The Long Body

Multi-dimensional aspects of Self being explained – Well done, Aug!!

Pay more attention to synchronicity in the Now – without the distractions from electronic gadgets and 3rd dimensional materialistic false matrix. Keep a simple lifestyle – unlearn and release past ‘belief system’ and go back to basics.

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

The potentiality of experience extends outward from the physical anchor of what is and is projected through a gradient of the most certain to come aspects that then become less and less dense and more ‘faded’ until very unlikely aspects are represented through just a faint cloud of probability.

These groups have developed the ability to technologically anchor themselves in the space of potentiality and in this way observe, automatically and technologically, all the potential outcomes of a specific event, timeline, or situation simply as if they are viewing out in a proximity around their immediate environment (in ‘hyperspace’).

Thus, when a person realizes they have more than one parallel reality in which they exist and are extending outward through multiple simultaneous streams of possibilities all coinciding through their higher self or pure awareness aspect (the soul) then they can organize the behavior, the focus, and the intent in the…

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