The Flower of Life Deception – Metatronic Exposé – Part 2

Zetetic Zen - Arsillcrypts 2.0

What follows next is my old article which was mysteriously deleted somehow. Luckily it was circling around the net a bit so I was able to recover it, and expand it. Whoever does not like me revealing this information will have to try much harder to suppress it.

7069326_264d262b45_sThis is what is commonly referred to as the Flower of Life, AKA: the Daisy of Death, and is somehow passed as ‘sacred’ geometry.

The metatronic code problems began billions of years ago in another time matrix with the fall of a specific collective. The point is that the metatronic code is not a new thing and certainly the FOL was not something Drunvalo came up with. He is simply one of the contemporary sources who are promoting it. There are lots of wonderful things in Drunvalo’s teachings but the core of what he is getting at in his teachings is the Metatronic code and…

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