Angelic Music – Archangels Invocation


If you need more STRENGHT or felt you need PROTECTION, or power for COMMUNICATION, you are on the right place. You might invoke an Archangels by calling them to the present moment to help you use your inner resources in situation you are. Simply said, Archangels invocation is a form of prayer that you use in a specific situation.

A prayer can be said for anything, but invocation is about calling upon the power of the Archangels for a specific purpose. Archangels have an unlimited power, meaning they can help anyone who needs them, at the same time. TRUST IN THE ARCHANGELS POWER

12 Illuminati Symbols and Their Meanings – The Key to Transmuting Negative Symbols Through Consciousness – Stillness in the Storm ~ 26th Feb 2019

Very eye-opening! As healers, we transmute and transform everything into love, light, blessings and healing.

It doesn’t matter what kind of forms it might come from, or what it might represent. A symbol is just a symbol until you place the ‘meaning’ which is the ‘energy’ into it – It’s all about Energy / Chi / Qi.

All energy is ‘governed’ and affected by the great Universe until you build / create a confined space (which is also known as the ‘grid’) which ‘boxed’ it up and the energy is held within.

It’s much the same as our physical vessel – our physical body is a confined space (which is also a ‘grid’).

Whatever we believe, think, do and say is confined within our physical body.

Therefore, it has ‘limited’ space storage for any kind of energy till you learn to expel the unwanted energy.

Example: If you keep on thinking and saying such negative words like: ‘my headache’, ‘my stroke’, ‘my pain’, ‘my anger’, ‘my frustration’ … and the negative thoughts and words continue … then …. these negative energy will continue to stay in your mind, in your body … and it will continue to build up till you get very, very ‘sick’.

Do you all understand this concept / pattern / energy?????

You wont’ get any better till you learn to stop doing, thinking and saying all these negative energy within yourself.

Likewise, any symbols represent the same concept / pattern / energy.

When you place your thoughts, ideals, understanding, conclusion … with any kind of EMOTIONS – it will POWER / FUEL the symbol.

It’s the same as your negative thoughts that will POWER / FUEL the negative headache, stroke, pain, anger, frustration etc … to happen within your body.

Just as the same if you ‘hate’ someone … you empower the hate energy within your body … and you hurt yourself.

This concept / pattern /energy is very simple and very easy to understand.

With that said – all symbols can be used for both ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ effect.

Therefore, the symbols itself is useless until you place the ‘energy / chi’ into it. For good or for bad.

Take care of what you think, do and say. It’s extremely … extremely powerful!!!

Easy way out – Whenever you think of negative thoughts … transmute it straight away by thinking or looking at something beautiful or listening to beautiful music … or just go out for a walk in the park ….. out in nature .. or go take a shower … go for a swim.

Water is a very powerful element to transmute and balance all kinds of energy.

Take care – Be strong – We are all more than who We are. ~ Agnes Khoo


(Justin Deschamps) Illuminati symbolism is something even the uninformed masses are somewhat aware of. But there is a lot of confusion surrounding what power this symbolism has. Some believe that the symbols used are inherently dark and merely looking at one infects your mind. This belief makes it seem like there’s some kind of magic at work, but if one considers the nature of mind and the mechanisms that are active when looking at symbols, a better understanding presents itself….

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Source: 12 Illuminati Symbols and Their Meanings – The Key to Transmuting Negative Symbols Through Consciousness – Stillness in the Storm

Goddess Kuan Yin: The most important actions that you need to do on life – Powerful experience – YouTube ~ 21st Feb 2019

This is a good message for overall ascension tips and advices – our perception and what to expect when we are preparing for ascension. – Agnes


Energies for 2019 – Todd Medina and Magenta Pixie @YouTube ~ 30 December 2018

Published on Dec 30, 2018

Magenta Pixie appears with Todd Medina on Soulogy One Studios, December 30th 2018. Soulogy One Studios: Magenta Pixie: — Books by Magenta Pixie: “The Infinite Helix and the Emerald Flame”… “Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template”… “Masters of the Matrix”…

We Don’t Meet Anyone By Accident – 5 Types Of Cosmic Connections ~ 13 July 2018

In this world that we are lucky to live in, every single meeting and chance encounter serves a greater purpose. Absolutely nothing happens by chance!

Sometimes people come into our lives who are not meant to be forever. Sometimes they are intended only to teach us a lesson or something along those lines. We are supposed to be open to these experiences and all that comes with them, even the pain.

Some of the paths we have to go down are rougher than others, but that is okay. All of the roads we travel down are essential to our life journey. Life is truly a magical mystery to us all, and sometimes, if we are lucky the Universe helps us out without us noticing.

These are the five types of cosmic connections you will encounter on your journey:

1. The ones meant to awake us

These people show the difference between expectation and reality. Once you meet this type of person, you never realise this particular person will ruin your life. Now you wish that you would not meet him/her. Remember not everyone you encounter is positive; negativity is important when it comes to growing as well. The Universe understand the limit that you can tolerate and it knows how far you can manage negativity in your life. Once you learn a lesson, you will be able to move on from this type of toxic person.

2. Those who remind us

Some people are just stopping by in our lives. These people are not our twin-flames, we can’t put them in this group, but are extremely important when it comes to the power of the universe and the cosmic connections. These people will be thrown at us by the universe to remind us of our goals, to help us remain focus and prevent us to fall into the abyss of the dynamic modern lifestyle.

3. Those that help us grow

Some people are not going to make us discover new things about ourselves, but some of them will help us grow as a person. These are our guides and certainly our soulmates. You won’t grow as a person on your own, but both of you will grow and ‘reshape’ in something different. Something that knows no ‘You’ and ‘I’ but only ‘WE’ and it’s something holy and powerful, something that describes the cosmic connection at its best.

4. People that hold space for us

Some people appear very shortly in our lives. They may just appear for a while, in a coffee shop, on the street, in the subway… You won’t be able to establish a strong connection with them, but you will feel the past-life connection. The small-talks with these people have a purpose- to hold space for us. These people will always cheer you up and make you feel better about yourself. Don’t forget those small talks- they may have a way bigger meaning.

5. Those who stay

Their first sign is that they are very scarce and almost impossible to find. However, if you do meet them, they will stick to you till the end. They can be in any form – friends, family, life partners, and mentors.

They are the ones who have the maximum impact on you and vice versa. They’re extremely valuable as they rarely come in our lives. The best way to find them is to patiently wait. They usually share identical views and dreams as you, so it’d be easier to connect and share an enthusiasm for each other’s dreams.

Source: Daily Occupation,,


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7 Different Types Of Soulmates That You Will Meet In Your Life

When you hear the word soulmate, you probably think of the person many of us are looking for. That one person each of us will meet and immediately just know. We’ll fall in love, become inseparable and be able to finish each other’s sentences. While the true love soulmate does exist, there are other types of soulmates that we often meet along the way. Some come out of nowhere but arrive right when you need them.

At some point in your journey, you’ll encounter each of these seven types of soulmates:

1. Twin soulmate

A twin soulmate is a person who you can talk with and share your experiences. The twin soulmate helps you to face up with spiritual and emotional problems. You two are identical and prefer doing things together, like a pair.

When you encounter your soulmate, you will feel accomplished. Moreover, you will think that you know your twin soulmate for all your life. The twin soulmate is your best friends, and you do not like being separated.

2. Healing soulmate

The healing soulmate comes in your life with a purpose. They come out in your life when you need their help. They teach your important things. The healing soulmate experiences the pain you feel, and stays with you to help you heal.

This type of friendship or relationship grows rapidly. Even if the friendship or relationship does not last for a long period of time, you will appreciate your healing soulmate as he / she came in your life when you needed him / her.

3. Complete Stranger soulmate

The stranger soulmate you encounter accidentally, while you are on a bus, in a car, or at the airport. When you encounter your stranger soulmate, you feel that you have known him / her all your life. You may know him / her from your past life.

Even though your conversations with the stranger soulmate are short, you share opinions what you wanted to hear about. Thoughts about wisdom, validation, or comfort.

4. Wrecking Ball soulmate …

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Source: We Don’t Meet Anyone By Accident – 5 Types Of Cosmic Connections

Evolution Begins in Crisis: The Law of Three and the Law of One – By Doug S ~ Stillness in the Storm ~ 26th Mar 2018

Evolution Begins in Crisis: The Law of Three and the Law of One

(Doug SWith the disclosure of many hidden things on the horizon, it is imperative that we as a collective begin to develop the ability to handle emotional tension.  We don’t have to wait until disclosure hits in order to do this.

Related The Law of One: Catalysts and the Mundane

SourceCosmic Composure 

by Doug S

We can start right now in our daily lives and see where we are challenged and perplexed into a new spaciousness of thought and relatedness with ourselves, other-selves, and creation around us.

Begin with any place in your life where you feel powerless to move beyond or control.  Just a cursory glance on some social media sites that feature awakened and truther communities, it is easy to spot people’s reactions of the new energies that are instreaming from our sun as we move into higher galactic energetics.  Some are blissful, some are confused, some are feeling anger, anxiety, and depression.  Most are probably feeling combinations of these.

I am mental health counselor at a university in Texas and we have never had as many clients coming in for issues of apathetic depression and high anxiety.  Other universities report increases in anxiety and depression.   I’ve never heard so many people “just not wanting to be here” right now, wishing that they wouldn’t wake up in the morning to face yet another day of confusion and feelings of purposelessness.  

Please allow me to briefly offer a context to understand how all of this crisis and internal turmoil is actually part of our overall collective and individual evolution.  

The Law of One:

In the Law of One material, Ra speaks about how the Earth is spiraling into the higher energetics of Green Ray, Fourth Density, which affects the entire planet and our collective humanity (40.11).  They report that many people are not able to internalize and make efficient use of the new energy and therefore withdraw into themselves more orange chakraand more and thus get stuck in orange-ray, second chakra, energetics (41.14).  This, in turn, creates a “heavily over-woven orange ray [layer] of planetary consciousness” (40.11). 

Many people are withdrawing into themselves (orange ray blockage) and this can lead to depression and self-isolation.  In fact, I might say that the increase in anxiety that so many feel could be the conflict and meshing of different energy frequencies bombarding our systems simultaneously.  Green Ray energy opens us up to universal love and understanding (the stuff of Fourth Density).  There is a joyful drive to self-transcend and connect with others, with Gaia, and with the Universe.  But couple this with the heaviness of collective Orange Ray, then we are left with confusion that lies just beyond our conscious awareness leaving our unconscious, collective and individual, in turmoil.  Since we have little context to understand this heavy swirling of energies, and since it feels so immediate and intense, we can fall victim to overwhelming anxiety and even panic.  

The Law of Three, which is a cosmic law that undergirds all physical, emotional, and spiritual evolution, was introduced in the West by Gurdjieff in the mid-1900s.  More Trinity and Law of Threerecently, the Law of Three has been expressed eloquently by mystic and spiritual teacher, Cynthia Bourgeault in her book, The Trinity and the Law of Three.  In that book, she attempts to explain how this metaphysical law is the very motor behind the Infinite Creator’s constant unfolding self-becoming.  Franciscan priest, Richard Rohr, introduces his friend’s metaphysics in this way (Source:

If three-ness captures the essence of the cosmos more than two-ness, it means that we can hold our perspective with earnestness while fully awaiting an uncontrived third force to arrive and surprise us all out of our neat little boxes. Note that this isn’t some mere synthesis of opposition, but something genuinely novel arriving on the scene, a Position C.

The exact form that third force takes is beside the point, nor is it that first and second force suddenly find themselves invalidated in the face of some newer, shinier debut. Instead, the third force redeems each position and gives everyone a valuable role to play in the creation of something genuinely new—a fourth possibility that becomes the new field of our collective arising.

Cynthia Bourgeault writes: (Source:

The vast majority of the world’s metaphysical systems are binary. They work on the principle of paired, equal opposites. We see great archetypal polarities that are somehow held in balance: male/female, dark/light, conscious/unconscious, good/evil, action/being. Our dualistic minds feel comfortable in that kind of binary swing. Binary systems prefer symmetry and come to resolution in stasis or stillness.

Ternary systems have three independent forces coming together to form something new, a fourth thing. Perhaps the simplest example is a braid. You need at least three sections of hair for a braid to hold; the braid is then a new creation. The interweaving of threeness results in something that didn’t exist before. It is not just a swinging back and forth between two old things that were already there, but a drive into a brand new dimension.

While a binary system is by nature stable and symmetrical, a ternary system is asymmetrical and innovative. Unlike a pendulum, it cannot come to equilibrium within its own orbit; it seeks stability in a new …

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Source: Evolution Begins in Crisis: The Law of Three and the Law of One – Stillness in the Storm

Soul and the Etheric System – By Esoteric Science and Philosophy



No question of any kind will enable the man who has not yet contacted his own soul, to understand this inner self, his hidden observer and director. Fortunately among normal intelligent men there are few who, consciously or unconsciously, have not at times been aware of this inner ruler. Of those who have made this contact, there are many, however, who have not consciously recognised the deeper meaning of this experience, or else they have not yet reached the stage where this inner constitution of their being has become of interest to them, and consequently they do not devote any serious thought to the subject.

Others again are so involved in the struggle for achievement in the three worlds of human expression, by scrambling for material things, by attempting to satisfy every emotion and desire, and gathering all knowledge that might serve their ambitions, that they are regrettably is the position, and although one is inclined to be saddened by this, it should be remembered that it all forms part of the Plan of Life, and that with the course of time—and incarnations—all these individuals will yet become consciously aware of the Self, the Inner Guide and the Path of Life.

The soul of each individual has reached its own specific stage of unfoldment; each soul has to endure every possible phase of experience that life in the material world can offer—the good and the bad, the bitter and the sweet, and to learn from these experiences, until eventually the essence has been extracted and assimilated from all that physical life can offer, and the urge to withdraw from the three worlds and to return to the Father’s home become paramount.

Defining the soul.

[1] Matter is the vehicle of the manifestation of soul on this plane of existence, and soul is the vehicle on a higher plane for the manifestation of Spirit, and these three are a trinity synthesised by life, which pervades them all. Through the use of matter the soul unfolds and finds its climax in the soul man. [He who thinks.]

[2] The soul . . . is neither spirit nor matter but is the relation between them. The soul is the mediator between this duality; it is the middle principle, the link between God and His form. Therefore the soul is another name for the Christ  aspect, whether in nature or in man . . . The soul is the form-building aspect, and is that attractive factor in every form . . .which  drives all God’s creatures forward along the path of evolution, through one kingdom after another, towards an eventual goal and a glorious consummation. The soul is the quality which every form manifests. It is that subtle something which distinguishes one element from another, one mineral from another. It is the intangible essential nature of the form which in the vegetable kingdom determines whether a rose or a cauliflower, an elm or a watercress shall come into being; it is a type of energy which distinguishes the varying species of the animal kingdom, and makes one man different from another in appearance, nature or character.

[3] The soul is responsible for the Quality and characteristics of life, and represents the latent powers of expression in every human being.

[4] The soul’s contribution is self-consciousness, and the source through which the form registers conscious awareness of its environment. The extent, to which the consciousness is expanding, is therefore an indication of the progressive integration of the soul with its instrument of expression.

[5] The soul represents the principles of sentiency and intelligence in man, demonstrating as mind and mental awareness, and giving rise to the power to discriminate, to analyse, to distinguish, and to decide.

[6] The soul is immortal. When a particular life has fulfilled its purpose, the soul withdraws, the physical body ‘dies’ and disintegrates, and the soul returns to egoic levels.

[7] The immortal soul is the link between successive incarnations; it therefore provides continuity. By extracting and assimilating the essence from experience gained during each incarnation, the soul initiates the unfoldment and evolution of the consciousness.

Etheric/physical mechanism

Humanity is an expression of two aspects of the soul –the animal soul and the divine soul—and these two, blended and fused in man, constitute the human soul. It is this fact that is the cause of man’s special problems, and it is these two factors which involve him in the long struggle which eventuates in the liberation of the divine soul, through the sublimation of the animal soul.

On the plane of soul existence, there is no separation, no “my soul and thy soul”. It is only in the three worlds of illusion and maya that we think in terms of souls and bodies. Just in so far as a person comes under soul impression, then soul control, and final identification with the soul, just so far does he move towards the centre of fusion. As your love for humanity increases, and your interest in yourself decreases, so will you move towards that centre of light and love where the Masters stand in spiritual being.

The personality is a triple combination of forces, impressing and absolutely controlling the fourth aspect of the personality, which is the dense physical body. The three personality types of energy are the etheric body, which is the vehicle of vital energy, the astral body, which is the vehicle of the feeling energy or sentient force, and the mental body, which is the vehicle of the intelligent energy of will, that is destined to be the dominant creative aspect . . . These forces constitute the lower man.

The etheric web not only constitutes an intrinsic part of every form on our planet, but this system is carried forward throughout our solar system, and eventually beyond this complex, to include every other star, constellation and galaxy within the infinite macrocosm. It is this etheric network which serves as the channel for the flow of energy and life essence, and it is through this system that each form is eventually linked up with every other form, not only within our Earth life, but throughout the solar system and the Cosmos in its totality. Although these concepts really go beyond all human comprehension, it is because of this interlinked system that every action of whatever nature, from a flash of thought to a nuclear explosion must have some influence on >>>  Read on >>>


A Synopsis Of The Ra Material – The Law Of One Book Series – By Joy Jackson – In5D Esoteric – Metaphysical and Spiritual Database

by Joy Jackson,
Guest writer,

Just prior my reading the Ra Material: The Law of One five book series several years ago, synchronistically I came across an exceptionally thorough and well-written synopsis of the five book series published on the website Wikipedia, which unfortunately is no longer to be found to this day (reason for its deletion is unknown and unknown).  I found this synopsis to be very helpful as a precursor in my studies of the Law of One as taught by Ra in this series. Fast forward to present time, I myself felt drawn to providing such a synopsis for those fellow seekers that are new to the material to help them feel more grounded with teachings from the onset. I hope you find the following synopsis to be supportive and helpful in your future studies.

The RA Material: The Law of One, is a series of five philosophical monographs published between 1982 and 1998 by Schiffer Books.
In the early eighties these books were authored by a non-human multidimensional being named Ra through the process of trance channeling, in which Don Elkins acted as the questioner, Jim McCarty as the scribe and Carla L. Rueckert as the channel for Ra. The dialogue between Don Elkins and Ra was recorded, transcribed, and edited by Jim McCarty to produce the five books.

The five book series presents both commentary and full transcripts of the dialogue between the questioner and Ra, who is described as a being composed of an entire civilization of extraterrestrial beings that are fused into one unified consciousness (a social memory complex is a term used by Ra for a unified consciousness group).

The introduction to the first book explains that the questioner is Don Elkins and that Ra is a higher density being (of higher consciousness). A sixth density life form of pure energy speaking through the body of trance channeler Carla L. Rueckert.

Carla L. Rueckert transmitted the material by entering into a non-conscious state (which the authors refer to as an unconscious trance) where she became a communication channel for Ra in order for them to communicate to our level of reality (our vibration) and answer the questions posed by Don Elkins. The answers were interpreted to be direct communications with Ra, which is in line with standard views on trance channeling. The books are written in a question and answer format.

The Law of One is one of twelve universal principles according to a basic principle that all is One, that all things that exist are ultimately the same essence within many forms and configurations. The philosophy of The Law of One describes the big questions of life: why, how and where everything that exists comes from. As well as its place within the manifest of Creation. The five books explore this premise in relation to many aspects of life including philosophy, religion, spirituality, cosmology, anthropology, history, politics, physics, biology, geology, and the paranormal. The dialogues have been cited to some as a convergence of ufology and trance channeling where a human channeler is aligned with or in resonance with Ra, thus being able to act as a receiver for the vibrations (higher-wisdom/knowledge) emitted by the 6th density intelligence. The material describes, that Ra is a highly advanced race of multidimensional extraterrestrials who once visited ancient Egypt and assisted with the construction of the pyramids.

In these books, Don Elkins, a Ph.D. physicist, university professor, and airline pilot found the apex of his lifetime of research into the UFO phenomenon through telepathic contact with extraterrestrial intelligence.

For twenty years he had been working with various gifted individuals who would go into trance and speak on behalf of this higher intelligence. And time after time, Dr. Elkins would ask them the most difficult, challenging questions coming from the forefront of his research into advanced physics, and he would get the answers.

These answers were repeatedly coming from those who had no knowledge of these things while conscious. It was at the end of this twenty-year period that Elkins’ work with Carla Rueckert broke through to a much more substantial level.

This breakthrough was directly precipitated by the arrival of Jim McCarty, who thought that he was coming to help Don and Carla catalog, categorize and organize the volumes of material that they had already produced. Instead, something totally unexpected happened.

They attracted a true master of the higher realms, perhaps the main group responsible for our care: a huge spiritual group of entities, that called itself Ra, and said that they were from the sixth density level of spiritual evolution, million and millions of years more advanced than humans today.

As soon as Ra began speaking they made it clear that this was the first time that they had been able to get through an undistorted series of messages in thousands of years of human history.
The words and concepts were highly sophisticated and precise, unlike any other type of channeled material ever seen, and were referred to by one professor as akin to a Ph.D. dissertation on epistemology.

Contents of the RA Material: Law of One:
1 Contents
1.1 Cosmology
1.2 Densities
1.3 Life
1.4 Tarot & Archetypal Mind
1.5 Influence
2 References

The book series articulates a non-dualistic philosophy according to which all things both spring from and are one with the source of the universe, termed The One Infinite Creator.
Within The Law of One, The Creator is not described as an external entity, as Earthly religious texts present in order for men to understand. Instead, The Creator is rather an all-pervasive intelligent energy, that is both within everything that exists and without, thus the indivisible oneness that the philosophy describes. Underlying the perception of separation, utilized for learning, is an indivisible oneness.

The Law of One states that this universe, one of many, was created by the One Infinite Creator—out of itself—by distorting its energy into the parts of existence called distortions. The process occurred one distortion at a time, in a specific order.

The first distortion created by the Creator is called Free Will.

The second is Love.

And the third is Light.

All other substance and form come from an interaction of these three distortions. Akin to a hologram or a fractal, each part of the creation is also the whole.

As Ra uses the word, the distortion of Light can be taken to mean: energy/matter and knowledge/wisdom.


Ra describes each galaxy as a creation of an intelligence called a Logos. The Logos creates many sub-Logoi, star systems (ie: stars and planets). One sub-Logos would be our Sun, for example. Another would be our planet Earth, another planet Venus, Jupiter and so on and so forth. The sub-Logoi, in turn, create sub-sub-Logoi. Human beings are an example of sub-sub-Logoi. Each Logos, sub-Logos, and sub-sub-Logos is a microcosm of the Creator. The Logos created seven levels of progression for spiritual evolution and Ra has called each of these levels a density.

Even more importantly, this cosmology is not simply in the realm of lofty speculation – for all intents and purposes, Ra was systematically teaching Dr. Elkins about a whole new form of physics, a new form of understanding the way that the Universe functions, rooted in compassion, harmony, and wisdom.


Commentators have interpreted densities in a variety of ways. Some have described it as a dimension, as in a higher dimension of experiential reality. A density differs markedly from the Cartesian notion of dimension.

According to Ra different densities are associated with different levels/forms of consciousness and different phenomenological ways of being.

The first density is the density of the elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire) (In scientific terms: solids, liquids, gases, and plasma).

The second density is the density of organic life: plants, animals, bacteria, etc.

The third density is the density which human beings inhabit. It is the density of self-awareness. It is also the density of duality, through which the individual chooses their polarity of service.

The fourth density is the density of love or understanding. And like all subsequent densities, the density of love is inhabited by mind/body/spirit complexes of a higher level of spiritual evolution than human beings on present day Earth.

The fifth density is the density of light or wisdom. Wherein long and deep contemplation and introspection are practiced so that one’s own wisdom may spring forth and the entity may become refined to an even higher degree.

The sixth density is the density of unity consciousness, where love and wisdom are united and where all other polarities are united. In Earth history, sixth density is the density that archangels come from, as described in various texts.

The seventh density is the gateway density, the last density before mind/body/spirit complexes merge back into the Creator.

The eighth density is the beginning of the next octave. Where the journey begins again.

Ra tells us that humans are composed of a mind, a body, and a spirit, and therefore would refer to an individual human as a mind/body/spirit complex. Ra says that humans, along with the Earth, are going through a process called harvest. This included statements that there are many other living beings in the universe that are similar to humans but differ in the body, intelligence, culture, and spiritual evolution. These beings, like humans, are referred to as mind/body/spirit complexes.

Ra describes that individuals from other densities have incarnated on Earth to contribute to the harvest.

Ra expressed that all mind/body/spirit complexes, after being formed in third density, progress upward through the densities as they evolve spiritually until they become one with the Creator at the end of seventh density.

This evolution is accomplished through incarnation into a body. Many times, until the soul has completed the lessons relevant to each density. Incarnation only occurs within 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th density. A physical body is no longer necessary beyond the end of 4th density. From 5th density and beyond, the body is purely energetic in nature.

In order to progress from third density to fourth density, individuals must make a choice between two polarities of service. Service to others or service to self: or in ordinary language, between altruism and selfishness. The purpose of third density is to make this choice. The purpose of experiencing the sometimes harsh environment of 3rd density, no matter which location in the universe, is for each soul to make this choice of service and thus progress.

As entities evolve, they progressively balance and unblock their energy centers which directly correspond to the chakras. The Law of One series includes an extensive discussion of these energy centers.

Each energy center is associated with a color and a corresponding Hindu chakra:

  • Muladhara is called red-ray.
  • Svadhisthana is called orange-ray.
  • Manipura is called yellow-ray.
  • Anahata is called green-ray.
  • Vishuddhi is called blue-ray.
  • Ajna is called indigo-ray.
  • Sahasrara is called violet-ray

Additionally to this, humanity and the Earth are undergoing a transition from third density to fourth density. This transition is linked to a process called harvest. This involves a quantum leap within our physical reality, said to occur approximately 30 years from the time of the 1981 Ra dialogues. One of the dialogues mentions a general time frame of 100 to 700 years for transition on Earth from third density to fourth density.

Moral choices are discussed through the concept of polarity. Ra explains that there are two polarities: service to self, and service to others. These two polarities approximately relate to …

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Source: A Synopsis Of The Ra Material – The Law Of One Book Series – In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database : In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

Throat Chakra Upgrades ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council | Rainbow Wave of Light

Before we merge with the 5th dimensional plane/energy (what is being labelled by humans as ‘heaven’), it’s necessary to bring all your ‘oppressed’ feelings, emotions, thoughts, wishes etc. (there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’) up to the surface for your heart to process. You do this in your own private room/space and to do it asap .. (and no .. you don’t need a priest for this!)


You call upon your Higher Self//Source/Prime Creator to work with you on this.


When you’re doing this, all forms of ailment/s will be acknowledged, accepted, processed and then release all of them with unconditional love (for self and your Now/Present and Past Earthly companions/families)  with much gratitude for all soul lessons learned. This is how energy works.

Everything needs to be acknowledged and be transparent so that you can release all old energy and to have cleared/cleanse space within you (which is your Universe) for the new energy for ascension towards the 5th dimensional plane.



“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been noticing the fluctuations in energy around your throat chakras. We have noticed that humanity is receiving the necessary upgrades in order for each of you to own your voice, to have your sense of individuality expressed. And the throat chakra is the energy center responsible for this self-expression.

Speaking your truth has not always been easy for you. As awakened beings, who are a bit ahead of the rest of humanity, it can be a lonely road and one where you find yourself being misunderstood, or even laughed at for your beliefs. But everyone at this time is being encouraged to speak up, and these upgrades that you are receiving are a part of that. They are giving you the strength to work through the traumatic experiences that you’ve had in past lives, where you have spoken your truth, or you have spoken for higher dimensional beings, and you have been persecuted as a result.

Now, what you are playing out in your personal lives is the opportunity to express something to those closest to you. When you are willing to do this, you help to work through those traumatic experiences. There is also a releasing of energy that takes place when you speak up for yourself, or when you speak your truth to someone who you know believes otherwise. There is great relief in it because you are not holding onto something out of a sense of shame. That shame is crippling.

And that willingness to speak up and speak your truth is what gives you an opportunity to see your perspective as valid. Once you put something out there, then you have the choice as to whether you run away from it or whether you stand behind your point of view. Sometimes just telling someone else what you are feeling can be the greatest act of self-love and self-expression that you could engage in.

You don’t have to create a magnificent work of art to express yourself. You don’t have to sing beautifully in order to put your voice out there. You just have to believe in the validity of your perspective and of yourselves.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton


Source: Throat Chakra Upgrades ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council | Rainbow Wave of Light