Light Bodies – Volunteers To Unify Humanity And Raise Consciousness Of Earth ~ By Angel V. Ornedo Jr ~ 5 May 2018

Light Bodies, Volunteers To Unify Humanity

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Guest writer,

We have not realized that some of us, our brothers and sisters are volunteers from higher dimensions who came to earth and raise Gaia’s consciousness to a higher vibrational density and frequency. Several million humans in our carbon bodies, mobile vessels are here to undertake that difficult job to remove and eliminate that dense dark energies that pervade earth. The dark mostly reptilians, have infected billion humans and have pulled earth to the lower rungs of the third dimension, 3D.


We are very grateful to these volunteers and those awakened are part of them who suffered so much in the planet knowing that they will experience duality, separation and veiling while here, but still volunteered. It is a possibility that these light beings, had they known that Earth at the 3rdD is such a place of trials and tribulations, they will reconsider their being gracious of assisting the planet.

The several million light body volunteers mattered as we have passed the fourth dimension and we are at the first step of the fifth says the Consciousness of Christ, the voices of some avatars and ascended masters speaking thru their human counterparts awakened and knowing. Praise the Higher Realm of Unconditional Love. We have attained unity consciousness and these collective acts, intentions of the highest good and prayers of the awakened lifted Earth to her position at a higher plane of consciousness that we all desired. We are again nearing …

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