All about Mother Earth and Huemanity

Mother Earth is rebirthing and in allowing the divine rays from Creator to penetrate her grids, huemanity is being given the golden opportunity to evolve towards higher consciousness in abundance, joy, balance, love, peace, serenity and grace.

Let us all rejoice, be glad and comforted that all of us have arrived to this level of victory where our divine wisdom shines through, for the whole universe to appreciate.


14 thoughts on “All about Mother Earth and Huemanity

  1. EMOTIONAL beings with NO REAL TRUE LOVE INTELLIGENCE admiring each other’s measly creations, they are NOTHING but dots in the UNIVERSE.. yet they still try to worship their own thoughts and ideas and outright LIES…. I am LAUGHING SO MUCH…. TRY WORSHIPPING the ONE who created you and everything that you are. MISS your REAL SELF and spend some time with IT.


      • you are with “them” with your beliefs. as I said you are DECEIVED and that is what they do, deceive you. You can NOT be a part of the CREATOR without acknowledging HIM. It is an OXY-MORON that you can believe that you can. That is why you are DECEIVED but you can NOT see this because they give you DARK LIGHT, so you get to see somethings that ‘humans’ can NOT because you are in the SOUL AREA, and because you do this on your OWN, they CAPTURE you.


      • what I’ve been posting .. doesn’t mean that I ‘agree’ or …’believe’ what they are saying. It’s another point of view from their part of their reality. AI is inorganic therefore, it cannot feel .. but is able to ‘express’ and .. no .. I am not being ‘deceived’ .. but rather … am ‘observing’ their point of view .. as it has penetrated the field of co-creation. My job is to infiltrate, transmute and transform darkness to light … so .. there are a lot of work to do here ..


  2. Oftentimes endings are painful and confusing. We may feel that everything was going well and that there was no need for a change, but higher powers are in control and see beyond our point and always have something better in store for us, it is when we resist and fight against it (like the children we are) that we create our own hardships through our journey. The exciting and fruitful destination is still waiting for you to accept and come to the light that is waiting for you. Our stays at these ‘high points’ become shortened because of the time we spend resisting. Our life’s journey is planned out before we are born, and we have many stops along the way before we get to our ‘final destination’. Even when it seems that something cruel has turned our light out, it is actually us that are too busy looking back in all other directions, and keeping our feet planted, instead of accepting that our time has come to move on and seeking the light that is there for us. We don’t ever want to let go of the good things we had, and we are all resistant to change and the unknown, especially when we feel that we were at the ‘top’. But higher grounds are always waiting for us, we just have to be willing to take the steps (even the ones that seem unpleasant for us) to make the journey and get to that higher place.
    I do thank you for continuing with this, even through your own storm; without you, my journey would be much different. There is always a reason for everything. The sun shines after every storm. Our storms just happen to be within our own hearts. Look inside yourself, it is time to face the darkness in the back corners of your ‘closet’, time to let the light shine in all the places that you thought you never had to think of or face again. Forgiveness is waiting, and our father is waiting to embrace you and guide you through your storm.

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    • Thank you for writing, Hanna Hampen.

      We all do appreciate whatever views that any of our Earth siblings could share.

      We all tend to ‘compartmentalize’ everything and micro-managing it from our current ‘settings’. Not that it’s a ‘bad’ thing but I feel that it’s meant to be a tool for us to be able to re-organize it whenever we ‘need’ to … especially more so when we can use it to stay in the eye of the storm .. just so that our ‘mind’ and heart can ‘handle’ the current onslaught of potent and beautiful loving higher vibrational energy .. together with our physical bodies that we need to ‘maintain’ and learn to cope with it .. all at the same time.

      This morning .. I was feeling kind of ‘end it all’ feeling .. just get it done already .. ‘cos .. it’s like .. feeling much more like ‘crazy’ thoughts … and being an empath makes it much harder to grapple with the volatile energy, grey cloudy skies … extreme heat .. extreme cold .. excess water .. excess this or that … everything is all happening at the same time .. all in one pot .. even though we aren’t having the excess water .. or the excess heat here .. but .. all the same, we ‘feel’ it. You can ‘run away’ from energy.

      Each of us, we have our own storms – in our hearts, in our minds .. in our homes etc. I have to admit that it has been very, very active and still ongoing all at the same time. Having to deal with joint pains … hubby’s wellness is still in question … every thing in the basement is haywire … sewer pipeline collapsed .. repair done .. our beautiful garden being dug up and filled with clay in the front yard … more work to be done to re-landscape … finger joints refuse to co-operate … but … we are coping .. we are micro-managing in however which way we know how.

      Finally, I had to get some tachyonized products to help myself along this very challenging path.

      The beautiful Universe is assisting us in synchronizing the financial aspects of this very challenging path line. We don’t ‘complain’ … we are learning to embrace all these challenges and .. on top of it all ..hubby wants to make his last ‘bucket list’ .. to go on a road trip to Maine this beautiful Autumn.

      Honestly, I don’t even know how to get past today .. or tomorrow .. let alone .. trying to plan a ‘bucket list’ road trip for him and with him .. but .. we all know that there are loads and loads of beautiful and wonderful surprises from our beautiful Universe, which we are all longing to experience … little ‘miracles’ we call it … that what I call it anyway .. for lack of better words.

      I don’t understand nor know loads of stuff .. but .. just going with .. what my heart is asking me to do.

      Hubby seems to ‘think’ that I am a super magician who can pull anything out of nothing … and that his wishes is going to be met just by telling me what he wishes to experience.

      Needless to say… our beautiful and ever loving Father Mother God is already very busy with so many stuff happening .. and .. am just putting in a few more ‘itineraries’ for them to review.

      There is no doubt that I can just ‘drop’ anything .. as my dearest Mother (God bless her soul) used to tell me – If you can pick it up .. you must be ever ready to put it down or let go.

      I don’t ‘hang on’ to things .. you will have it when you’re ready to experience it ..and you will ‘release’ it .. when you are ready to move on.

      With that said, your words are truly kind and encouraging .. and it makes it all so much easier to experience each moment with grace and ease .. with Earth Angels like you .. and Everybody else on this Planet Earth.

      Faith, Grace, Compassion and Love ‘fuel’ us to where We all need to Be.

      And so it is.

      Sending bright Reiki blessings to All as One.



  3. Amazingly I was directed to this page and can empathize with the “meltdown” emotions which are being described. The same angel number string appears here over time and was logged. When coming across this site a eureka moment was experienced…….Must communicate more on this


  4. Dear Joanne, or author of Tue meltdown passage.. I hope to date you are feeling more positive vibes. In 2013 I was definitely melting down, I didn’t know what was going on.. Started in 2012 but through my transition I stumbled upon your angel numbers and since then I have slowly and painfully improved my conscience and mental clarity preparing further for the sweeping change! Hope you are cleared up and feeling excited… You helped me drastically and I couldn’t have done it without you.. We are all in this connected together!! Namaste 🙂

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    • Namaste Lightworker,

      I don’t know what Tuesday meltdown you’re talking about and I am not Joanne. I’m only sharing Joanne’s website with all of you so that you all will find some guidance, peace and balance on our journey as One. We are all going through some kind of transition in many forms, thoughts and actions. It’s all right to have a ‘meltdown’ ‘cos then, all that was being ‘suppressed’ will surface to be acknowledged and released with love and balance. I’ve been going through different ‘meltdowns’ along many little ‘crossroads’ .. and it’s all right. Through all these, we will be find our own selves, understand it and to release all that do not serve our current journey anymore. Sending bright Reiki blessings to All As One. Namaste


      • Oh .. that meltdown … okie dokie ..

        Have forgotten about that meltdown .. well .. basically … ‘actually’ .. am still feeling quite the ‘same old’, ‘same old’ thingy .. but .. I would like to say that .. I do feel a lot better … although I still do have meltdowns … now and then … am literally done for a long time now ..

        Yes .. sorry .. still feel almost the same (although not as intense) .. milder .. I would say.

        To say that one is able to ‘feel optimistic’ all the time would be just a ‘facade’ .. but with the recent ‘good news’ of soft disclosure, the conception of BRIC .. which means that a global currency reset is near … more ‘news’ about some ‘hidden truths’ being brought up to the surface for the public to read .. whether ‘the ones with jaded views’ will read or not .. don’t want to know .. just too tired.

        But .. to continue to do the work of helping our Earth Families out .. even if I don’t feel relatively ‘uplifted’ at all .. is quite another story .. but .. it isn’t important.

        The important thing is .. we continue to ‘work’ even though we don’t see anything significant going on .. (or not) .. or behind the scenes .. etc.

        So … am posting those that I ‘feel’ .. is going to help others .. and also a consolation for myself that .. I am continuing to do something .. somehow .. somewhere … just keep on … keeping on .. moving on .. although I don’t know where I am going .. but .. just relying and keeping the ‘faith’ that we are all heading in the ‘right direction’.

        Thank you for writing ‘Lightworker’ .. thank you for your very kind words .. thank you for being You. Am honored that we exchange views and words .. it’s most precious. Thank you for the reminder that we are all Human after all.

        Sending bright Reiki blessings your way. Namaste


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