Amazing Stargate Atlantis Ascension Episode Synchronicities – Stillness in the Storm ~ 22 Nov 2018

Amazing Stargate Atlantis Ascension Episode Synchronicities

(Jonathan Carty) For those who are aware of the Stargate series they might know that this show features Ascension and Ascended beings as part of its main plot for several seasons. We have heard before that Stargate SG-1 has a lot of disclosure of classified intel written within its episodes and I wholeheartedly agree with this considering my extensive research into the topic of disclosure in TV and movies. I have seen the entire Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis seasons a couple of times each in addition to the Stargate: Origins series which came out earlier this year.

SourceTruth Earth

by Jonathan Carty, December 13th, 2018

But in this article I am going to be sharing some very interesting personal synchronicities that have just manifested as I was guided to seek out this particular episode. It seems that ‘they’ have been guiding me to episodes of various shows which feature beings transforming into light/ascending including showing myself experiencing this transformation in dreams:

Amazingly, the name of the episode is ‘Epiphany’ and it’s a Stargate: Atlantis episode. The Stargate Atlantis team journey to a planet where they encounter an illusory wall which appears to be a doorway along with some energy readings coming from it.

Fast forward to later they find out that this ‘portal’ is a one-way trip and is a private world created to facilitate the Ascension of the beings who wish to seek out this transformation.

One of the team members (John Sheppard) goes through the portal and subsequently gets to know the beings there and he discovers that they collectively manifested fear in the form of a giant invisible beast which they always ran from instead taking a leap of faith and facing it head-on, which was the only way to defeat it, which ended up being the final test before they turned into pure energy and light.

But before that though one of the women living in the small village went on to tell John that she knew he was coming to them since she was a little girl. This was her ability. She said that John was The One and that he would lead them to the Ascension……

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Source: Amazing Stargate Atlantis Ascension Episode Synchronicities – Stillness in the Storm

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