Judgement time: exposing & attacking the underbelly of the Cabal’s church & (deep) state – Prepare for Change ~ 7 June 2018


By Craig Donaldson, Guest author.


Earth has passed a crossroads, whereby the Alliance and the spiritual forces of light have gained the upper hand over the cabal and the dark forces behind them. The battle of Armageddon is in full swing on a spiritual level, and the Alliance is making significant inroads into rooting out and clearing the dark forces that have held sway over this planet for too long.

This draining of the swamp has begun in earnest at the top levels of the US Government on the physical plane with Donald Trump’s recent executive order, and in other dimensions and on spiritual planes much work has also been done to take down satanic forces. It is important to support this work in the physical with spiritual work that essentially pulls the support rug from underneath the cabal. Think of pulling out a weed – you can rip the top off, but to remove the weed for good, its supporting roots need to be pulled out and removed from the ground.

This is a critical step in the process towards disclosure and the complete freedom of mankind. The balance of power is shifting because of the raising of the collective consciousness of mankind, and exercises such as the ascension meditations are vital in helping our planet and its people to adopt a more spiritual and enlightened approach to life. Yet there remains much work to be done in mopping up the cabal and removing the dark forces behind them, and this article outlines an important process in this spiritual work.

Behind the cabal’s church and state

In warfare it is important to look for points of vulnerability and strategic advantage over one’s enemy, and taking out the leaders of the enemy is a critical priority in battle. Targeting the cabal’s ruling church and state at the very top provides a significant advantage in the current battle of Armageddon which we are currently living through.

The ruling family of the satanic state is the Rothschilds. In 1992 Baron Guy De Rothschild, described himself as the “CEO of Earth, Inc” and the “Pindar” (a term for satanic cult leader which means “penis of the dragon”). Prior to his death in 2007, Guy De Rothschild arranged for leadership of the Rothschild family to be passed to his son, David Rene de Rothschild, in 2003. On 17 April 2018 David de Rothschild announced that leadership of various Rothschild companies would in turn be passed on to his son, Alexandre de Rothschild, and it is understood he is being groomed to take over the position at some point.

The head of the satanic church is an individual by the name of Pepe Orsini, otherwise known as the grey pope. This individual has more power than both the black pope of the Jesuits, and the white pope Francis (also a Jesuit) – and there is good reason why dark forces have worked hard to rule at the top of the Vatican.

The satanic takeover of the Catholic church was prophesied in the third secret of Fatima, which was never publicly released because it was too explosive and damaging to the church (though the Vatican did release a fake third secret, in the vain hope of suppressing the truth). The real third secret of Fatima essentially laid bare the fact that the Vatican would be infiltrated by satanic forces. This has already happened and there is a very real spiritual war for people’s souls currently underway on the planet. What better way to take down Christians, than taking over the church and manipulating Christianity en masse and by stealth?..

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Source: Judgement time: exposing & attacking the underbelly of the Cabal’s church & (deep) state – Prepare for Change

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