The Immortal Human, Reality Assimilation, and the Non-Local, Extra-Dimensional Awareness

The key word is ‘Focused Intention within your heart’ – Focus on what you wish to happen in your everyday living. Keep the happy thoughts, sing a happy tune, dance a happy dance to stay connected with higher consciousness realm.

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

All humans are already dead, that’s what life in this world is, it’s an illusion that one must die in the real world to enter!

If one dies in the sim then they die in the real world! If they die in the real world, then they never enter the sim in the first place!

Because a human is already dead! They can’t die! Thus the awakened human is immortal! If a person can die! This means they’re not alive! Thus, those who have to worry about death, don’t, because they only exist as a property of this realm and not something beyond it!

Death is of the mind! Death is the loss of identity, not the loss of the body! The loss of identity is through assimilation with aspects of someone else’s mind that overtake the original and replicate the system to produce a schema of personality, belief, behavior…

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