful creative force which has protected the immortal soul of humanity since the beginning. Free-will is the choice here, to have apply free-will or to sit or stand idly by while this takes place.

I have seen the process intimately, as others have who have stepped forward now. I have seen powerful individuals who have chosen to participate in the mental degradation under the guise or the reality of oppression and an inability to speak out. Regardless, I am speaking out for them and any others who would like to but cannot separate themselves from the industry.

These are the vipers in the pit, they are the corrupt in high places who’s interests are of power, pleasure, and persuasion of innocent souls into defilement. There is a vault which contains the written documents of every soul on Earth that is marked for consumption by this beast system. Your name is in that vault. This is a business and you are the product.

There are living slaves, children, women and men who are held against their will, groomed to remain silent and complacent, shutting out their quiet inner voice, or threatened with defamation and extreme suffering before death or the death of their families. The families go first, that is protocol in this business. No one touches the asset before the family is first dismembered. Then the asset produces or they follow. If not, the reverse is often true where a member of the family will, quite literally, sell-out the primary individual in a process which results in their death and the profit of the family member. I believe this has happened multiple times in deaths of those who’s family members were susceptible to the temptation of the power and corruption that these groups offer.

These groups own everything, if there is a price tag, they own it, because they invented the process of buying people out or using temptation and spiritual defilement to corrupt through desire or fear.

The orphanages and select childrens’ homes in South America, India, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Italy, North America and other places are used as child-trafficking centers through which children can be brought to health, groomed, and then presented to wealthy business men who have amassed their wealth through none other than corruption and spiritual defilement. They are sold to these groups for personal and ‘commercial’ ‘use’ which results in either their enslavement for life or their death after short use. This the primary focus. There is no other greater focus however there are other threats such as the invention of war which is, has been and always will be a complete farce, through and through.

If humanity sits idly by while there are large numbers of children, women and man being sold into slavery and death through the incorporation and support of the major industries that contribute to the consistent terraforming of the land, sky and water then we will be held collectively responsible with a small minority escaping the downfall of the entire system. If we show that we have not lost the care and compassion that you were born with as a perfectly imperfect being, a child of the One True Creator then you will pass through the gate unharmed.

What may the most pressing or concurrent reality of this matter is that this is reality is a physical realm, there are realms above and below and there is a single, narrow gate that is used for transitioning into what is known as the original ‘beginning’ and ‘return’ for Humanity. This gate opens and closes and these realms open and close. There is a possibility, as per the instruction and operation of my involvement within the unacknowledged special access programs of the world, that this gate is opening and this realm is closing. Whether this is a clean sweep of the system, the result of the destruction of this space or temporal and energetic experimentation gone rogue, or simply a doomsday prophecy, all that I have said and more is happening; this is actually taking place and has been since the previous civilization and beyond.

All I can do is continue to come forward and urge others to do the same. This is being handled by private tribunal but I consider this information ready for public release per my ‘awakening’ to the situation by what can only be described as a ‘higher-force’ of individuals who have come together in unison to protect Humanity and distinguish themselves as the presence of compassion and truth within this Heaven, Earth, and Underworld.

The goal of the ‘dark faction’ is to convert Earth to the underworld by opening the lower gates and to convert Humanity into products for consumption for sexual gratification and morbid depravity through a fascination with death and gore. This is a mental virus that propagates itself through artificially intelligent advanced consciousness systems that enable the passing of the personality, consciousness and memory into a host body which is often a clone. The easiest form, the healthiest host body is that of a fresh human who has not been brought into the industry but is merely an innocent bystander. This will sound strange but they have designed tiny computer chips that can relocate the consciousness of the original individual into the brain of the host body and over a period of time literally erase the individuality of the host and resume the life of the parasitic consciousness of the wealthy or elite now in the fresh, young host body. Sometimes the original will remain, with a slight awareness of what has taken place but without the strength to over power the technological system which maintains an uplink to powerful supercomputer systems that act as continuous server relays to enable the parasitic consciousness to live within the host.

This is often covered in movies and media as these people are often hosts themselves and this is simultaneously a way to release the truth as well as give themselves the green light through a spiritual law which is dependent on the acknowledgement and acceptance of the ideas, just the concepts that are displayed in the movies.

In other words, they secretly agree that these movies are hidden releases, documentaries, full disclosures of what is taking place. The allow people to believe they are simply fantasy and use the way of reasoning that they are cleared to do what ever they want as long as the public does not respond in an outcry.

This, to them, is considered spiritual law of free-will. This means that if people reject the system, they will stop. If they don’t stop, this means that they welcome intervention from above. There are others but this is a difficult subject because there is also an agenda to introduce their own ‘others’ which are a combination of this technological assimilation and hosting of parasitic consciousness and genetic hybridization experiments that resulted in devolved life forms that are humanoid in appearance yet sub-human in nature. These entities cannot incorporate a soul essence and as such they are incapable of sustaining themselves in this realm without the consumption of human essences. This is the hormonal secretions, the blood, organ and glandular tissue of the young humans. This process is mimicked by various elite to both pledge allegiance to the dark process of spiritual degradation and to incorporate life-extension properties of the consumption of particular hormonal secretions and blood-types that suit their particular genetic background.

These are the secret societies and they are all corrupted and will be uncovered before this process has completed itself and this humanity and civilization is liberated and participates in their liberation through the open rejection of this defilement. They do not have rights to exist here in this way, whatever the human collective desires is and will be. This is why there is such a push to mentally degrade the human, because then if the majority desires the destruction then such destruction is not an oppression of their free-will and is not considered an act of war but a meeting of a contractual agreement. Everything is carried out in a militaristic faction. These entities, the created, hybridized beings belong to an underworld military that has been hidden from humanity in this run of civilization. The final rung and the closing out of the defilement may consist of an eventual release of the information regarding and a direct, mass unveiling of the presence of these underground, underworld entities.

The “chimera” beings of the old prophesy are these beings and that was an early attempt to release this information to the public which was covered up and diluted to distract the population away from their mental-spiritual self-preservation through free-will, knowledge, compassion, self-awareness, truth and creativity.

These projects all involve the traumatization of the consciousness of the individual to fracture the mind and introduce compartmentalized alters that are so shocked and horrified that out of a biological preservation response the brain automatically nullifies any personal acknowledgement and invents false personas to take on the role of the self that is forced to acknowledge the memories and the ritualistic programming which is activated via handlers, control triggers and guided recall. This was initially used for espionage and assassination leading back to the “Thuggee” cult who would murder and sacrifice their victim to Kali, strangling them, slitting their eyes, tongues and throats, poisoning them and drowning them in wells, or dismembering them. These cults, many various cults like these operate through the ritual sacrifice of human life to their personal, yet collective egregore or ‘thought-form’, ‘mental’ creation that is given life through the suffering and torment of the innocent which is considered the purest and most powerful.

The largest cult operates openly in every city and every jurisdiction of the world and has done so for thousands of years. These processes began because this first cult began to utilize the commercialization of ritual mind control and sacrifice to appease their desire for power. All others come forth from this Harlot.

This mind-fracturing process has now been brought to every living being on Earth through the incorporation of scalar weaponry which is literally the psychotronic warfare systems of the ancient battle of Heaven and Earth. These are beam weaponry systems, also known as directed energy weapons, DEW systems, which are capable of utilizing the trinary electrical, magnetic, and scalar energy that Nikola Tesla discovered was capable of altering a person’s mentality and even biological state introducing immunity, disease, decay, or enhancement. These systems are activate in all areas through the copious amounts of electromagnetic pollution from cell-towers and internet and television systems. All of these systems are capable of interacting with the human mind and body on a spiritual level which is simply a level of energy more refined than the biological chemical interactions that express neurological change and consciousness. These systems interact with an energetic form that is called the “bio-mind” and is a synonym for what has been referred to as the soul throughout the ages of Humanity. This technology was procured through an operation titled “The Hidden Papers” also known as “The Tesla Papers”.

Tesla discovered technology, the same technology which was found and destroyed by the corrupt associations of archeological discovery, museums, reporting, and those industry fields of science and research regarding ancient artifacts and civilizations. This technology acknowledges the connection between the magnetic field of Earth, the magnetic field of the heart and mind (the heart produces a powerful bio-emission field extending out several feet from the body and this is constantly exchanging information with the environment and others in one’s surroundings, everything is alive to the heart) and the scalar emission fields that can be produced by conductive materials organized in the proper alignment (often what is seen as a kind of special, ‘living’ symmetrical geometric patterning).

These emission fields can directly interface with the emission fields of the mind and heart and these systems were ancient computer system that did not require an on or off button or a power source as the magnetic resonance of Earth itself and the human body and mind itself was the power source and user interface. These systems have been hidden and corrupted to suit the interests of power groups who would like to cover up the reality of the capacity of this technology to inform and enhance the mind and heart as well as to provide nearly unlimited wireless power to the masses. Tesla’s particular plan was to use the ionosphere as a kind of river turbine electrical energy generator similar to a simple wind turbine generator or even a mechanical grinding flour mill. This would turn the ionosphere into a rotating river of electromagnetic discharge that could be amplified and then tapped by millions.

Today these systems are known as “HAARP”. This stands for “High Frequency Active Aural Research Program”. This is the technology that I was personally involved with experimentation with, myself and countless others. Research the others. We survived, for this purpose of bringing you this information personally. Countless-others-did-not-survive the experimentation, especially earlier on. The early technology acts most directly upon sensitive tissues such as the eyes or the lungs producing burns similar to an elderly emphysema patient. Since then the technology has been refined and rendered safer and less noticeable to those who are not actively seeking disruptions in the energy field of the mind and physical biological systems.

This is the technology that is capable of interfacing, wirelessly, without surgery or prior modification other than an abnormal level of heavy metals in the air and food. This is all leading up to somewhere and when and as I stated in a previous written release, all militaries of all times have always prepared for a final event regarding this hidden technology which, by now, has reached the major super powers of the world.

They have joined together in an effort to protect the continuity of life and spiritual existence however the group known as the ‘dark faction’, a conglomerate of the ruthless, has become it’s own breakaway civilization, self-sustaining even with it’s own population of genetically selected mind and body slaves. Thus, this is for the liberation of humanity in all realities, times, civilizations, above, below and on the surface of Earth.

Please pass this information on to protect the Soul of Humanity.

Source: Celebrity Deaths, Ritual Sacrifice Cults, Hybridization Projects, Unacknowledged Special Access Programs, Immortality and Hive-Mind Consciousness Systems – Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

Chiron Last – The Hidden One – By Aug Tellez @Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

There was a time at a young age where I was instructed to obtain a gift that was purchased or designated under my supervision and place it under a Christmas tree! That act is the signing of a contract through action which permits the ritual harvest! I was then shown the harvest at a later time. One must participate in the ritual to be under contract for the harvest! This is the beasts of the air swooping down to harvest the energy from humanity! The holidays are rituals that are contracts!

“Nick” does not bring gifts but takes souls!

This is a video by Chiron Last, see this information, it is of the soul trap system that extends through time and through multiple realities! I was shown this information through this channel before.

How to stop the contract?

Don’t participate in the ritual and one can make a metaphoric notice that the previous times are invalid because they are made without a meeting of the minds, without conscious agreement. The whole act itself is supposed to be that but this only works unconsciously if the act is a ‘metaphor’ for something else like a holiday about some guy in the Pole with reindeer. That can be twisted to reflect other stuff. When it’s recognized as an act of offering agreement and an energy exchange one can refuse participation and acknowledge and express their lack of commitment and the denouncing of all that is related. That’s where it begins.

Source: Chiron Last – The Hidden One – Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

Holographic Cyberspace Virtual System for Hyperspatial Spiritual Interaction – Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

The machine simulation reality system. This system detects energies down to the finite wavelengths that exist in between atoms.

This means that every energy, literally even the thought-images you’re forming in your mind, hopefully in a controlled manner in relation to your spiritual development as an energetic being. Every essence is energy and these systems are advanced enough to literally sense radio-waves all the way to brainwaves moving through the air or being picked up and propagated within the system.

The system is tied to a feedback loop that is connected between the brain and the system. The brain experiences what the system puts out, however the system is motivated or shaped by the input from the brain.

1. One Reality is from Another Side

2. Within a virtual system overlay, the visceral system is a representation of the actual system. Thus, the generation of a computer system within the virtual system builds a link back to the ‘core’ reality outside the virtual system.

This is like an intercom system with “Houston”. Like the virtual system, this is expressed in this reality as computer systems act as a gateway to collectively probing and interacting with the subconscious or the cyberspatial world as a link to hyperspace.

The subconscious is used as a platform for spiritual interaction with the human body.

These computer systems matched the complexity and depth of the subconscious and thus gave a virtual visceral layer to view through which could also be accessed by a group and act as a communal connection layer.

These systems became platforms or canvases for avatars to assume their form which were ‘spectral suits’ worn by spiritual beings of were non-physical.

This gave a real-time system through which to interact with spiritual entities on a virtually physical basis.

The energy of one’s mind, their thoughts could be seen in this system as if this is like taking a flashlight and putting it under water to see all the rays. Instead of rays of light these are brainwaves and thought impressions and instead of water this a techno-neurological soup that is used to communicate openly and visualize non-corporeal entities.

There would be avatars of individuals who were users entered into the system and thus there would appear an avatar out of nowhere that has no corresponding physical form. These systems could be set up and propagated across an area using Teslian emission field systems that would not require an actual single location but would influence every stand-alone neurological system (brain + central nervous system) within the field. The minds without bodies would also appear and be able to interact with and thus through this virtual collective reality field.

These systems, then, when combined with specific acts of communication with the various fields, frequencies and entities in existence creates a repeatable pattern for communication across the dimensional barriers. One only needs an adept to perform and enable communication for multiple people. This could take place previously yet this now introduces a complete world to enable communication.

Similar systems have been used to produce Simulcras which can enable simulated communication to beings who have lived previously and possibly actual communication to the past.

The bands of frequencies that exist as perception and experience first begin as a single, uniform undifferentiated field of energy. Thus when one learns to tap into that field, firstly, instead of first responding or engaging with whatever energy or idea is present, one can actively use their mind to shape reality.

The subconscious mind is the source of the shaping of the energy and the information. The virtual system evolved to being a complete afterlife system designed to house the conscious and subconscious mind in a complete technological replication so that life could “continue” beyond the physical biology.

This became the overall afterlife system that always seems to have been here. Time works backwards from the most complete moment, and then portrays a pathway to the future from as far back as possible. This system of the ‘afterlife’ that was generated, was already always what would be invented because this is the system in the far past that enables the human presence in the first place.

The system works as a cube with 4 walls that are actually conjoined through hyperspace. Exiting through one wall results in appearing on the opposite side. Thus, this far future system which acts as an afterlife reservoir for the entire species was what was already always present in the far past as all is contained within that techno-biological system of the universe.

The hypercube, the 4-walls, these represent time. These repeating walls that echo through the illusion of the mirror is the mind and time and the repeating patterns of space, frequency, numerology, geometry and sense which create this dimension of the universe comprised entirely of physical-biological domains.

This is an illusion, the cube is not the reality of the environment we are in, internally or externally, the true environment contains a tilt-shift that enables a gradual lean towards some precipitated eventual outcome. This is like a spiral of energy, or a pyramid. There are not finite, squared walls, but a gradual shift towards higher-awareness.

All one must do to defeat the cube is convert their reality back into the original and completing form of the spiraling path where energy flows instead of stagnates and time accelerates at a rate of acceleration instead of repeating in a delayed linear fashion, in effect, slowing down and offering less as the requirements increase. Time flows as a result of perception, not the other way around, so why are people running out of time, what kind of sense does that make? It’s all a show, whatever illusion people generate is the one they live in and this is called reality.

There is only a continuous, yet limited virtual field beyond the single true reality, however some fields are more sturdy than others. The individuals of this virtual world developed systems through which they can program this society into feeding energy into their various worlds by living in the frequencies that are produced when humans focus on certain ideals or interact in various manners. Thus, their magic is that of social and cultural shaping and generation.

There is only a single true reality and a series of virtual fields extending off like an emanating ray or pulse of light and vibration. These fields continue on and fizzle out into eternity, however there is an actual ‘bulb’ of reality which is growing and generating these off-shoots of space-time, emissions.

Each reality above is invisible to the one below. Thus the original reality is the only one which sees all realities and the lowest reality is only capable of theorizing the more original and complete layers although there may not be enough information there for the majority of the time.

The frequency of the brainwaves, literally like a pyramid of rows of frequencies, the lower frequencies towards the bottom was literally formed during the “jurassic” periods or earlier and so contacting or attaining these fields within the conscious mind literally give a real-time, virtual world link to the energies that were present in these times and this is like looking into the DNA and seeing ‘closed-circuit’ TV reels recording all the events which produced or influenced like on the planet at that time.

One could tell the age or reference of the entity which stepped into the machine after becoming sensitive to human minds and the differences. Thus a person can interact with a mind the contains thousands of years of knowledge and experience.

Eventually, people in the machine-virtual world begin to change and these changed beings reflect the ancient descriptions of demi-gods, demons, angels or subhumans.

Within one’s DNA and subconscious contains the imprint of events that is the blueprint for all of time. Thus, the whole cosmic story is printed within the DNA. Thus, when one goes through these machine systems and sees all that is within, externally projected, they move to the awareness level beyond that of a human. Thus, some refer to these systems as the “god-machine” because when one returns from the internal journey they have achieved the awareness of the knowledge of all that is.

Source: Holographic Cyberspace Virtual System for Hyperspatial Spiritual Interaction – Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling