Factory Farmed Salmon Full of Disease and Hazardous Chemicals – Prepare For Change ~ 20th April 2019

By Dr. Joseph Mercola,

Salmon is the second most popular type of seafood in the U.S. (shrimp is the first), with just over 2 pounds consumed annually, per person.1 While many love its flavor, a key reason behind its popularity has to do with its perceived health benefits. As a rich source of beneficial animal-based omega-3 fats, salmon can, indeed, be a very healthy food choice.

However, it can also be among the worst food choices, and the difference is in the details. While wild-caught Alaskan salmon is an example of good-for-you salmon, rich in healthy fats and low in pollutants, farm-raised salmon is not. Unfortunately, farm-raised makes up 75 percent of the salmon consumed worldwide, and its volume has increased nearly 1,000 percent from 1990 to 2015.2

Two Dumpsters Full of Rotting Salmon Discovered at Fish Farm

The video below, captured by Don Staniford of Scottish Salmon Watch, shows dead salmon rotting in dumpsters at two Scottish salmon farms, one owned by Marine Harvest and the other by Scottish Salmon Company.

“This is symptomatic of factory farming — it’s the underbelly of battery factory salmon farming. Infectious diseases are rife in the industry and about a fifth of farmed salmon stock is dying. The fish in these tanks are not going to shops but they have been swimming alongside ones that are,” Staniford said in a news release.3 “These fish are dying of horrible infections and diseases.”

It’s unclear how the fish in the video died, but salmon farms are required to store dead fish in a safe manner prior to disposal.4

How many farmed salmon are dying every year in Scotland? According to Scottish Salmon Watch in a submission to the Scottish Parliament in March 2018, record levels of mortalities were uncovered in 2017 — 25,000 tons amounting to an estimated 15 million to 20 million farmed salmon, which is a mortality rate of 26.7 percent.And mortalities appear to be on the rise, increasing from 5,000 tons in 2002 to 10,000 tons in 2011.

As for what’s killing the fish, a laundry list of diseases was reported on Scottish salmon farms in 2017, including:6

Salmon gill poxvirus Paranucleospora theridion Gill pathology
Complex gill issues Vibrio anguillarum Proliferative gill disease
Amoebic gill disease Pancreas disease Fungus
Cardiomyopathy syndrome Haemorrhagic smolt syndrome Heart and skeletal muscle inflammation (HSMI)
Enteric redmouth disease Anemia

Farmed Salmon Could Pose ‘Irrecoverable Damage to the Environment’

Farmed salmon is Scotland’s biggest food export, bringing in more than $789 million annually,7 and the industry is set to expand from a volume of 163,000 tons in 2016 to 200,000 tons in 2020.8 The industry claims aquaculture, as fish farming is known, is beneficial because it creates jobs while providing a sustainable source of food, but conservation groups and even government entities are finding otherwise.

The Scottish Parliament’s Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee issued a …….

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Source: Factory Farmed Salmon Full of Disease and Hazardous Chemicals – Prepare For Change

New York calls for Monsanto’s ‘toxic’ pesticides to be banned from city parks — RT Business News ~19th April 2019

Don’t understand this …. Why didn’t the general populace of USA, sue EPA?

{{    The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maintains glyphosate is not likely to be carcinogenic. It had labeled glyphosate a carcinogen in 1985, but reversed the position in 1991.    }}


New York calls for Monsanto’s 'toxic' pesticides to be banned from city parks
Two New York City council members have introduced legislation that would ban the spraying of glyphosate-based herbicides and other toxic pesticides in parks and other public spaces.

The measure would prohibit the application of synthetic pesticides within 75 feet of a natural body of water. It would encourage city agencies to start using biological pesticides, which are derived from naturally occurring substances rather than synthetic ones.

“Parks should be for playing not pesticides,” a co-sponsor of the measure, New York City council member Ben Kallos, told Environmental Health News. “All families should be able to enjoy our city parks without having to worry that they are being exposed to toxic pesticides that could give them and their families cancer.” …..

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Source: New York calls for Monsanto’s ‘toxic’ pesticides to be banned from city parks — RT Business News

Washington D.C. suffers from political insanity as bankruptcy approaches – Prepare For Change ~ 17th April 2019

By Benjamin Fulford,

The U.S. body politic has degenerated to gibberish and empty threats, as bankruptcy and collapse are now a mathematical certainty.  That’s because the March 29th Brexit made it so that “the City of London is no longer the finance capital of the cabal,” both British Intelligence and Pentagon sources confirm.

When asked, “How is President Donald Trump responding to this?” a senior British Intelligence officer said, “Probably in a blind panic by this stage, to be very honest.”

Find this hard to believe?  Let’s step back a bit and look at what has happened so far this year to the U.S. government.  First, all military veterans withdrew from the Trump presidency as of January 1st.  Then the U.S. government shut down for 35 days, even as the U.S. military stayed fully financed.

When the U.S. government reopened, Trump had filled his cabinet with raging Zionist neocons.  They managed to keep operations going by stealing the American peoples’ tax refunds and hiking U.S. gas prices.  While this gave the debt-addicted Washington, D.C. another sugar high, it has begun to kill the U.S. economic recovery.

Trump, meanwhile, has been talking like a bankrupt junkie trying to convince everybody that great events were happening by saying things like, “Saudi Arabia will buy $450 billion worth of weapons, etc.” or “China will buy more than $1 trillion worth of goods from the U.S.”  The reality is that Saudi Arabia has only agreed to buy $14.5 billion worth of U.S. exports.  Also, even if China agreed to buy $1 trillion worth of overpriced U.S. goods, the fact is that the U.S. economy does not have the capacity to create these goods.  In any case, China is seriously thinking of declaring Washington, D.C. bankrupt, according to Asian secret society sources.


The Trump administration is now trying to keep itself afloat by forcing countries to buy its expensive shale oil and gas.  That’s the real reason for U.S. sanctions on Iran, Venezuela, and Russia, as well as for attacks on Syria and Yemen.  But this strategy is failing because the main oil importers—Europe, China, Japan, and India—have no interest in expensive U.S. oil and gas, and these countries are not going along with U.S. “sanctions.”  For a good analysis of this situation, I recommend the article below by Thierry Meyssan, the person who first scooped the 9/11 truth.

Pentagon sources note that “the arrest in Spain of former Venezuelan Military Intelligence Chief, Army General Hugo Carvajal has made the military even more loyal to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, as the neocon coup failed royally.”  This means the world’s largest oil reserves remain outside of the cabal’s petrodollar system.

Arch-cabalist Henry Kissinger has been trying desperately and futilely to save the D.C. establishment and his petrodollar system by cashing bonds worth “quadrillions of dollars,” according to Japanese imperial family sources.  These bonds will never be cashed, the sources say.

Instead, something called the Quantum Financial System (QFS) is being implemented, multiple sources agree.  Since Japan’s financial markets will be closed for six days between April 27th and May 6th, which would be the longest financial market and bank closure since the end of ……

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Source: Washington, D.C. suffers from political insanity as bankruptcy approaches – Prepare For Change

Pharmacist Mom and Medical Doctor Father Watched Their 3 Children’s Lives Destroyed After MMR Vaccine – Prepare For Change ~ 16th April 2019

By Brian Shilhavy,

In this video interview by the VAXXED II film crew and originally published on Peeps TV, a tearful mother who is a pharmacist and married to a medical doctor discusses the difficulties in their family with their three vaccine-injured children.

When asked if either her or her husband received any training on the dangers of vaccines, she replied, “no.”

None. Not even as a pharmacist.

They first noticed problems with their oldest child, a girl, at 15 months. She went from being very communicative where they could understand most of what she said, to being not as communicative and not being able to understand any longer what she was trying to speak.

They did not connect this to any vaccines at this point, and started her on speech therapy and had many tests done.

When the twin boys were born, they again followed the recommended CDC vaccine schedule.

But this time, they noticed an immediate reaction after the MMR vaccine.

I noticed that they were crying and had a high fever.

However, after taking them into urgent care, they were told it was probably just the flu, and they were sent home.

Unfortunately, their conditions did not improve, and the mom noticed that they became unresponsive to normal noise stimulation. Testing revealed that one of the twins lost his hearing completely, while the other one had lost partial hearing.

While the twin who completely lost his hearing eventually did get his hearing back, the other twin did not.

The damage by the MMR vaccine was already done, and their lives were changed forever as they began a long journey of trying to heal their vaccine-injured children.

Now adults, their children still need 24-hour care….

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Source: Pharmacist Mom and Medical Doctor Father Watched Their 3 Children’s Lives Destroyed After MMR Vaccine – Prepare For Change

Pole Shift – Solar Flash – Secret Space Program | Corey Goode – Michael Salla & Jordan Sather – Stillness in the Storm ~ 14th April 2019

Source: Pole Shift, Solar Flash, Secret Space Program | Corey Goode, Michael Salla, Jordan Sather – Stillness in the Storm

‘You Have No Jurisdiction Over Me’: US Citizen Owns Officers – Shuts Down Arrest By Knowing the Law – Stillness in the Storm ~ 14th April 2019

Source: ‘You Have No Jurisdiction Over Me’: US Citizen Owns Officers, Shuts Down Arrest By Knowing the Law – Stillness in the Storm