The Essence Of Trusting The Process : by Limitless Dreaming | ~ 18 May 2018

Trusting The Process

by Limitless Dreaming,
Guest writer,

Many Souls on the Spiritual Awakening path are immersed in the predicament of placing their Intuition over logic, not only because the chattery nature of the relentless ego fights for its survival at all costs – a fight that has already been lost the split second the Universe of Separation was created – but especially because heartful intuitive action initially evokes the exact opposite reaction by Souls with their logic-reliant ego in the lead!

Taking heartful intuitive action presupposes that subconsciously we have already calculated the worst-case outcome for our ego and more often than not the immediate reflection back to us after having “taken the risk” of heartful intuitive action IS the manifestation of this worst-case outcome, which in actuality is the best-case outcome for our Soul’s progress because only in this way deeply buried feelings of sudden regret and doubts stirred by our ego can be swept to the surface.

Most significantly, the challenge for us is to trust that the short-term outcome might look worst but the long-term outcome will be best. The lure of regretful emotions with our reappearing ego saying:” You see, I told you” initially is inevitable but in reality our decision averted a much more regretful experience that would have lurked ahead if we had listened to our ego, a fact our ego cannot grasp as it is merely designed to operate on that which “lies within the eye” while our heartful Intuition knows what “lies without the eye”.

It is the moment we internally let go of the short-term worst case outcome and the subsequent regret and doubts and remember instead that our action was based on our purest heartful intuitive Intention free from ego that our entire perception on a situation changes and finally allows us to let in the manifestation of the miracle that reminds us why the way we chose was the most wonderful way!

It is a guarantee that our general state of Inner peace, Happiness and Gratitude will elevate to heights we never dared fathom before!

Especially with the demarcation between 3D and 5D currently taking place on Earth, heartful intuitive action immensely triggers Souls still latching onto their ego as the surrendering nature of the deep-reaching Heart opposes the clingy aspect of the superficial ego.

But remember: we are all One. The more the ego is being triggered the more desperately it fights for its survival. Yet in reality the ego’s protective shield is growing weaker every second and the door into the all-forgiving Heart is opening up incessantly.


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The Way Out Of The 3rd Dimensional Linear Self : by Gematria Ankh Amen | – 18 May 2018

The Way Out Of The 3rd Dimensional Linear Self

by Gematria Ankh Amen,
Guest writer,

Multidimensional portals are rapidly opening here, there, and everywhere within every being, and in every kingdom upon and within Gaia. Our message today is a brief reminder, that there is nothing left to do but be loving with yourself. At this powerful moment in our ever-shifting perception of time, we want you to focus on the Love You Are, and what you’re creating. We “spend” most of our time and energy “paying” for our experiences by giving away our valuable power of attention to Nouns other than ourselves.

More often than not, much energy is leaked and wasted by maintaining unconscious focus. Things have changed Dear Ones, and nothing is as it appears. The best way to tap in, and know the influx of Light Coded frequencies for yourself is to be as One with yourself. We are being given the ability to now manifest our individual and collective realities much faster. That alone is more than enough reason to be mindful of your thoughts, especially what you’ve planted on your subconscious mind.

If you’ve been spinning your creative wheels and waiting to take off, the wait is over. Change on a galactic scale is here. Prepare to be able to hold the higher frequencies of Light with more ease and grace as the portals within your DNA gradually and continuously activate and open up to reveal your new world to you. During this ongoing process, the more you make time for Self-Love, choose higher thoughts, and focus upon what going on within, the more you will be able to sustain and hold higher vibrations.

The way out of the 3rd dimensional linear Self is to go within with intent. The time spent alone in meditation, simply speaking lovingly to your DNA, and focused intent on breathing, all assist in remembering and sustaining more and more of your higher dimensional reality.

Beloved, your DNA has never been junk, but the inactive way back to wholeness. Your DNA knows everything. Every code and key you need is already within you, and your ultimate ascension blessings will reveal when you pay your most precious attention to building your new life of Light. As always, I send you unconditional Love, Peace, and Healing Energy.


Gematria Ankh Amen

Dr. Gem is a writer of Science Fiction novels based on fact, a Light worker, Energy healer, Spiritual counselor, and Yogini. You can view her latest work on her website at:

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Discovering The Joy Of Life Within Our Tasks : by Jessica Klassen | ~ 19 May 2018

Discovering The Joy Of Life Within Our Tasks

When you live on a farm, such as I do, your day is centered around your chores.

There are mouths to feed that depend on you, and they will always come first. All other activities happen somewhere between these daily chores.

When I was a child, my parents had a herd of milk cows, and this meant that twice a day they would need to be milked. I remember Christmas mornings, anxiously waiting for chores to be done so that we could open our presents, or on Halloween night so that we could go trick-or-treating (we were often the last kids walking from door to door)

My parents taught my siblings and I the importance of “getting our chores done”, and we simply knew that everything else came second to this. But I have to credit my parents for never making chores feel like a “chore.”

As children, my siblings and I accompanied our parents to the barn and were included in all of their work, but this was also a time that we spent together as a family and they always took advantage of opportunities for play.

I learned how to 2-step in the alleyway of our barn in my rubber boots while David Lee Murphy sang, “Dust on the Bottle” over the rhythmic suction of the milking machines.

I played with the cats, kept company with the pigs, and talked with the calves in the warm coziness of our barn.

As we no longer have milk cows, our list of daily chores has changed a little. But we still have cattle, and so we still have many mouths to feed, and as any farmer will tell you, their animals will always eat before they do.

There is a beauty in rising with the sun and moving with the day as Nature intends. You feel the exact moment when the day breaks through the night and the subtle shift in temperature from the bitter cold into the warmth of morning.

On the weekends, my children will accompany me, and they are coming to appreciate this rhythm as well. There is something special in greeting “good morning” to the sun, the weather, and all of the animals.

I like to think that the cows enjoy my company as much as I enjoy theirs, and it is more than just the bales of hay they are interested in. I try to engage with all life that I encounter, and truly embrace every moment that I can. I tell the cows how beautiful they are and how happy I am to see them.

Although my dog, Sidda, makes it hard for any of the cows to get close to me as she takes her job of “protecting” me from them very seriously, and she will not allow any of them to get too close while I remove the strings from the bales.

It seems that everyone wants to have a chore, a purpose, and a reason for being here. I have always noticed on our farm that the animals will give themselves a chore to do. Every day they will have an important task that must be done, and there is absolutely nothing that will stop them.

I think it is worthwhile to ask, “what can we learn from this?”

For Sidda, it is protecting me while I feed the cows, and for my other dog, Chubs, it is leading the way as I drive my truck to where we feed. Of course, there has to be plenty of moments taken for belly rubs while we do our chores.

My chickens are never shy, and I try to give them as much enthusiasm as they show to me. I ask them how they are all doing and I am sure to thank them for the lovely eggs that they have laid for me. I can feel the hens respond to this gratitude, and Moby, the rooster, puff up with pride. I make sure to tell him how hansome he is.

Pigs are notoriously friendly and I am sure to touch all of their noses and wish them a good day.

The cats are always eager for love and attention, and have a way of making themselves available to me no matter where I am. They conveniently can be found upon the gates that I walk through, and therefore receive many extra strokes and pets. I thank them for their good work as well, as I appreciate not having any rodents scurrying around.

As I wait for water to fill my pails, I am surrounded in purring cats and lovable dogs.

There are many little moments of “waiting” throughout my day, and I try to pause and see the beauty in them, rather than allowing my mind to race off to the next chore on my list.

The sparkle of the water in the sunlight as it fills my pail, the freshness of winter in my lungs, the crisp bite of the air on my nose.

It is a satisfying feeling to feed all of my animals and watch them happy and contented.

My dad has always said, “I can’t relax until I know that all of my chores are done and my animals are happy.”

Of course, it’s not just farmers that have chores to do. Everyone does. Our chores just look a little different, that’s all. And as I have learned from the animals, we all need a purpose., something that wakes us up in the morning

I try to approach all little tasks throughout my day with the same enthusiasm as my chores.

When I wake my kids in the morning, I inhale the smell of their skin and embrace them warmly, and try to make the most of my time I have to share with them.

When we give our full attention to everything that we do throughout our day, everything feels like a richer, more joyous activity. This can include everything from driving to one of our kids’ games, shopping for groceries, washing dishes, or the quality time that we have carved out for family and friends.

When we engage with and embrace our “chores”, they no longer feel like chores. They no longer feel like something we are rushing through so that we can move on to more fun or important things.

From my parents and the animals on my farm, I have learned how to feel the joy of life without regarding it as mundane work that has to be done. I learned how to feel the magic in the ritual of repetitive tasks, and the knowing that no day is the same as the day before.

Every day is full of wonder if we are only willing to see it.

And in this way, we discover that the joy of life does not happen between our many tasks, but within them.

I hope that you have found this helpful!

I would love to hear from you and can be contacted via my website While there, feel free to subscribe to my free weekly “ish” newsletter where I share advice, wisdoms, and lessons that I have learned from my life lived close to Nature.

Much love,


About the author: Learn how to communicate with Nature while enjoying fun activities and energy exercises that will encourage spiritual growth, self-confidence, and awareness in you and your child while developing a close relationship with Nature in Jessie’s children’s book, “The Sapling.”  An inspiring story from the Trees for the children of Earth, “The Sapling” has vivid, full color Nature illustrations that will appeal to younger children and powerful Life lessons that will grow with your child, just like a Tree! Full color demonstrations easily display dozens of activities and exercises for you and your child to enjoy. “The Sapling” is the first book in Jessie’s Nature Child Children’s Book Series, committed to helping children grow into who they truly are meant to be through a close relationship with Nature.  It will be available worldwide in late 2017. A portion of proceeds will be donated to the Nature Conservancy of Canada and to the Treesisters for reforestation and the conservation of our Earth. Jessie is also a farmer, Reiki Master, and mother of 3 sensitive children.  Deeply connected to Nature, she has been inspired to “share the words that Nature wants to have heard.”

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Different Dimensions: Not Just For Science Fiction : by Meredith Martin L.L.C. ~ 20 May 2018

Basically, We are all ‘walking vortexes’ and we are also walking talking libraries ( accessing knowledge / data through the akashic record ~ ) …. We are all capable of accessing any dimensions we wish.

The delicate fine art of balancing the yin / yang (female / male or + / – energy) allow us to be anywhere at any given moment / time.

As long as we’re still journeying through the 3rd and 4th dimensions … we need to release the old system of ‘judgement’ which the general ‘social norm’ of existence is a constant struggle of looking at ourselves in ‘controlled’ matrix of oppression.

Release and go within our sacred hearts. Listen and ask for guidance (not through our mind).


Different Dimensions: Not Just For Science Fiction

by Meredith Martin L.L.C.,
Guest writer,

Obviously I’ve fallen off my rocker and I’ve been eating too much of that quackeroni. I must be a complete space cadet to be sitting here writing about the idea of different dimensions. But you may be curious, so just hear this out…

If you do a quick search, Google’s definition of dimension is an aspect or feature of a situation, problem, or thing. Merriam-Webster would define dimension as an extension of time.

Both of these definitions are correct. However, we can add a little bit more to this.

Let’s think of a dimension as a tool that helps you understand your surroundings. So this tool helps you view and understand a situation, a problem or a thing. The tool most of us are working with is 3D (three dimensional). But what if I were to tell you that there might be other tools out there? That there are other dimensions out there? Cue the opening theme song for Unsolved Mysteries…

I’m not talking about donning your tinfoil hat and having a hallucinogenic experience. The different dimensions I’m talking about are just mental constructs in how you view your world. Dimensions are just different levels of understanding.

Let’s talk about the dimension we are all most familiar with, 3D. In the third dimension, everything must fit into one polar opposite or the other. There’s no gray area.
For example: everything must be considered good or bad. There are good thoughts versus bad thoughts. Good people versus bad people. The right way or the wrong way. When working with the tool of the 3rd dimension, people need to give themselves labels to help them understand who they are. For example: I am a mother, sister, parent, athlete, coworker, etc. In the 3rd dimension, we need these labels because we think we are disconnected from a higher source. We think that there are not enough resources for everyone, so we are constantly seeking out more. We always want more food, clothes, electronics, & money. In the 3rd dimension, we are in constant fear of having everything taken away from us. Therefore competition is key. We seek out to be the very best and we want to ensure no one else can touch us.

This fear reaches beyond material goods. We fear pain and we fear death in the 3rd dimension. We think we only have one life to live and that we must live as long as humanly possible. Because people are different from us in the 3rd dimension, we think they are less than because of these differences. We judge and label everyone because this is the only way we can understand our world in the 3rd dimension. We think that everything is happening to us and that we have absolutely no say in what goes on in our life.

Sounds pretty shady, right? But let’s talk about a new tool of understanding. The 4th dimension.

It is with this new dimension that we start to see and understand things differently. We start to realize that a lot of the time, things in life are in the gray area. It’s not cut into black versus white. One person has both good and bad qualities. A thought carries both light and dark. People and events take a path, it’s not necessarily the right way or the wrong way.

Because the polar opposites begin to blend, we realize that labels are a harsh box to stay in. To label or to define something is to completely limit its true meaning. In the 4th dimension, we begin to realize there is a greater plan in action. People begin to feel connected to a higher source and they really begin to seek it out. We discover that our resources do not have to be limited. There are answers to the depletion in the world and we begin to support these innovative ways that allow everyone to get a piece of the pie. The 4th dimension is a true eye opener in the way it makes us pause and realize that we don’t actually need more. More food, clothes, electronics, and money haven’t made us happy thus far, so we realize that there is something else to be sought when finding happiness. Competition becomes a stressful event and we begin to realize how unnecessary it really is. Our physical surroundings become much simpler.

In the 4th dimension, we start to clear out that which is no longer serving us. This includes limiting beliefs in our understanding of time. We become much more open to the idea that this isn’t our first or our last life here on earth. Fear starts to subside because we realize that pain is just the body’s way of showing us what needs to be healed. How can death be scary if we know we’re coming back and that pain is just a helpful signal? Because we have started listening to people instead of labeling them, we start to see that those who are different from us aren’t actually that different. We realize that we are all quite similar and that we fear less when we actively try to understand the other further.

With all of these shifts taking place, things in our life start to happen. We realize that by opening our understanding (opening a new dimension), we actually have control of what’s going on in our life. We realize that negative people or unwanted situations are just opportunities for further learning. These negative people or unwanted situations are actually just aspects of ourselves that could use some further investigation.

But hang in there Sally, what if there was a 5th dimension?!

This 5th dimension or this perception of our reality is the ultimate goal for our world. In the 5th dimension, there is no gray area. Good and bad have been completely eradicated and everything and everyone “just is”. This “just is” concept is beautiful because it means everything and everyone is free to just be whatever they’re meant to be. Everyone is able to understand themselves. It is through this understanding of oneself that we are able to understand others. Even if everyone is not agreeing, everyone understands one another.

This is an incredible idea because it creates unity among us. In the 5th dimension, we are a unified people. We no longer need labels for anything because we listen and understand others. There’s no need to put them into a category any longer because we finally understand them. In the 5th dimension, we all feel connected to a higher source. Everyone understands there is something greater out there that is behind everything. We may all call this higher source a different name, but that’s OK! We no longer need to fight over the different names of our higher powers. In the 5th dimension we will realize that there are blatant commonalities in all the world religions and we unite in our similarities. We won’t fight one another because of our religious differences. We will also see this higher source as an aspect of ourselves. This higher source is major part of each and every one of us and we will cherish that in the 5th dimension.

Happiness belongs to everyone in the 5th dimension. Everyone will have cleared out everything that no longer serves them. This means clearing out self-depreciating habits, material goods we don’t need, any form of competition and our fears about life as a whole.

One may scoff at how Utopian this all sounds. True. How can any of this take place when everything here seems so shitty right now? That’s a good point. But the key is not to worry about how it’s going to happen for anyone else. The key is to sit down and focus on you. The only one who has power over you….…is you! If any of this resonates, then the way to bring this all to fruition is to delve into yourself and start understanding what makes you tick. Once that ball starts rolling, it is amazing to watch what happens to your life.

To all of youse who eye roll at this entire article, take a moment and determine what dimension you think you are currently living in. The reason I ask you this is because it is a total possibility that you may be experiencing multiple dimensions all at once. It’s personally easy for me to find aspects of myself in all three of these dimensions. In fact, most people are probably experiencing multiple dimensions at once.

To basically sum this all up, dimensions are not about space travel. Dimensions are about your perception of thought. This world is in a constant state of change. This change has the possibility to go into multiple directions. The main goal is to try and influence this world to take a form of change that peacefully supports everybody. Each and every one of us has the ability to make this change happen. But we can’t just go out and start tackling the misfortunes of the world until we understand our self. The transformation of changing our self enables us to change our world. We all simply just have to make the conscious decision to do so.

About the author: I’m a nurse turned Reiki practitioner. I also happen to have an intuitive ability to see and heal people’s past lives. So many of us suffer from physical symptoms, fears, inexplicable behaviors and life decision patterns that simply do not make sense in this life time. That’s where I’m here to help! I utilize the healing art of Reiki along with my intuitive ability to help you access and heal all that no longer serves you. Messages from guardian angels and loving messages from deceased loved ones are also common when healing past life trauma. Visit me at to find out more or to book an in person or distance session!

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Holding a Higher Vibration ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ By Daniel Scranton | Rainbow Wave of Light ~ 22 May 2018


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have observed that the human collective is able to sustain a vibration longer, as a collective, than you are as individuals. When you work together to hold a vibration, you are able to feed off of each other.

When you are working alone, it is harder for you to maintain the vibration that you seek to hold. One of the reasons for this is that with other people holding the vibration with you, you have their physical bodies there emanating the same vibration. You become like a tuning fork, and this collective energy of course has a bigger impact on the entire universe. So what is reflected back to you is bigger than if you were working by yourself to maintain a certain frequency.

Now, we are always encouraging you to pay attention to your own vibration, your own frequency, and we will continue to do so. You certainly benefit from practicing holding a vibration for yourself, by yourself, and to create something unique that is yours and yours alone to experience. We just want you to recognize that you have support in the physical realm, whether you realize it or not.

Something that we hear from many of you when we connect with you is that you feel isolated and alone. You feel that there is no one around you in your community that is on the same wavelength as you. This is one of the reasons you have the Internet to connect you. You can find people in other parts of the world that you resonate with, and you can connect with those people and work together on holding a higher vibration for the whole of humanity and for a specific cause.

Now the more people that you invite to join you in this endeavor, the longer you’ll be able to hold that vibration. You don’t need close proximity in order to feel the effects of the vibration that someone else is holding. You just need to be tuned to that person, and you know that you can do this because you’ve been doing it. You’ve been reaching out to one another by telephone for quite some time, and now you have many other ways of reaching out to one another, connecting, feeling the other’s vibration, and offering that vibration with a purpose.

We want you to know how powerful you are as individuals as well. So again, do not mistake this as us saying that you are only powerful when you are connecting with others and holding a vibration. We’ve just noticed that it’s easier for you to hold that vibration for a longer period of time. So we are encouraging you to do just that.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Source: Holding a Higher Vibration ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council | Rainbow Wave of Light

The Oversoul Activation ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ By Daniel Scranton | Rainbow Wave of Light ~ 21 May 2018


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have the ability to sense when you are all ready for a new activation, and we have that sense right now. You are ready to receive the activation of the frequency of your oversouls, and that activation is occurring on a physical level. You are ready to receive a transmission that will activate the cellular memory of what it was like for you to fully be your oversoul.

This is taking you beyond the experience of your higher self, which is almost fully integrated into you physically and energetically. This next step in your evolution is what you are ready for now because of the integration you have done of your galactic selves. Now that you have almost completed the fully integration of your past lives in other parts of the galaxy, you are ready for the oversoul activation.

Once you become aware of this message, this transmission, you can expect to receive the activation the next time you fall asleep. And when you wake up, we want you to take note of how you feel. We want you to notice that there is more of you available.

We encourage you to seek past life recall. We encourage you to access more of your fifth dimensional abilities, and we also just want you to feel how much closer you are to Source Energy. You are, of course, Source Energy beings, no matter how you are perceiving yourselves, but with the oversoul activation, you are going to feel closer to Source than ever. You are going to feel that you can house more of Source within you than ever before.

And you are going to want more. This is a natural by-product of any evolutionary process that you experience. You are always going to want more. You are always going to desire to feel something new and different. So we encourage you to do some acknowledging of the oversoul activation once you receive it. Do some feeling around inside yourselves, and take note of the difference in how you feel.

That is what gets you more. What gets you more is always noticing what you already have, and this holds true spiritually, as well as physically.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Source: The Oversoul Activation ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council | Rainbow Wave of Light

The Portal: Firing the Grid Update ~ 21st May 2018 ~ The COmpression BReAthrough Team

Thank you very much, Father Mother One.

Thank you very much, Prime Creator / Source / Spirit.

Thank you very much, AA Michael.

Thank you very much, Cosmic Family

Thank you very much, Universal Divine Female / Male Energy.


Certain Light Forces fleet, even more evolved that the Pleiadian fleet, has begun activating and preparing certain key members of the surface population for Compression Breakthrough and the Event.
This process may trigger all of suppressed energy patterns and belief systems and its purpose is to test preparedness.
Remain calm.

Dragon sources have communicated that holders of cintamani stones are part of the planetary grid for Compression Breakthrough.
This grid now extends into the Agartha network. Cintamani is a sacred stone of the Agartha network.
Dragons are asking everybody to treat cintamani stones with respect and are requesting people who are involved in surface cintamani grid, to refrain from having physical contact with their own cintamani stones in moments when they are having a conflict with other surface humans, or when they are in a extremely negative emotional state, to avoid contaminating the grid.
Victory of the Light!

Source: The Portal: Firing the Grid Update

Archangel Haniel is the Manifestation Master | Help From Archangels – Beliefnet


Angel in Cloud

Manifestation has become a popular subject in spiritual circles. The idea being that we can wish, will or pray something into form. While many books and articles have been written on the subject, you probably did not know that there’s an angel who is excellent at helping humans manifest new relationships, sources of income, homes and adventures.

Think of Archangel Haniel as a fairy godmother with a magic wand. She can’t help you manifest absolutely anything into your life, but she can bring those opportunities and people into your life that are within your grasp and for your highest good.

The following are some useful guidelines for manifestation with Archangel Haniel. And remember, when it comes to manifesting: Dream big and aim for the stars but keep your feet firmly grounded….


Source: Archangel Haniel is the Manifestation Master | Help From Archangels – Beliefnet

Start Your Journey – awakening5dhealing ~ 14 May 2018

We are experiencing a great shakedown of our world, inner and outer. Cosmic intervention has triggered waves of higher frequencies pulsating through our galaxy. Gaia has awoken from her matrix induced slumber. She rises like a phoenix from the flames of war, pollution and destruction.

Start your journey.

Our transition to the fifth dimension has begun, some are already there.The material plane bends and fluctuates to accommodate the increasing vacuum between those raising their frequencies and those who still sleep. To keep the momentum going we all have a role, we can each make a difference.

Play your part.

Release the pressure. Raise your vibrations. Embrace the shift to higher consciousness. Let go of persistent negative thinking. Catch yourself, retrain your brain to think positively. Reset the algorithm of your heart from fear to love. Face your demons, make friends with your inner child, get to know who you were before the matrix told you who to be.

Observe your world.

Avoid people and places that make you feel bad about yourself. Spot deceit in words and actions of those too caught up with their own narrative to value you. Set a value on yourself. On your time. Stop giving head space or airtime to those who hurt, neglect, abandon or abuse us. Draw up the bridge. Cut the cord. Shield up. Only those with love in their hearts for us receive our energy.

Be a rebel for love.

Convention can make us ill. Pressure to be someone we are not, to perform duties that make us unhappy, is matrix control. Break apart barriers between you and happiness. See all there is to be seen. Reset your frequency to love.

Be kind to yourself.

Decrease fear, anxiety, stress and anger with meditation, laughter, nature and mindfulness. Accept who we are in a crazy, upside down world. Make the changes to improve your life, your wellbeing, your circumstances, your world. Believe in yourself and all the rest will fall into place.

Peace is possible.


I share love, I receive love, I am love.

I release all that no longer serves to my highest path.

I am safe/happy/calm/energised in light and love. Namaste.

Source: Start Your Journey – awakening5dhealing

The Portal: Entry Protocols Update ~ 14 May 2018

Entry Protocols Update

Entry Protocols blog post has triggered strong reactions and so it requires an update.
First, it was never claimed that pre-Event entries into the Resistance will happen. It was stated that they may, or may not happen. Entry protocols were given to the surface population so it may be prepared in case they do happen.
Second, if pre-Event entries do happen, they might not happen in the immediate future (days, weeks or even months).
Third, these entries are only intended for a very small number of people, between 20 and 200 individuals. This is NOT a mass recruitment campaign for the Resistance.
Fourth, these entries are only intended for two categories of people, the first category being very advanced Lightworkers / Lightwarriors with minimal attachments to the surface population that require a well deserved rest in a more beautiful and loving environment and the second category being Lightworkers / Lightwarriors with practical experience in cultural anthropology, communicology, sexology, counseling psychology, cultural psychology, sociology and social work. This second category will help the Resistance in future interactions with surface population, as Resistance members are many times at a loss how to interact with often reactive surface humanity.

Fifth, these entries will very seldom be presented to surface members with strong family attachments. Surface population will experience many surprises in their personal relationships after the Event and needs to distinguish between emotional attachment and …..

>>>     Read on …..

The Portal: Entry Protocols Update

Source: The Portal: Entry Protocols Update