Fourth Eye (4th eye) – By the Inter-Dimensional Traveler

Yes. The excruciating pain at the base of the skull and the neck and the shoulder (right or left side) . .depending on what you need to recalibrate.

Also the pain travels from the back to the front. Sometimes, the circumference of my face hurts too. Brow area – pain intensifies at times. It comes in waves.

Can’t sleep at night .. usually wakes up around 3.00am and 4.00am. Sometimes, can’t sleep with a pillow. Lay down on either side – don’t know which side will help. Pain subsides when sleeping at 45deg angle.

Anybody having this .. ?

Thought that the extreme headaches were dealt with back in 2011, 2012, 2013 (although already had the worst intensive headache in 2005, 2006) – none of the most expensive painkiller worked .. now am using homeopathic formula to help relief headaches, aches and pain.

Cobalt Blue, Electric Blue – Hues of the Blue Ray – AA Michael Family.



Source: Fourth Eye (4th eye)


The 4th eye opening and expansion, is part of Lightbody 8 in the Ascension process. From what I understand, it literally expands the cranium, and in time can cause it to change shape. It is part of the DNA changing to a 12 strand process.

Based on what I have experienced with my 4th eye opening, I did a bit of research on the web, and found very little on the topic, or any actual experiences associated with it. People seem to know about it, and a couple have opened the 4th eye, but never talked about the actual visual experience.

This is what I found that appears to be the most accurate information online. It’s taken from the web page:

The higher octave of the mental body can be reached via a connection of the third eye chakra with the crown chakra. At higher and higher levels of activation the The Arc of Covenant is formed. The fourth eye is completely activated and it releases a rainbow light which goes from the 4th eye to the third.

Higher level, multi-dimensional connection comes into the fourth. The fourth sends out that light which is received into the third which is your physical connection.

The light is going from the crown to your third eye. This is called the Arc of the Covenant. A rainbow light that is sent out, so that you can connect with your multi-dimensional self. Once the mental body is fully developed it becomes the mirror of the spiritual body, and the person realizes the wisdom and holistic cognition of the Higher Self in his life.

I can totally relate to the last sentence. I believe that my guide Ed, “Mr. Exclusively Diane’s” IS my higher Christ self; my divine masculine. This is why he is the most important “guide” in my life, and is a male voice. I am incarnate as a female.

Once I realized the reason why everyone knows my name when I’m inter-dimensionally traveling as Diane, everything started coming together; the “merging of self.” I AM a multi-dimensional being, living multiple, simultaneous lives in other dimensions, and it’s time to literally, “pull myself together.”

This is what I personally experienced, when my 4th eye opened. I’m hoping it will help those of you that have chosen at a soul-level to ascend with/to New Earth. It’s not for everyone. Many are choosing to finish there work here on Old Earth, then incarnate onto New Earth, assuming they have sufficiently raised their vibration to the higher frequency of the planet. If not, they will incarnate on a planet that matches their current frequency. Remember, alike attracts alike; there is no way around it.

First, my intent for most of the past 10 years is to be able to inter-dimensionally travel “during the day,” using free-will. To do this, I first must live from my higher Christ self; fully. This is a HUGE challenge in itself. It’s easy to do, when I inter-dimensionally travel, because my higher Christ self rules, prior to, and during the entire experience; NO EGO BODY. That means I must fully integrate my higher Christ self into my physical vessel. This also includes my remaining three bodies; mental, emotional, and spiritual.

3rd eyeMy 3rd eye is my “physical connection” through the ego body. When I first start meditation, I would normally see Sapphire / Cobalt Blue blobs moving and morphing around in the vision of my 3rd eye. From there, everything I see is black and white. Most of what I would receive was information from my guides. This normally occurs at sunrise, or just before sunrise. If I have time to meditate during the day, I also will see these blue blobs moving and morphing.

NOTE: Any visions that I have are not in this space, but come from another dimensional space, and are in full color. 

During the 4th eye / fourth eye expansion, I started getting some EXTREMELY, severe headaches during meditation that generated from the back of my head, where the neck meets the skull; the bump. Then the headache migrated into my 3rd eye location in the forehead. It felt like tremendous pressure and lasted about a half a day.4th eye chartreuse

Within a week or so, I noticed a change in my 3rd eye; the addition of Chartreuse globs, moving and morphing with the Cobalt blue globs. This is shown in the picture to the right.

A week or so, after the Chartreuse globs appeared, the most beautiful thing happened; rainbow globs were integrating with the Cobalt blue and Chartreuse globs. They also moved and morphed in shape.

4th eye rainbowI thought that was pretty awesome and the most beautiful thing that I’ve ever seen. Then a few days later, during my sunrise meditation, the rainbow globs morphed into actual moving rainbows, until it stopped and arched from the upper left of my vision to the lower right, like the lower right picture. I imagine that is where the name “arc of the covenant” is derived. The arc being an actual “arcing” and the covenant? I’ll let you guess.

So here I am, having a beautiful light show and 4th eye full rainbowwondering  what is happening to me, when large, white hieroglyphs (symbols) emerged. It started out quite small in the background, then flew from the back of my vision to the front, increasing in size, pausing, then vanishing.

There were three hieroglyphs total. I should have done drawings of these, but I understand they are a form of light language. The one that I barely recall is similar to the picture shown below.

4th eye hieroglyphI’ve tried to meditate since, to re-create this experience, but oddly, every time that I attempt it, one of my dogs comes over and nudges me, wagging their tail. I believe there is some sound that they can hear, which is pleasing to them. This has happened three times in a row.

As I make more progress, I’ll post more information to this blog article. This was only the activation. The rest is still a mystery!

May 25, 2017 UPDATE

3rd eye blue arrowsIt appears that the colors are morphing into different shapes. This time three large cobalt blue arrows appeared, arched, and pointing downward.

MegJohnson4thEyeMy friend Meg, who is part of my soul-group, has also been experiencing her 4 eye. She painted this disk in a rainbow to represent how her 3rd and 4th eye are communicating. She is also seeing hieroglyphs. Meg’s hieroglyphs are surrounding the large disc.

May 26, 2017 UPDATE

dnaThe symbols seem to change daily. This one made me do a double-take. A cobalt blue DNA strand. It appeared, then vanished. But within a few seconds it returned. I believe it’s some kind of Lightbody 8, DNA activation.

Dogs seem to be very aware of this change. I had two show up in the lawn that normally were frightened of me. Now they run up to me, wagging, jumping up on me, and licking my face off; fascinating. I live in a remote area of Tennessee, so these dogs have to travel a bit of a distance.

May 27, 201

I had wonderful validation this morning about my cobalt blue DNA strand. Judith Kusel just posted an article on her FB wall. In the picture she used was a cobalt blue DNA strand.

You can read the article at:

Image may contain: one or more people

June 6, 2017

During the night, when I used to awaken, I would see my matrix in my 3rd eye. It was white lines on a black background…

>>   Read on …


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