The AI Vampire, Chipped, Droned, Sub-Humans

That’s why the 3rd and the 4th dimension are being phased out as we speak/write!!

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling


Let’s examine some vampires. Hmm, notice, if one is to remain truthful, they cannot respond to anything the vampire says. If one responds to that, then the person is instantly brought out of the realm of the natural, truthful, and relative and into a falsity based on some hysteria that the vampire produces in true socio-pathic fashion in order to ensnare the souled human into a war of opposites based on some random concept that the vampire thought up and attempts to lock the human within. This is literally an interdimensional insectoid that uses deceit and treachery (false friendliness) to present the image of a reasonable, casual person who is actually energetically foaming at the spiritual mouth looking for any innocent energy or ideas to abuse and manipulate for their own liking. That is the beast! The brain stem that has been converted into an animal like being…

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