Different Dimensions: Not Just For Science Fiction : by Meredith Martin L.L.C. @BodyMindSoulSpirit.com ~ 20 May 2018

Basically, We are all ‘walking vortexes’ and we are also walking talking libraries ( accessing knowledge / data through the akashic record ~ http://www.akashicrecordsofsouls.com/read-akashic-records/ ) …. We are all capable of accessing any dimensions we wish.

The delicate fine art of balancing the yin / yang (female / male or + / – energy) allow us to be anywhere at any given moment / time.

As long as we’re still journeying through the 3rd and 4th dimensions … we need to release the old system of ‘judgement’ which the general ‘social norm’ of existence is a constant struggle of looking at ourselves in ‘controlled’ matrix of oppression.

Release and go within our sacred hearts. Listen and ask for guidance (not through our mind).


Different Dimensions: Not Just For Science Fiction

by Meredith Martin L.L.C.,
Guest writer, BodyMindSoulSpirit.com

Obviously I’ve fallen off my rocker and I’ve been eating too much of that quackeroni. I must be a complete space cadet to be sitting here writing about the idea of different dimensions. But you may be curious, so just hear this out…

If you do a quick search, Google’s definition of dimension is an aspect or feature of a situation, problem, or thing. Merriam-Webster would define dimension as an extension of time.

Both of these definitions are correct. However, we can add a little bit more to this.

Let’s think of a dimension as a tool that helps you understand your surroundings. So this tool helps you view and understand a situation, a problem or a thing. The tool most of us are working with is 3D (three dimensional). But what if I were to tell you that there might be other tools out there? That there are other dimensions out there? Cue the opening theme song for Unsolved Mysteries…

I’m not talking about donning your tinfoil hat and having a hallucinogenic experience. The different dimensions I’m talking about are just mental constructs in how you view your world. Dimensions are just different levels of understanding.

Let’s talk about the dimension we are all most familiar with, 3D. In the third dimension, everything must fit into one polar opposite or the other. There’s no gray area.
For example: everything must be considered good or bad. There are good thoughts versus bad thoughts. Good people versus bad people. The right way or the wrong way. When working with the tool of the 3rd dimension, people need to give themselves labels to help them understand who they are. For example: I am a mother, sister, parent, athlete, coworker, etc. In the 3rd dimension, we need these labels because we think we are disconnected from a higher source. We think that there are not enough resources for everyone, so we are constantly seeking out more. We always want more food, clothes, electronics, & money. In the 3rd dimension, we are in constant fear of having everything taken away from us. Therefore competition is key. We seek out to be the very best and we want to ensure no one else can touch us.

This fear reaches beyond material goods. We fear pain and we fear death in the 3rd dimension. We think we only have one life to live and that we must live as long as humanly possible. Because people are different from us in the 3rd dimension, we think they are less than because of these differences. We judge and label everyone because this is the only way we can understand our world in the 3rd dimension. We think that everything is happening to us and that we have absolutely no say in what goes on in our life.

Sounds pretty shady, right? But let’s talk about a new tool of understanding. The 4th dimension.

It is with this new dimension that we start to see and understand things differently. We start to realize that a lot of the time, things in life are in the gray area. It’s not cut into black versus white. One person has both good and bad qualities. A thought carries both light and dark. People and events take a path, it’s not necessarily the right way or the wrong way.

Because the polar opposites begin to blend, we realize that labels are a harsh box to stay in. To label or to define something is to completely limit its true meaning. In the 4th dimension, we begin to realize there is a greater plan in action. People begin to feel connected to a higher source and they really begin to seek it out. We discover that our resources do not have to be limited. There are answers to the depletion in the world and we begin to support these innovative ways that allow everyone to get a piece of the pie. The 4th dimension is a true eye opener in the way it makes us pause and realize that we don’t actually need more. More food, clothes, electronics, and money haven’t made us happy thus far, so we realize that there is something else to be sought when finding happiness. Competition becomes a stressful event and we begin to realize how unnecessary it really is. Our physical surroundings become much simpler.

In the 4th dimension, we start to clear out that which is no longer serving us. This includes limiting beliefs in our understanding of time. We become much more open to the idea that this isn’t our first or our last life here on earth. Fear starts to subside because we realize that pain is just the body’s way of showing us what needs to be healed. How can death be scary if we know we’re coming back and that pain is just a helpful signal? Because we have started listening to people instead of labeling them, we start to see that those who are different from us aren’t actually that different. We realize that we are all quite similar and that we fear less when we actively try to understand the other further.

With all of these shifts taking place, things in our life start to happen. We realize that by opening our understanding (opening a new dimension), we actually have control of what’s going on in our life. We realize that negative people or unwanted situations are just opportunities for further learning. These negative people or unwanted situations are actually just aspects of ourselves that could use some further investigation.

But hang in there Sally, what if there was a 5th dimension?!

This 5th dimension or this perception of our reality is the ultimate goal for our world. In the 5th dimension, there is no gray area. Good and bad have been completely eradicated and everything and everyone “just is”. This “just is” concept is beautiful because it means everything and everyone is free to just be whatever they’re meant to be. Everyone is able to understand themselves. It is through this understanding of oneself that we are able to understand others. Even if everyone is not agreeing, everyone understands one another.

This is an incredible idea because it creates unity among us. In the 5th dimension, we are a unified people. We no longer need labels for anything because we listen and understand others. There’s no need to put them into a category any longer because we finally understand them. In the 5th dimension, we all feel connected to a higher source. Everyone understands there is something greater out there that is behind everything. We may all call this higher source a different name, but that’s OK! We no longer need to fight over the different names of our higher powers. In the 5th dimension we will realize that there are blatant commonalities in all the world religions and we unite in our similarities. We won’t fight one another because of our religious differences. We will also see this higher source as an aspect of ourselves. This higher source is major part of each and every one of us and we will cherish that in the 5th dimension.

Happiness belongs to everyone in the 5th dimension. Everyone will have cleared out everything that no longer serves them. This means clearing out self-depreciating habits, material goods we don’t need, any form of competition and our fears about life as a whole.

One may scoff at how Utopian this all sounds. True. How can any of this take place when everything here seems so shitty right now? That’s a good point. But the key is not to worry about how it’s going to happen for anyone else. The key is to sit down and focus on you. The only one who has power over you….…is you! If any of this resonates, then the way to bring this all to fruition is to delve into yourself and start understanding what makes you tick. Once that ball starts rolling, it is amazing to watch what happens to your life.

To all of youse who eye roll at this entire article, take a moment and determine what dimension you think you are currently living in. The reason I ask you this is because it is a total possibility that you may be experiencing multiple dimensions all at once. It’s personally easy for me to find aspects of myself in all three of these dimensions. In fact, most people are probably experiencing multiple dimensions at once.

To basically sum this all up, dimensions are not about space travel. Dimensions are about your perception of thought. This world is in a constant state of change. This change has the possibility to go into multiple directions. The main goal is to try and influence this world to take a form of change that peacefully supports everybody. Each and every one of us has the ability to make this change happen. But we can’t just go out and start tackling the misfortunes of the world until we understand our self. The transformation of changing our self enables us to change our world. We all simply just have to make the conscious decision to do so.

About the author: I’m a nurse turned Reiki practitioner. I also happen to have an intuitive ability to see and heal people’s past lives. So many of us suffer from physical symptoms, fears, inexplicable behaviors and life decision patterns that simply do not make sense in this life time. That’s where I’m here to help! I utilize the healing art of Reiki along with my intuitive ability to help you access and heal all that no longer serves you. Messages from guardian angels and loving messages from deceased loved ones are also common when healing past life trauma. Visit me at www.mmpastlifehealer.com to find out more or to book an in person or distance session!

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Source: Different Dimensions: Not Just For Science Fiction : Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit – UPDATED DAILY! | BodyMindSoulSpirit.com

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