The Lions Gate Portal 08.8.18 – awakening5dhealing

{{   To begin ascending to the fifth dimension, a transition possible now on planet earth due to profound cosmic interventions, we relinquish the negativity in our hearts, our minds, bodies and soul.

To utilise higher vibratory fields of light inherent in the Lions Gateway to activate our lightbody, we clear karma from our energetic and physical beings, the dark night of soul is faced. It’s not called the dark night for nothing, nor is it just one night (if only!).

Releasing karma is like peeling back the layers of an onion, it stings. Even when we think we have released all there is to release, oops there comes more, rising to the surface. You may feel you are going crazy, you may be diagnosed as depressed, bipolar or manic. There may be days when leaving the house is simply not possible and other days where crying is all you can do.

Every single step we take, every tear we shed, every memory we relive and release, every moment of understanding and forgiveness, every epiphany, every molecule in our being will experience karmic release.

We will feel the pain physically and emotionally as we release, release, release. We will realise slowly, that we are becoming stronger, wiser, more centred, flexible, less vulnerable to manipulation as the process of karmic clearing proceeds. For every hour we howl to the moon in anger, pain, fear or failure, we lighten our energetic load ten fold.

The less emotional baggage we carry, the less hate, fear, envy and pain we hold in our hearts, the more room there is for these cosmic beams of light to penetrate our whole beings.

If any of this resonates, welcome to the transition, the Shift, the great awakening, your work, your courage and your light is deeply appreciated.   }}

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Source: The Lions Gate Portal 08.8.18 – awakening5dhealing

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