Earth Unveiling Disclosure Situation – The Time Matrix Avatar System Soul Farm – YouTube

Published on May 3, 2017

Non-Human entities manage the Earth society as an energy harvesting matrix for lower energy. One could say this is Phase 1 information because this deals with the corruption, however because this includes information on advanced technology, non-terrestrial planes, and non-human entities this is actually 1,2, and 3. However, the ultimate picture is that the entire plane is corrupted, there is literally no end to Phase 1 and they are all connected.
And ignore the part at the end, that’s my opinion in exaggeration, anyone can understand this stuff, they’re just concepts.
The focus was on some Event coming that will change everything. There was an underground battle they parallel jumped timelines to get to this parallel.
There are memory wipes in this current system. A team of people are there to assist in nullifying the wipes.
Every time they return to the surface requires the complete restructuring of the view of the universe. Background daemon processing systems, designed as programs to ‘clean up’ or maintain the continuity of the the universe carry out the memory wiping.
Somewhere in an earlier version of civilization someone introduced memory wiping to the system. The energy harvesting system is a natural effect of the reality construct where the soul holds more energy than the body and so the body is used as a way to siphon energy from the soul by more powerful ‘domain lords’ who have figured out how to remain indefinitely.
The current system is based upon this format. Humanity is farmed for their energy and the controllers or ones in the know profit off of the energy farming by maintaining continual power and by literally taking the energy and converting it into a format that allows them to live very long lives.
The most powerful data processing center produces a noticeable gravity on the surrounding area and all other processors (minds) are oriented by the causal direction of the most powerful system.
The whole universe is set up as a large data processing system, other distant planets or worlds are not as we think, they are not physical to us here. No human system leaves this local environment, the local platform is relative and realm specific. IE: the human vessel remains here, just like an avatar on a video game server, the soul energy, the higher self, the extra dimensional awareness, when sufficiently empowered and directed is capable of traversing to other ‘worlds’ which are ‘played’ according to different rule sets or parameters.
No one’s avatar from one video game, say Earth, leaves and goes and plays on another video game, say parallel Local Environment.
The cloning and advanced supercomputing technology is what enabled people to literally transfer their consciousness and maintain memory from one plane to the next, normally this is impossible, it’s as if the memory card is wiped of all but the most important data.
The various training and intense practices are designed to enter the data of the mind into the soul memory so that not just the conscious mind is accessing it but this data is imprinted on a super-biological level and this also leaves the body with the soul to other planes, thus the consciousness can become immortal.

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