Who We All Really ARE | The Council ~ By Ron Head | Rainbow Wave of Light ~ 18 November 2018


“Once an enLIGHTened HUman has had the experience of Cosmic Consciousness, and (Self)Realized Who We All Really ARE — but still has bills to pay, children to raise, work to do, etc. — how can that person best stay sufficiently ‘grounded’ to deal with all the daily ‘stuff’ to fulfill his/her chosen obligations and responsibilities while also not denying One’s multidimensional existence and Perspective?”

There is an interesting description of this in your Eastern philosophies. It is said “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.” Perhaps a little explanation of this will be of service.

Once again, when we reference the pronoun ‘you’ in this discourse, please understand that we mean the collective of Earth humanity. Also understand that there growing numbers of you for whom this discussion is remedial.

You attempt to make intellectual sense of an experience that has been postulated but of which you have nothing in your intellect to construct an understanding with. In, other words, you cannot paint a picture of an entirely new experience by using the paints that are mixed in the past.

Firstly, you approach everything carrying your concepts of what is ‘only’ possible, and these are incorrect. You still understand everything in dualities, also incorrect.

A further problem is that we must use linear thought and language to try and explain, and we must also limit the ‘time’ and ‘space’ that we use to do so. But let us have a go, as you say.

Let us begin by telling you that you are not on the path of becoming something that you are not. “But I want to ascend! I want to be enlightened!” My friends, you have an idea, or rather bushels of ideas, of what that would be like, none of which are anything but desires that you have projected from your past understandings into the future. There is a part, emphasize part, of you that chops wood and carries water. This is a part of the you that is divine, is multi-dimensional, that has knowledge, abilities, etc. that the wood chopper knows nothing of. That does not demean the wood chopper and it does not make the parts of you that exist in other frequencies into divine, spiritual, god-like beings.

You are already all of these things. Consider all of the texts that describe the moment of ‘enlightenment’ by saying “And the Buddha laughed.” He laughed because he knew that he had been ‘it’ all along. And then he chopped wood and carried water.

Now, this may seem as if we are shifting course, but we are really going to give you a short description of what is happening. We hope you will either understand it or set it aside for further consideration.

You are an entirety of consciousness that exists everywhen and everywhere. You call it multi-dimensional. That is alright. But please try to stop thinking of these things as being separate from each other. There is no fence separating do from re or la from so. There is no fence between blue and purple.

There is a continuum of energy, of frequency, of sound and light if you wish, that is what you are. The frequency of sound, of energy, that makes up the embodiment that you think of as ‘what I am’ is rising. As an aside, your ‘what I am’ is an extremely limited viewpoint. As your frequency rises, your ability to hold energy in your embodiment and in your mind rises, as well. So, did you change, really? Or did you become more aware? Actually, both answers are yes, but try to understand the point we are making. You are only learning more of what you already are and have always been.

You will also come to see that the same is true for everyone you meet. Only the degree of knowing may be different. But higher frequencies will always entrain lower to some extent. In other words, you lift each other as much as the other will allow. Free will is also what you are. Nobody can or will force anyone to ascend.

So now, here you are, all ascended. You have a lot of the understanding and abilities that you put such high expectations on. And there are the dinner dishes. Do you see? Chop your wood. Carry your water. Wash the dishes. But now… yes, now… do it as the entire divine being that you did not know you were yesterday.

That is what you are living through. You do not have to. You may do it later. But everyone who is where you are has the choice to do it now if they wish.

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss this.
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Source: Who We All Really ARE | The Council | Rainbow Wave of Light

Forgiveness & Soul Evolvement – Channeling Matthew Ward By Suzy Ward – 17 November 2018


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. “How much does Forgiveness help to change the energy that causes storms and the mass consciousness of the planet and does it help the earth??” It is not an overstatement to say that forgiveness is one of the most vital ways to help Earth and its civilization. The energy of forgiveness emits the high vibrations that are undergirding planetary and personal ascension, and it is the same with the energy of gratitude, compassion, kindness and sharing from the heart—all of those emotions are filled with light, the same energy as love and the most powerful force in the cosmos.

Still, there are two considerations when it comes to changing the energy that causes storms. By releasing a great deal of negativity, storms are a form of planetary cleansing, and if they were left up to Mother Nature, they would be fewer and milder. But for many years that hasn’t been the case. Illuminati-controlled technology, which they have kept hidden from you, is used—misused—to broaden storms, accelerate winds, and put turbulent rainclouds in stall mode so they can cause torrential downpours and flooding; and extraterrestrial crews use their technology to reduce those factors to the extent possible. So, although the energy of forgiveness is powerful indeed, in the matter of storms, it is up against clashing technologies.

However, that doesn’t diminish one iota the effects on the forgiver, and therein is the value of forgiveness. Forgiving those you feel treat you unfairly or meanly—and be mindful that they may be doing exactly what you and they chose in pre-birth agreements to help each other evolve—eliminates the low vibrations of bitterness and resentment and allows light to enter your heart and mind. You benefit from uplifted feelings, so do those whose lives you touch, the lightheartedness of all of you goes into the collective consciousness of Earth and on into the universal mass consciousness—that is how powerful the light in forgiveness is!

“As one of many lightworkers who focus our intentions on calming storms, wildfires, and other environmental challenges, I’d like to see if our work is having a noticeable effect from Matthew’s perspective.” Like storms, fires are cleansing the planet by releasing negativity, and, if no human hands were involved, Mother Nature would handle forest fires in a manner that rejuvenates the forests. But dark ones get into the act. Once a fire has started—a small brush blaze that was ignited by a spark from an electric line, for instance—they technologically increase wind velocity and steer gusts in different directions so that wind-whipped flames quickly become an out-of-control wildfire.

But absolutely the intentions of your focus are noticeable in many environmental advancements! Consider the growing emphasis on curtailing manmade causes of climate change, preserving rain forests, protecting animals’ natural habitats and creating other types of income for poachers, using or developing natural fertilizers and herbicides and protesting the use of those with toxic chemicals, removing plastic trash from beaches and oceans, recycling used materials. It is the light in benevolent intentions that motivates people to initiate or join progressive movements such as those, and wherever you direct those kinds of intentions, you are intensifying love-light on the planet and within its residents. You would feel as encouraged as we do if you could see your world from our perspective: As incandescence continues spreading around the globe, some areas that once looked dark and foreboding now are sparkling and others are glowing radiantly.

“I know it’s important to forgive dark ones who cause suffering for so many people, but I can’t get out of my mind what they’re doing and I’ll never be able to condone it. Please ask Matthew how I can deal with this.” We say to this dear soul and others who may have similar feelings, never does forgiveness mean condoning actions that cause pain and anguish or blanking those from your mind. We advise, however, not becoming preoccupied with what the perpetrators are doing, and forgiving them is letting go of hatred, vengefulness or intense desire to see them severely punished.

Forgiveness is a process that enables the healing of mind, body and spirit, and since the light engendered by such healings reaches the mass consciousness, the power of forgiveness is incalculable.

Whether or not convicted in your courts of law, individuals who commit crimes against humanity will be held accountable by laws of the universe. In accordance with the energy they generated throughout the physical lifetime, they will be drawn to the lowest layer of Nirvana; and during life-print review, the reliving of every moment, they will feel the same intensity of trauma endured by every person whose life their dark activities affected. And, completing the karma they have incurred will take numerous embodiments in harsh circumstances in deep third density worlds.

We have urged sending them light because, of all souls in our universal family, they are the ones who most need it; their lack of light isolates them in a dark void, and that influences their conscious choices. Those souls, the weakest in The Oneness of All, are loved unconditionally and are not held in judgment—like every other soul, they are of Creator’s pure love-light essence.

Some of you have written that “a loving God” wouldn’t allow any of his children to cause great suffering for so many others. My mother spoke at length with God about this, and I asked her to copy brief parts of their conversations that fairly well summarize what He told her.

Do I wish that all of my parts were within the light in which I was created? Yes! Who would not wish that perfection of Creator to be returned? But I do not hold forth condemnation or punishment to any faltering part of me. I am here to respond to what you call prayers of the “godly” just as I am bound by the (free will) laws of Creator that are set up within the parameters of my operating powers if the choice made is not within the light.


You have said that you experience exactly the same joy or pain as every one of your children anywhere because of your inseparability with all of us.

Many times I have told you that, Suzy.


But you also experience the evil of those who cause such suffering to others. How do you feel about that?

My child, think how a baby bird feels when it is pushed from its nest by a different bird. Think of its shock and fear at falling, its pain from physical injury, and a fright it cannot even understand as to what happened and what is coming next. I feel the same frightened, helpless way about those parts of me who have so fallen from light that they delight in what you call evil. What will become of them?

Do I abhor the suffering they cause others? YES, and I send light to reach the souls of those beings who cause the suffering. But it is up to each individual, as inviolate parts of me functioning independently, to respond to the light or not. I am saddened beyond your imagining when darkness flares, especially when such innocence is suffering, often killed, because as you know, not all chose what they’re physically enduring.

With the increase of light being willingly received by my Earth children, the major source of what you call evil that has constricted the energy of Earth for eons is changing. [Excerpts fromGod: More of Who I Am” chapter in Illuminations for a New Era]

Thank you, Mother. Moving on, “Please ask Matthew what we can expect after we’re rid of all Illuminati.” The effects of their long, dark reign will not end with their downfall. The revelation as to who they are and how that secret society has been controlling life on Earth for centuries will be a shock akin to a category 5 storm. And, although decades ago the light vanquished the dark forces from your solar system, the forces’ influence remains in tyrannical dictators and dynasties that are not Illuminati, and those regimes have to crumble so the oppressed people can be free.

That religions were devised to control the masses and Christianity is based on falsehoods will be shocking, too. So will learning that civilizations abound throughout this universe and many in forms that would astound are much more highly evolved than Earth humans.

People whose beliefs and trust have been shattered will need time and assistance to heal—they need to know the power of forgiveness so healing can begin by forgiving those who deceived them. You have the knowledge and innate wisdom to help them during their adjustment to truths that are staggeringly different from what they have been taught, and in this, ever-rising vibrations will be your ally and theirs. As their conscious and spiritual awareness grows, peace, love, mutual respect and being in harmony with Nature will become the new foundation of life on Earth.

The many steps that will build that foundation cannot happen quickly, and there will be confusion and wariness as governments, legal and justice systems, multinational corporations, mainstream media and all other organizations and agencies that impact life on Earth are purged of corruption and are reformed by wise individuals with moral and spiritual integrity and leadership ability.

After the new global economy is established, the primary undertaking will be ending impoverishment, rebuilding war-torn countries and facilitating the return of the millions who fled. Because people have been kept ignorant of factual history and science as well as their beginnings in Creator, accurate textbooks for all ages will be written in all languages and distributed to educational systems worldwide.

Industries that turn out the machinery of war will manufacture products designed for a healthful, peaceful world, and the millions in military service or whose jobs have been lost due to technologies will receive training in fields that will open or expand to accommodate all who want to work. Extensive infrastructure will be built or modernized wherever needed; commerce, the medical industry and transportation, information, communication and energy systems will change. In short, everything Gaia envisioned for Earth’s Golden Age will come to fruition.

Dear ones, it is likely that many of you will leave the planet before that Age reaches its fullness, but you will not be disappointed—you will see the entire panorama from wherever you are. Not only will you feel gratified by having helped Earth’s peoples manifest their new world, but by doing so, you leaped forward in soul evolvement. And, once again aware of your unlimited powers as multidimensional souls, you can experience whatever joyous adventures you choose.

All light beings in this universe honor you for willingly leaving your homelands to assist Earth’s civilization awaken and take its rightful place in our universal family.



Suzanne Ward
Website: The Matthew Books
Email: suzy@matthewbooks.com

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Source: Suzy Ward – Channeling Matthew Ward – November 17, 2018

You Get to Choose Your Timeline ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ By Daniel Scranton | Rainbow Wave of Light ~ 14 November 2018

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are considering all of the possibilities that are in front of you, and we are noticing that there are a few right now that will be quite pleasing to all of you, especially those of you who are awakened. These timelines are available to you now because of how well you have been absorbing and assimilating the energies that are being sent to you constantly.

We want you to realize that you are not fated to live out some preordained destiny here on planet Earth. You are choosing the path that you set yourselves on, and if you look at the rest of humanity and what’s going on in terms of the world stage, you might get discouraged. You might think that they are determining the path for humanity, but we want to assure you that it has nothing to do with what is outside of you.

You can choose one of the more enticing timelines in front of you, and you can bring a version of the rest of humanity with you. You are the enlightened ones who are leading this pathway to ascension, and you are taking more willing participants with you than you realize. A lot of awakenings have yet to occur, and you will be ready to continue on in that leadership role when those around you surprise you with their newly enlightened perspectives.

So please recognize how significant you are and how much of a say you have in which of these timelines you are on. We are sending you the vibration of those timelines. It is embedded in this transmission. Please feel for it, and recognize that we haven’t created the timelines or the vibration of them. You have. We are just coming through to remind you of what you have created and that you have access to it.

And we will continue to do so because that is our role in this ascension journey that we are all on together.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Source: You Get to Choose Your Timeline ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council | Rainbow Wave of Light

The Jesuit Pedophile Takedown Begins – By Tiffany Fitzhenry ~ 12 November 2018

The Jesuit Pedophile Takedown Begins


Under growing global pressure like never before, Jesuits in the western part of the United States announce Friday in a letter that they will release the names of all members of the religious order in that region with “credible allegations of sexual abuse of minors” dating back to 1950.

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 9.59.57 AM

According to the announcement, the list will be released on Dec. 7 and the province will conduct an external review of its files to ensure the list is complete. There are five provinces in the United States.

The region covered under Friday’s announcement is comprised of Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington.

In the wake of the Pennsylvania grand jury report, this is a truly significant development.

A key church leader conceded Friday that the publication of the list may bring forward more victims—and open up the order to more lawsuits…

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Source: The Jesuit Pedophile Takedown Begins – Tiffany Fitzhenry

Unique Encoding of Your Soul from the Pleiadians by Natalie Glasson | Sacred School of Om Na ~ 9th November 2018

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Unique Encoding of Your Soul by the Pleiadians


Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 9th November 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

With gratitude and love we the Pleiadians come forth to greet you. We bring with us our energy, wisdom and activating energy to support your remembrance of yourself, truth and the Creator. We wish to connect with you from a space of remembrance of the Creator, in doing so our connection is instantly powerful, deep and meaningful. We, the Pleiadians invite you to receive our energy, breathing it into every cell of your being. Allow yourself to journey inwards to the space of remembrance and knowingness within you that is always present and active. It is in this sacred space of your truth we will meet you. When connecting from a space of knowingness you allow yourself to communicate from the freedom and expansion of the Creator and receive the same in return. For us, the Pleiadians this is the most empowering way to connect and communicate.

We encourage you to practice this with us and in your daily reality with loved ones and strangers. Once you become accustomed to directing your focus inward to the space of knowingness and remembrance within you, resting there and expressing yourself from that space, the experience will become natural and easy. It is after all your natural existence and way of being. When you connect and communicate with others and even yourself from a space of your inner knowingness and remembrance you are to express yourself without limitations, worries or fears. It doesn’t mean that you become a foundation of knowledge and have to share wisdom constantly with other, telling them what to do in order to be like you. Instead it is creating a space within you and within your relationships that allows the truth of the Creator to be present. Some wisdom may form within your mind and you may discover yourself expressing the wisdom to others, this will be with a sense of you yourself being inspired and stimulated rather than trying to inspire and stimulate the other.

We, the Pleiadians wish to encourage connection with your inner knowingness and remembrance as a way of life and a way of experiencing life itself. A focus is simply all that is required, whether you can recognise your inner space of remembrance and knowingness or not, your focus will open you to experience your intention. As you begin by entering into your space of remembrance and knowingness with us allow yourself to recognise the sensations, shifts and awakenings that occur. This will enable you to recognise when you are communicating and expressing from your inner space and when you are not.

The Activation of Your Soul

When you focus on expressing from your inner space of knowingness and remembrance you are fully activating your soul’s energies and presence. Greater aspects of your soul download into your physical being and awareness while the presence of your soul becomes more powerfully visible to you and others, radiating through you. You are always connected to your soul and always embody your soul; however, you have the opportunity to welcome more fully your soul into your existence and reality.  Thus, linking your mind, emotions, actions and even reactions with your soul, life then becomes a process of exploration and getting to know your soul on the most intimate level. Such an experience allows you to let go of unneeded aspects of the ego, the habits of the mind and the limitations you put upon yourself. While this process sounds like a complete transformation within your being, you will feel a shift and a deeper resonance to your being, as well as continuing to view yourself as completely yourself, as you know yourself to be in your physical reality.

When your soul begins to fully activate and become fully engaged within your being, a beautiful awakening takes place from the core of your soul which is often beyond your comprehension and goes unrecognised. We, the Pleiadians wish to support you in recognising this opening as it is occurring for you even now. Your soul’s unique encoding is activating, flowing into your being and imprinting into your physical being and reality.

Your Soul’s Unique Encoding

Your soul holds a unique code of energy, light and consciousness which you could say is akin to the DNA of your soul. These unique codes hold the true presence, energy and vibration of your soul as well as the depths of wisdom, knowledge and truth your soul embodies. Within these unique codes are the intentions of your soul for its existence whether incarnate upon the Earth, working on the inner planes, existing within a star civilisation or something else. The intention spans beyond your current existence of how you know yourself to be. You could describe it as your soul’s intention for the Universe of the Creator or for unification and oneness with the Creator. The intention may be so deep and profound that it may not be understood or grasped by your mind. This doesn’t mean that the codes cannot have a powerful and positively impactful influence upon your being and ascension now. Accepting, aligning with and receiving your soul’s unique codes as an energy wave anchoring into your being can act as a powerful accelerator of your ascension and a shift to allow greater healing to be received and accepted.

Experiencing the Creator is not about understanding or comprehending, it is simply about acceptance and being present while holding intentions and listening to your intuition to guide you to unfold your greater knowingness.

Your soul’s unique codes cannot be grasped by your conscious mind and yet can be experienced by your energy field and physical body. For each of you the codes will be unique and will have a different impact upon your being. You will receive that which you require in that moment to support you. This means that whenever you connect with and experience the energy wave of your soul’s unique codes you will receive diverse energies or experience something different. Therefore, you can connect with your soul’s unique codes at any time to support you in receiving what you need and require to unfold your truth and unification with the Creator. This practice can be used constantly to support your existence upon the Earth. When coupled with existing from the space of knowingness and remembrance within you, your soul’s unique codes become a powerful nourishment and guiding light for your fulfilment and happiness on the Earth.

‘Pleiadians, I call upon your presence and invite you to guide me into my inner space of knowingness and remembrance, so I may communicate with you from this sacred space of my being. Allow me to experience your energy surrounding me as I receive your light and consciousness of knowingness and truth from your essence.’

Take a few moments to breathe deeply, connecting into your own energy and our presence with you.

‘Pleiadians, from the space of inner knowingness and remembrance I invite you to support me in activating an energy wave from the core of my soul delivering my soul’s unique codes into my entire being. Allow me to receive my soul’s codes with awareness of their positive and enhancing influence upon my being and reality. I know I may not be able to understand my soul’s unique codes; however, I open myself to receive any divine inspiration available to me. I am aware I will receive all I need and require to support me now from my soul’s unique codes and welcome this fully. Pleiadians, I open to your full support now. Thank you.’

Imagine, sense, acknowledge a powerful wave of energy and light extending from the core of your soul into and through your entire being. This wave of energy is the presence of your soul delivering your soul’s unique codes into your entire being. Simply allow yourself to receive for as long as is essential.

With love and truth,


The Most Recent Channeling from the Pleiadians by Natalie Glasson | Sacred School of Om Na: Unique Encoding of Your Soul by the Pleiadians https://youtu.be/w2Uf_L7kgmE Pleiadians invite you to receive our energy

Source: The Most Recent Channeling from the Pleiadians by Natalie Glasson | Sacred School of Om Na

Benjamin Fulford – November 12th 2018: “Jesus Christ to Marry Asian Goddess” as East-West Secret Societies Agree to Save Planet – Stillness in the Storm

Benjamin Fulford — November 12th 2018: “Jesus Christ to Marry Asian Goddess” as East-West Secret Societies Agree to Save Planet

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) In honor of Ben’s wishes to withhold posting the full update here is a portion of his report.

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SourceBenjamin Fulford

by Benjamin Fulford, November 12th, 2018

For the first time in history, Eastern and Western secret societies have agreed to work together for the benefit of the planet, secret society sources say.  As one Western secret society source put it, “Jesus Christ is going to get married to Guan Yin [the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy].”


The result is that unlimited funding is going to be made available to fund projects to help the living creatures of this planet, human and otherwise, the sources say.  However, since we are entering historically uncharted waters, it will probably take a few months before the actual work can begin, the sources say.

At present there are several competing plans being presented at the highest levels of world power.  The Vatican and the P2 Freemasons want to make funds available to existing nation-states through selected individuals, P2 sources say.  The Chinese have already started their work through their One Belt One Road program.  The white hats in the Pentagon and the military-industrial complex are promoting their NESARA and GESARA Global Currency Reset ideas.

Enough money is theoretically available for all of these projects to go ahead simultaneously.  However, there is agreement that any release of funds will have to be firmly connected to reality and real-world projects if we are to avoid hyperinflation or asset inflation, as we have under the current system.

The White Dragon Society has also put forward proposals that have been given initial approval by both Eastern and Western secret societies, WDS sources say.  The WDS proposal is as follows:  The creation of at least two competing future planning agencies.  Each would have a governing board of seven people selected from seven regions:  China, East Asia excluding China, Europe including Russia, the Muslim world, India, Africa, and the Americas.  All decisions would be reached by majority vote and vetoes would be limited to individual regions.

Proposed headquarter locations for the Western agency are Winnipeg, Canada, the exact geographical center of North America;  and Buenos Aires, Argentina (the Pope’s home).  For Asia, Nara, Japan, Laos, and Singapore are being proposed.  Negotiations are ongoing and no final decision has been reached.

However, it has been confirmed that over $200 billion in gold-backed funds will be available to start the agency as soon as the appropriate legal documents are prepared, BIS sources say.

While this is all good news, fighting to subdue the remaining Khazarian satanists continues in the U.S., the EU, Israel, and Japan.

In the U.S., according to Pentagon sources, the Democratic Party fell for a trap when they were “baited to commit midterm election vote fraud, which will lead to their prosecutions as FISA declassification …..

>>>>>     Read on …..

Source: Benjamin Fulford – November 12th 2018: “Jesus Christ to Marry Asian Goddess” as East-West Secret Societies Agree to Save Planet – Stillness in the Storm

Recreating Balance: Remember our Heart – Self Clearing – Chakra Opening ~ 11th November 2018

Remember our Heart – Self Clearing – Chakra Opening

The Heart chakra is well known as the center of our energy field, the center point of the torus field and merkaba, our central anchor point for incarnation. The strongest recorded electro-magnetic fields in the body are emanating from there, and it is a portal to connect with the Source from within us. Regardless of what is going on in the world, the Source, the One, is always with us and can always be accessed, it’s just a matter of taking the time to do it.
There is a lot of off-centered energy in the collective consciousness of Earth, as the society is designed for people to be centered mostly in their head/mental activity, or lower chakras/survival. This creates a lot of imbalances, distortions, experiences of feeling out of place, off-center, disoriented in the world, disconnected from our true self, etc.
There is nothing wrong with any chakra, simply the Heart is the starting, merging and balancing point, a portal from where we can remain in tune with the world, and remain aware of energies as they are and avoid illusions more easily (being centered in the head can get lost and confused). The center is always the most important point, and practices to keep the Heart clear and open, with our consciousness centered there, are the best foundation for spiritual practice in my experience. Through the Inner Heart we can feel at home anywhere, embraced in the Oneness of Existence/Source.
Chakras above the Heart could be described as Oneness as singularity, while chakras below the Heart could be described as Oneness as multiplicity. They are two sides of the same coin, but going too far in either direction can become an imbalance and therefore a distortion. The Heart is the union of both sides.
Being centered in the Heart allows to navigate life in a balanced way, not escaping it or not being too attached to it, this is the anchor of the Middle Way as described by Buddha, to live with love, guidance, joy, alignment and orientation in the world.
The Heart is a fractal representation of the suns and stars in space. In any body, whether thats an individual being or a planet or a star system or a galaxy, there is always a torus field with a Heart at the center. Our Heart is our inner sun, our inner star, our inner central sun.

The techniques described below can help to keep us centered, keeping the Heart and other chakras open, and clear the energy field.
As a first step I strongly recommend the Inner Heart technique by Joanna from from the website Heart Star (her website is very awesome). I especially recommend to do this before or together with the technique described below. This Inner Heart technique is simple and yet very powerful and transformational in my experience.
Inner Sun Technique

First take a few moments to relax, breathe into your heart chakra a few times, and center your focus there.
Part 1 :
Breathe out completely and empty your lungs, and keep your lungs empty for a few seconds while you visualize and/or feel bright spheres of golden Light, like bright suns, at your Soul star chakra (20cm above head) and Earth star chakra (20cm below feet) both at the same time. Keep your lungs empty until you can clearly see and/or feel the two golden spheres.
Then breathe in, through the mouth, the golden Light from the Soul star and Earth star both at the same time into the Heart, merging there and forming a bright golden sphere like a Sun in the Heart, until your lungs are full. Now hold your breath with the lungs full while visualizing and/or feeling the bright golden sphere in your Heart chakra. Stay like this  for as long as you feel and then breathe out radiating this Light from the Heart into your whole energy field.
Then when you have breathed out completely, start again the process, repeating Part 1 for at least 3 times.
Part 2 (Golden Apple) :
Then breathe normally again and vizualize a torus field of bright golden Light centered in your Heart and embracing your whole energy field. This is known as the Golden Apple technique. The golden apple is well known in many ancient myths (norse, greek, chinese, etc) as a symbol of immortality, and one of the main meanings of this symbol is a torus field of golden Light.
Keep vizualizing and feeling this torus field flowing, clearing and resetting your energy field, while remaining conscious of your breath, for as long as you feel.
Part 3 :
You can do the cycle of Part 1 and Part 2 once or several times, and stop there if you wish, or you can continue with Part 3.
Visualize and feel big bright golden suns in your Heart and Soul star and Earth star, at the same time. Feel the balance between the 3 within you.
Then send a ray of golden Light from your Heart, filling up your whole central channel (vertical axis along your spine), in both directions to the Soul star and Earth star.
Then expand the bright golden Light sphere of your Heart in all directions, becoming bigger and bigger until it reaches around you for at least 3 meters, embracing your whole body and whole aura, transmuting all energies in your field into this golden Light. Feel yourself as this big Sun or Star of golden Light, keeping your awareness both at the center in your heart and all around in the periphery of your aura, at the same time.
Other chakras :
The technique of Part 1 and 2 can be used for any other chakra, to clear and open them.
If you do it in the lower chakras between Heart and Earth star, for example the sacral, in Part 1 breathe from the Earth star and the Heart into the sacral, and then hold the bright golden sphere in the sacral.
If you do it in higher chakras above the Heart, for example the throat, breathe from the Heart and Soul star into the throat, and then hold the bright golden sphere in the throat.
And then in part 2, create the Golden Apple centered in whichever chakra you are working on.
If you do it for other chakras I recommend to start with the regular version in the Heart first.
Simplified version :
You can also just vizualize or feel golden spheres in the Heart, Soul star and Earth star at the same time, and breathe normally. As you breathe in, breathe the golden Light from both Earth star and Soul star into the Heart, and as you breathe out, breathe the golden Light from the Heart towards both Earth star and Soul star. Visualize and feel how the golden Light is also flowing in your whole torus field (the Golden Apple), while you are doing the breathing.
If you feel you can use other colors instead of golden for the whole technique.
Enjoy ☀️
Much Love 💗

Source: Recreating Balance: Remember our Heart – Self Clearing – Chakra Opening

Fear Mongering ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ By Daniel Scranton | Rainbow Wave of Light ~ 11th November 2018

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have the ability to tune in to the various thought streams that are running on planet Earth at any time, and we can tell when there are thought streams that you are accessing that do not serve you. We know that there are many individuals right now who are unconsciously tapping in to these thought streams, and they are getting caught up in a sort of movement.

And we want you to know that the fear mongering that occurs on your planet is deliberate. There are people who understand how to manipulate the masses by using fear as a tool. These individuals know how to get you to buy into those thought streams, and they can get you caught up in something that isn’t really true.

Now, fear has been the tool of the negatively oriented extra-terrestrials for eons and eons of time. So this tool has been used on humanity for far too long. We know that if you are receiving this message, you are less likely to be caught up in that thought stream. You are less likely to be a part of a movement that is against a particular group of people, and you are more likely to spot these individuals who are using fear to control and manipulate.

But what can you do about it? You have already risen above it vibrationally. What is your best course of action then for helping the individuals who are the victims and the individuals who are the perpetrators? All you can do is continue to live your truth, to speak your truth, to be who you really are, and to send love and light to those who are controlling and to those who are being manipulated.

You cannot argue them out of the mind control, and you cannot hate those you are manipulating out of that role they are playing. So it is clear that the only answer here is love, and the only tool to be used that will make any difference is compassion.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Source: Fear Mongering ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council | Rainbow Wave of Light