This Is How The Spring Equinox Will Effect Each Zodiac Sign –  BY Phil Booth · CBC Life · March 15 – Posted @ The Earth Child

Your special Spring Equinox horoscope is here

The sun and moon tick off the passage of time like the hands of a clock. The sun is the hour hand clicking through each of the twelve zodiac signs. The moon is the minute hand ticking off the days with each monthly orbit around Earth.

The spring equinox marks the point that the sun leaves spiritual Pisces and enters the action-sign of Aries. For the northern hemisphere, the days from this point onward begin to grow longer than the nights. This is essentially the first day of the year. Sap rises up the trees, buds burst into life, leaves paint the forest green, birds build their nests and bees dip their toes in newly born blossoms.

Write down a list of your wishes for this year ahead. Set your goals. Plan out your strategy. March forward with the yang energy of the sun like Ramses of ancient Egypt. Go out and conquer the world like Alexander the Great. The sun, known as Apollo in ancient times, illuminates your search for fulfilment. You are not some random loose bolt knocking around in the machinery of life. You were born to fulfil an important mission. You are the center of the Universe. Life revolves around you. We all depend on you to do what you came into this world to do.


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Source: This Is How The Spring Equinox Will Effect Each Zodiac Sign – The Earth Child