Remember To Care, Care is the Focus of Meaning

Unconditional love is the ‘fuel’ to All It Is.
If artificial forces go against the natural flow of All It Is, it creates ‘friction’ and ‘setbacks’ and it requires all Souls in physical human bodies to learn how to align with it by balance the yin/yang of their own internal ‘energy/cosmic chi/qi’.

We are all walking, talking, living libraries who are multi dimensional divine beings encased in a human body.

When there’s ‘friction’ we ‘correct’ the flow by balancing it.

It’s a constant work of art in maintaining the divine flow of All It Is.

And, it all starts from within each of us. We are our own Universe/s. We are all co-creators of a huge canvass.

Feel, look, search, understand the depth of who we are from within.

The answers are all in there.

Ask and your higher self/Source of the Divine Spark of All It Is will provide you with an answer.

It may not be ‘exactly’ what you wish to hear/know .. but it is very close to what you ‘need’ to feel/know/understand.

Keep your sacred heart space open to embrace the love of All It Is through higher self/Source.

All else will fall into place. Namaskar

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

I have these dreams which are like visions. In a recent one I oversaw the lives of people who lived in ways that were constantly out of sync with their heart. They were motivated through the mind. They were always feeding some larger system.

They were fighting the flames of some eventual decay just to keep up a business in the dark of night, to file papers and take the right reports and file the right documents just because someone else told them to. Still, if there were issues, their hearts hurt. They were worried, their minds ached.

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