The Control System is Designed to Control Those Who Choose Ignorance over Self-Awareness | Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

See how when parents cannot guide their children into constructive expression of energy they become destructive and there is no comprehension of the organizational structure of the universe and experience. Thus, everything is done for them, and the learning process is neglected. This is abuse.

Later they will be faced with responsibilities in life and without having the proper coping mechanisms for accepting that all of society is not here just for their pleasure, they will react in a destructive manner which will cause the most suffering and pain for themselves and those around them. We are seeing this in the form of adolescent and adult emotional vampires who are willing to provide more effort towards leeching off of or criticizing others than they are in correcting their own behavior or admitting imbalance and accepting self-responsibility.

So people who teach children how to live without the awareness of the nature of consciousness and the process of psychological development and disorder will essentially be running a ‘fun-house’, or possibly a side-show where they are the producers, funders, and participants in an act that will undoubtedly eventually create suffering for society as a whole.

That is the idea behind the changes that are being implemented regarding the public and the process of society, family, and development thus far. I’m not speaking about the degeneration of society and family, that’s the *other* plan.

The plans to protect society as a whole from those who cannot produce anything but pain and suffering for others through their lack of awareness and care for their own interactivity with the larger social sphere and the true nature of this universe are based upon the idea that if people continue to allow each generation to develop primarily through neglect of the inner awareness and self-discipline then there will not be a viable society to complain about, protest, or be ‘taken over’.

Yes, one can view this as part of a plan to destabilize *in order* to produce a populace that cannot resist or think critically but that is another way of seeing it.

What if those people wold never think critically in the first place? Is everyone destined to be as self-aware as is maximally capable? Is it safe to offer the same power level or access to technology to the person who has realized themselves as a truly cosmic self, and to the person who has no idea what’s going on and simply follows whatever the first memetic idea scrolls across their conceptual vision of reality?

The idea here, harsh as it may be, is that if people are accepting of being coerced, through deception, into letting their children develop without self-awareness and to live their own lives in subservience to ignorance and lack of harmony then THAT is the act of destruction regardless of whether this is encouraged externally or not.

Why? Because the outcome is the same. Whether people complain about a system that offers them the option of smacking their toe with a hammer all day, or whether they find a hammer and do it regardless, the outcome is still the same and those people are incapable of using tools, walking around, or communicating effectively regarding the proper functions of their own mind, their self-awareness and reality.

Yes, the idea is that there IS a scheme being played. But the whole point is, that CHANGES NOTHING. People are STILL not SUPPOSED to allow themselves to be tricked just because people are offering them that choice!

What kind of sense does that make! “People are not allowed to smack themselves in the face with a slab of concrete.”

And WE MUST have this law right? So that people don’t slap themselves with concrete and spend all their time and energy growing stronger to find a bigger and bigger piece of concrete?

That’s their TRICK and it’s already taken place to the point of this entire society being primarily shaped around that fact of the masses not having the ability to think critically or control themselves.

REGARDLESS, if this was a scheme leading up to a central control system, now, if people are not contained, they will produce suffering, panic, ignorance, and fear on such levels, through the introduction of such generations that have never seen any other system that this society WOULD fail if there were no other plans.

Of course, there are plans, and as long as everyone who is CAPABLE of resisting the panic, the mass ignorance, the deception aligns their will with harmony, truth, self-awareness, compassion, and creativity through free-will then that system will not oppress upon us.

Sure, one could say the current system that is all connected to this is oppressing on us and everyone else equally but the truth behind that is that those who choose to allow the system to think for them are INFINITELY more oppressed than those who are awake enough to struggle against that system and act under their own free-will.

The idea is that if you know you are oppressed you are free, and those who have no awareness of this are truly enslaved.

Do what you will with this perspective, your reality is a reflection of what’s within you, the energies and choices. However, we must also remain realists and see how the masses will tend to lean or react to the situations that are faced what is likely to occur from that.

The system is not designed to ensnare self-aware people, it’s designed to stop those who choose ignorance from having the power that could destroy everything.

Are we running a side-show without discipline and an abundance of disrespect and disorder coupled with external projection of responsibility and blame while simultaneously complaining about oppression, or are we taking self-responsibility, knowing the important information regarding the true self, the fundamental laws of the universe, the ACTUAL occurrence of reality beyond what people are drowned within through the media and social trends while looking on in horror of what the masses are becoming?

Well, the horror doesn’t have to last forever. There may be a stark exposure where there is a maximal realization of this situation across all levels in the people who are asleep and that may be more shocking than a mass of people who are sleeping while operating within an entire advanced society, however this only has to last long enough to actually determine who is willing to choose self-responsibility, self-awareness, compassion, truth, harmony, and creativity through free-will and who will simply give their power away and complain about it while literally being the conduit used to oppress and destroy the whole of society.

Source: The Control System is Designed to Control Those Who Choose Ignorance over Self-Awareness | Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

What Happens In Simulation Doesn’t Stay In Simulation – Enhanced Intelligence and the Testing of Society | Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

Each of us, We ARE the matrix of divine cosmic love, light and abundance of wisdom within our soul blueprint – archived in the Archaic Record of Mother Earth Gaia. We are all Pillars of Light – an extensive light forces – walking, talking libraries of our Divine Eternal Prime Creator.

We are the love, light and blessings of All It Is. We are the divine cosmic walking/talking/feeling grids. We are here to dismantle/dissipate the false grids throughout all multi dimensional planes (and in-between planes) – past, present and future.

We are here to transmute, transform and dissipate all ‘shadows’ by shining our divine light of unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion throughout all dimensions. With this divine love and light energy can we truly consolidate all the past, present and future grids into the Now of All It Is into ONE.

We need to regroup, consolidate and orchestrate the love-light forces throughout all multi dimensional planes/levels. The false matrix of the 3rd and 4th dimension are being dissipated in the Now of All It Is. And so it is. Namaste


Simulators of Conscious Experience Via Holographic Projection and Synchronization with the Neuronal Map I’ve seen that as part of my experience with these occult groups. Have you ever researched or…

Source: What Happens In Simulation Doesn’t Stay In Simulation, Enhanced Intelligence and the Testing of Society | Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

I Hereby Rescind the Use of my Genetics, Lineage – Bloodline – Consciousness – Fractured or Whole (continued in this single post) | By Aug Tellez @Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling


Thank you very much, Aug Tellez!
Positive intentions to conquer and void the dark cabal’s manipulative matrix system (copy and print it out for your daily manifestation).
“I hereby rescind the use of my genetics, lineage and bloodline, my consciousness, fractured or whole, for any experimentation, energy harvesting, soul harvesting, abuse, sacrifice, ritualization, rape, molestation, murder, hate, lust, confusion, or any form or frequency of emotional manipulation, through the use of but not limited to scalar psychotronic technology to proliferate a destructive, chaotic experience on Earth for innocent beings.
I declare free-will a sovereign element of the life experience and I therefore activate my free-will to withdraw against harmful or deceptive contracts.
I declare this to be effective forwards and backwards in the temporal fields, in the possibilities that are not yet made physical not limited to those used for projected realities, alternate dimensions, war-games, spiritual attacks, harvesting, quantum exploration, through the use of supercomputer technology, remote viewing, dream-harvesting, psychological imprisonment, ‘astral’ realm encounters and operations.
I declare free-will as a sovereign element of the experience of all beings, and therefore I activate my free-will to withdraw against contracts that seek to harm or divide the human people or other peoples of Earth in order to produce disharmony, chaos, or suffering to promote the oppression of the true creative capacity of the human race and the other colors and races of the ‘persons’ that are widely known and accepted on the planet including but not limited to, Asians, Caucasians, Darker Skinned, “Latinos”, “Natives”, “Aborigine”, “Moorish”, Middle Eastern, African, Eurasion (those of mixed ancestry), Hispanic, Spanish, Pacific Islander, Original Americans, and all other races of Earth native. I declare these contracts void and unconscionable.
I choose to defend Earth from the invader races and to defend the original human to allow for a beneficial and progressive learning experience through the exploration of the creative capacity and the life experience under the free-will intent and freedom to express.
I declare my sovereignty through free-will and that I choose to assist in defending Earth and the original Human race from the invader races that seek to hybridize and assault the Earth inhabits for their sexual and creative energies including bio-technical, genetic, DNA, memories, consciousness, soul-harvesting and other abuses that utilize loopholes and broken ‘star-people’ contracts, deception, coercion, temptation, force, false appearances, fear, hate, or any form of abuse or misrepresentation of the true intentions of all parties therein to subjugate, traumatize, ritualize, belittle, and defraud the inhabitants of Earth.”

This declaration is effective for all so-called ‘loosh’ feeding in which a person’s psychological states, the information of their conscious experience, their emotional energies, their genetics or spiritual potential is stimulated through psychotronic weaponry not limited to advanced scalar-weaponry, and such operations are hereby commanded to cease and desist by order of the sovereign holders of the original Earth contracts between the ‘chosen’ bloodlines and the ‘star-peoples’.

I hereby command all forces of divine love effectively be rendered in assisting the Earth peoples in freeing themselves from the lower emotional entanglement of the deception-based mind-control system including their oppression through all means of the media, financial systems, legal systems, educational, medicinal or pharmaceutical, spiritual or religious enslavement, indoctrination, harassment, abuse, deception, abridging of free-will, coercion, and the oppression through the use of any corporate, industrial, public or otherwise rendered services on the surface of Earth as well as underground as well as in the atmospheric region.

Both the underground and the interdimensional layers of Earth as well as the atmospheric region where operatives are hiding cloaked and awaiting, all areas are under jurisdiction as per their involvement with the oppression of humanity including all possible parallels that are being linked to by those oppressors for the use of but not limited to the harvesting of information, genetic materials, future probabilities, tactics, mind-control operations, or other uses.

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Source: I Hereby Rescind the Use of my Genetics, Lineage, Bloodline, Consciousness, Fractured or Whole (continued in this single post) | Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

Belief Sustains 4 Dimensional Entities | Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling


Belief Sustains 4-Dimensional Entities The beliefs of humans over time emits out of the physical plane and coalesces into higher dimensional realms of consciousness where the specific beings that r…

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Chapter 2.5-2.7: The Fallen and Their Technology – By Aug Tellez | Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling


Table of Contents Chapter 2.49: Preface to Chapter 2.5 All is a Show The Claim The Truce The Time of the Revival The Collapse of Time The True Meaning of this Timeline Two Paths Recalibration Throu…

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= The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge and the Secret Space Program – By Aug Tellez – Underground Bases DNA Activation – The Unveiling



Please do to Aug Tellez’s website to read .. a lot of info and many web links to go visit for more intel  .. Namaste


=The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge and the Secret Space program

The Unacknowledged Special Access Programs: Advanced Technology, Mind-Control, Spiritual Power and the Corruption behind Closed Doors

By Aug Tellez


­The following is first-hand testimony from an operative of the secret underground military projects who also has familiarity with the breakaway civilization above and below (within) Earth. These civilizations utilize advanced technology to extend the length of their lives and enhance cognition beyond what is conceived of in today’s society.

I was brought to the underground bases as a child as part of an experimentation program to test the population for various blood-groups and personality traits that would be of use to certain factions of the military in ways that would serve to preserve and strengthen humanity’s outlook in the future.

These tests involved everything from combat training to sensory deprivation based emotional-mental endurance, and introduction to the highly advanced application of esoteric knowledge.

To clarify, I am bringing this information to you as part of my assistance in the overall unveiling of the hidden knowledge of the ages of humanity related to these secret projects as well as the true galactic history of Earth, humanity and man-kind. These projects are officially (unofficially) known as “unacknowledged special access programs”. The unacknowledged aspect means that there is no formal acknowledgement of these programs without a need-to-know basis. There is no paper-trail, no disclaimer, no formal authorization or internal publication outside the programs themselves. The classification of these programs also generate a rather strenuous situation regarding funding and secrecy but this is done for the benefit of humanity. There are secrets and manipulations that can be seen as a threat but this is all tied together and so by releasing the secrets that are part of the defense we would be inadvertently exposing the public to the threats themselves. Now is the time where we are reaching a point where the public is ready enough to handle the basics of this information regarding the secret projects and the galactic history of Earth and humanity. This is also out of a necessity to preserve civilization for if we wait any longer we may not find the same opportunity again.

Getting This Out Of The Way

I am writing to you from the perspective that I am not certain just how far from completing my mission I am. I write to you today in order to bring to you many personal experiences from the viewpoint of an operative of a select ultra-military secret society.

The utilization of such an operative is not glorified, pleasant, or entirely righteous. This story entails sanctioned and guided acts of extermination, ritual abuse, the use of yet to be announced advanced technology. There is unfathomable corruption, the thirst for power and spiritual knowledge that has been protected throughout the course of the multiple civilizations that have preceded this one and..


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STARGATE Docs Release | By Aug Tellez @Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling


– STARGATE files – CIA archive files….loads and loads of info!!!

STARGATE Docs Release:

Source: STARGATE Docs Release | Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

Secret Space Program – Time Wars – Bloodlines and Power | By Aug Telle  @ Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling


Similar to the subject of ‘trans-humanism’ – machine attached to humans .. so …. do you all still think that having micro chips in your hands are ‘cool’ .. how lazy can any humans get .. even to just pay bills or buy material stuff .. they want to be micro chipped just because it is ‘convenient’ for them?

This is clear cut that the government is allowing all these to happen to integrate machines to humans so as to not allow Souls to ascend towards higher spiritual consciousness. Machines and artificial intelligence (AI) are inorganic .. therefore, they will never .. ever be able to progress spiritually.

When the govt will allow all these nonsense to continue .. we all still have the sovereign mind/rights to not ‘agree’ with them.. and what makes us think or believe that all vaccinations done were not with micro chips in them .. how can all of you be sure of that?????

It has been happening!!! Wake up .. or continue to evolve .. and be a human cyborg!!! And you all think that ‘Terminator’ is just a fiction???


Secret Space Program, Time Wars, Bloodlines and Power

The Progenitors

The original bloodlines, factions, and civilization formers have been ‘marooned’ in alternative dimensions having been stalked and replicated by the parasitical beings for their power.

The original explorers have essentially faced the threat of being ‘lost in time’, away from the original timeline without link to the starting point of this whole situation.

Humanity has to come together to secure the original essences of humanity, the original bloodlines.

Genetics Harvesting

The purpose of the created beings who are genetically engineered non-human class entities are to act as a military force as well as a reproduction facilitating faction.

IE: These beings can reproduce offspring with human males and females (there was some discrepancy at first) and these offspring will either be of the fallen genetics lacking the ability to hold a human soul or they will ‘skip’ the genetic release of the fallen genetics although these genetics will remain dormant for some time.

The monitoring of the species by various factions of “higher races” which are simply humans who jumped ship as soon as this started happening, must monitor each abductee who is used for genetic harvesting because somewhere down the line, at some point in the lineage, a created being will be born who lacks the capacity to hold a human soul and therefore the capacity for compassion and in the same sense this being’s vessel (which is simply the being entirely) will act as a communication hub for the higher-dimensional (lower-astral) realm source of the hive-mind consciousness entity who’s essentially a nexus point for the technologically assisted souls of the entire hive-mind entity.

This is the collective, this is the hive-mind that people are absorbed into if their genetic lines cross and ‘touches’ (meaning sex, rape, or genetic engineering/harvesting) the lines of the fallen.

When there is sexual mixing or “knowing” one another as this was termed in previous times, then there is what is known as “quantum entanglement”. This means that all throughout time, there is a interdimensional interaction enabled and this is the pulling of a ‘whole’ genetic lineage from the original trajectory into and out of this realm into the ‘deity’ planes or ‘heavenly realm’ into the lower-planes or ‘hell’ on Earth and the lower astral.

The lower astral is the limit of the ‘soul’ of the fallen genetics, meaning the place of dim dreams and hazy nightmares and there is no ‘spiritual’ component, only a technologically assisted soul acting as an interdimensional anchor point for all the memories of the incarnated lineages.

This is why when Earth is cleaned, destroyed, or changed, then there is no longer an access point for that technology to intersect with the physical realm, and there is no pathway to learn the movement to higher spirituality, and therefore those fallen genetics are trapped for all eternity. A dark story, but there is a pathway higher and that is through redemption.

As well, the “hell” realm, is simply the timeline of Earth where these created beings are the majority and only active soul force on the planet. Meaning all humans on that timeline either died out or were entirely converted into slaves or sleeping soul-vessels who are used to do the bidding of the false-light soul-matrix beings.

The point is that Earth originally existed as a midway point between the physical and the spiritual realms.

The lower astral and actually the entirety of the astral altogether is a technologically propagated spiritual realm where spiritual beings can occupy however this is only a result of the genetic tampering of the technological and artificial created life form beings as there is no necessity for anything other than the physical Earth realm and the higher spiritual realms for humans.

When the devices are disabled, then there is no astral in between realm as these are literally technological realms propagated by scalar devices and supercomputers and used to host an entire plethora of acts and strategic movements.

This could not be achieved previously because in these realms, actual human souls were entangled and held hostage to the degree of an entire realm being used to create a ‘false hell’ where souls were tortured and held hostage as ransom to enable the continuation of the experimentation on humanity.


The future does consist of a cleansing of Earth and this may or may not include higher-dimensional human races, the one’s who previously saved themselves and potentially saved all who seek the truth and purity, by “jumping ship” as soon as it was seen that this would be happening.

This may be through higher-dimensional technology that can operate in and out of time and therefore interact in the ‘past’ and undo the acts of genetic harvesting where a person’s DNA was used to entangle with the hive-mind created being thus absorbing them into the collective.

The truth is this may be akin to erasing that person’s DNA up to the point of coming to Earth, or ‘reseting’ the program, so that there is a ‘clean slate’, however this would literally be like sawing a person’s spiritual arm off to save the rest of the body.

There are some techniques such as the ‘star fire’ return where the DNA and RNA codons are activated to the point of hyperdimensionally overgrowing any and all genetic and spiritual perturbations which would be to resonate the entire structure and being at frequencies that emit and transfer light that would act as a ‘sterilizing’ agent to literally vibrate all the lower DNA out of this dimension and into null-space.

This would be like taking a spiritual shower so hot and bright that all the ‘germs’ of the lower dimensional entities, their genetics, and their memories, are ultimately blinded and burn away.

This would be equally as painful, however this is the nature of the human, to accelerate their genetics and their frequencies high enough to merge back to the deity planes which are the origins.

So this process would happen anyway, however those who have entangled with the fallen genetics would be those who feel the resistance, the pain of death, and the confusion upon the attempted return to these higher pains. Pushing on, in continuation even when the lower structures are being burned out would be key to reaching the completion here.

The Transtemporal Effects of Fallen Genetics Entanglement

These effects would transfer forward and backwards through the timeline to introduce these fallen beings into all dimensional realms that the human would originally connected.

Basically, they use DNA as a transfer point, like a higher-dimensional highway, and can pop out of this person’s aura system, and infect others like a virus at any point along the timeline.

This is the fuller meaning of the “Rick and Morty: Total Recall” episode that I mentioned in a previous post. These are the beings who basically insert themselves into people’s family lineage from start to finish in the timeline, as soon as they infect a person’s blood/DNA.


If the DNA is infected, this can be cleared more easily. If the RNA is infected then that individuals mitochondrial line will be influenced which is the mother line and therefore will nearly destroy the entirety of the bloodline in order to repair or clear the infection.


Redemption, if not provided by the most high, will literally be the false-ascension deception where people are simply converted into a cyborg existence without means of leaving the lower astral realm where the hive-mind supercomputer systems are located.

Interdimensional missions are present and have been for thousands of years to protect and assist the human race in reaching their original frequency realm of the Deity or Heavenly plane.




Source: Secret Space Program, Time Wars, Bloodlines and Power | Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling