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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

The Queen in the fairy tale who asked her mirror: “Who is the Fairest of All?” was competitive. Her intentions were not beneficial, not even to herself, but she didn’t know that. She thought her intentions meant something wonderful.

There is another kind of competition. This may be when you desire to be, not the Fairest of All, but the Best-Kindest-Most-Worthy-Good-Givingest-Serving-Person of All.

This is understandable and worthy, yet, dear ones, you are still looking in the mirror. Better to tweeze your eyebrows in the mirror as a more meaningful purpose than urging yourself on to swell up as a Great Giver. Let go of your self. Rise to Self.

You may not like to see Me relegate your well-intentioned Goodness of Heart to the arena of competition. No question that you mean this to be far more wonderful, yet something may not be quite right here. It…

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