Earth is a Pseudo-Graphical Back-Up Runtime Environment

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

This environment is a pseudo-graphical user interface that was designed and implemented from a non-local reality in order to preserve and provide a means for continuity of the unawakened portions of what is loosely referred to as “Humanity” but is more accurately the sentient beings on Earth.

There was a temporal collapse and as a result of the disruption the conscious continuity of the lower dimensionally or simply physically aware beings was rendered disconnect from the higher aspect. Thus, people literally were trapped in their own, segmented dimensional dream-time separated from the original whole of eternity.

The plan was to recreate the physical Earth environment from the perspective of outside of the third dimension and this was achieved by those who had reached a sufficient level of awareness by the time of the collapse in linear history.

Through the use of spiritual knowledge and technology the plan was implemented and…

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