The Power Of Choice : By  Gematria Ankh Amen ~ 4 May 2018

The Power Of Choice

by Gematria Ankh Amen,
Guest writer,

Dearest Loved Ones, without doubt, one of the most effective ways to immediately change your life for the better is to realize the power of your choices. It is very important to understand that every decision, including indecision is a choice. People, places, and things are happening in our lives all day every day, and nothing speaks louder from moment to moment throughout each day than the choices we make, because they determine quite a bit about how we live, and the kind of person we’ve chosen to be.

We do not have control over anyone or anything other than ourselves, but you can become a force of reckoning when you grasp the power of your choices. The way to make wise and informed decisions and choices is to allow them all the satisfaction of reflection before you make up your mind. In other words, take a few seconds to consider past decisions and choices, and how those outcomes effected your life.

What we know as insane behavior is a direct result of failing to consult the only person who matters when it comes to ultimate decision making in your life, and that is You. Everything regarding your present situation or circumstance is based on your conscious or unconscious choices. Human family, it is equally as easy to choose to be a powerful person, to take control of your life, and have better outcomes by weighing 360 degrees of every choice to be made, and not limit your thinking to both sides.

Know that if multiple outcomes exist, then surely multiple choices do as well. Even the hastiest decisions allow you seconds to consider your options if only you take them, and ask yourself how you feel regarding the matter. The option to choose the higher thought or vibration always exists. Be it continued life, or the illusion of death, we all have superior power in our choices. To continue to be dark, abusive to yourself and others, judge and compare yourself to others, and maintain lack of positive productivity are all choices.

We are here to remind you that you can drastically improve your life, raise your vibration, and that of the Planet, by maximizing the power of your choices in every area of your life. Where would you be, and what would be different and changed for the better if you …

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