When Disclosure Serves Secrecy

Deus Nexus

This is an old article, but still a relevant article which Dr. Steven Greer has recently re-issued. So I have decided to repost it with some commentary.

I usually don’t agree with everything Dr. Greer says, but I do respect his work, and this article raises some very important warnings about the Disclosure movement. While I feel Dr. Greer is correct in his assessment below, I feel that assessment is based upon the wrong reasoning.

Dr. Greer is pretty adamant in his belief that evil, negative, or service-t0-self extraterrestrials do not exist. This belief may be based upon an erroneous assumption that a self-serving race of beings needs to evolve past their inherent tendency for malicious destruction to become an advanced space faring civilization. Furthermore, he gives this opinion an extreme Social Justice Warrior flavor by labeling any discussion of evil reptilian or gray extraterrestrials as basically xenophobic or racist.

Now according to many sources, not all reptilians are evil. There are some very advanced benevolent reptilians in our galaxy.  A Dark or Light orientation/polarity is…

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