The Interdimensional Mind-Slaves

A dog is an ‘animal’ that will ‘react’ within its own form of ‘intelligence/emotional’ quotient. If they spend enough time with humans, they will learn how to ‘behave’. That’s the process whether they are here by choice in being ‘free or without a shelter’ or through ‘charted incarnation contract/s’.

They will learn how to ‘react’ in different situation/circumstances in their form of unconditional love and intelligence (and yes, they can be ‘conditioned/programmed).

Some faithfuls will automatically ‘react’ to dangerous situation/s to protect whomever they feel .. ‘need’ protection … be it another dog companion or a human companion. Some dogs don’t even know how to ‘protect’ their companions …. perhaps they’re there for different soul experiences. So .. we can’t really ‘compare’ in this form.

Dogs ‘react’ as an animal according to their own level of ‘intelligent’ and ’emotional’ quotient. They don’t know how to ‘reflect’ within themselves with wisdom like human beings are capable of unless they are being ‘trained’ – which is also another form of ‘conditioning/programming’.

Most ‘lay’ human beings have yet to learn how to ‘reflect’ (within self) but they are ‘conditioned/programmed’ (since childhood) to be ‘reactive’ – perhaps through the educational system or through family teachings .. or religious teachings (different from spiritual teachings because being spiritual is about being ‘reflective’).

This is what we need to learn .. to be ‘reflective’ instead of being ‘reactive’ .. unlearn all restrictive and judgemental grids/system/society norms … all else will fall into place. When we are being ‘reflective,’ the state of being ‘reflective’ is when we stop the ‘programming’ and learn to ‘think/feel’ and make decisions for ourselves – that’s breaking the ‘norm’.


Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

A dog, when brought into the house, becomes a slave. They do not have the capacity to control their own feelings. Thus, the animal is at the mercy of how his owner feels. If the owner feels well and the animal is fed and treated properly then the animal feels well. The owner cannot say the same for their own relationship with the animal no matter how much they would like to empathize. The owner does not rely on the pet for their livelihood or nourishment and so this is an imbalanced relationship.

The animal pet will always lose out in the path of higher physical evolution even if they gain in intelligence. As long as they are relying on the human for food or mental guidance then they are a form of slave.

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