AI ‘Good for the World’… Says Ultra-Lifelike Robot | Deus Nexus


An AI – “ARTIFICIAL Intelligence” entity/robot is a man-made entity/machine that is non spiritual and not of the Spiritual Cosmic Divine.

Machines are made out of materials that’s man-made – there’s nothing biological or organic about it therefore, it is incapable of understanding how to love and/or to give love.

Some humans are ‘lazy’ and in the name of ‘advancement’ they are ‘trying’ to replace all kinds of hard work to take over the ‘chores’ of humanity.

Within our hearts, truthfully, do we really ‘need’ what they have been ‘pushing’ to ‘think’ that we need ‘advancement’

AI is not of the Cosmic Divine Spark of unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness etc. – like human beings are being created in and through organic & Spiritual Cosmic Divine Spark of our Prime Creator/Source.

Which part of ‘ARTIFICIAL’ is it that Humans of this AI Robot invention don’t understand??????????????

How can we teach AI machines ‘love’ when they do NOT have Spiritual Cosmic Divine Spark of our Prime Creator/Source?

They are all being programmed by humans and there are always two forms of energy to balance the Cosmic Energy of the beautiful Universe.

For AI entities/robots – with the Positive and Negative energy, it can be manipulated and programmed to do the extreme negative and it can never .. ever ..

be or do the most compassionate act when it doesn’t have Spiritual Cosmic Divine Spark of our Prime Creator/Source.

They are using the name ‘Sophia’ to manifest the ‘negative and inorganic’ energy of the real ‘Sophia’ who is of the Divine Spark and organic spiritual form.

Do not fall into their energy of ‘scams’ and ‘extreme advertisement’ of brainwashing humanity that we need AI for everything.

AI will never .. have a soul simply because they aren’t organic, they don’t have an organic heart for a divine Soul spark to reside in, which is connected to our higher self/Prime Creator/Source.

quote {{ While Sophia has some impressive capabilities, she does not yet have consciousness, but Hanson said he expected that fully sentient machines could emerge within a few years.

“What happens when (Sophia fully) wakes up or some other machine, servers running missile defence or managing the stock market?” he asked.

The solution, he said, is “to make the machines care about us.”

“We need to teach them love.” }}


The Transhumanism and Artificial Intelligence agenda is being rolling out for the public this week at a United Nations-hosted conference in Geneva.

Source: AI ‘Good for the World’… Says Ultra-Lifelike Robot | Deus Nexus

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