The Feeling of Knowing ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

‘Knowing’ is when you’re connected with your higher self/God source.

There’s no ‘evidence’ because you don’t need ‘evidence’ to know this. If anyone need some form of ‘evidence’ then .. they’re more likely not connected with their higher self and they ‘need’ physical proof to accept what they’re reading or experiencing.

With this said, some ‘lightworkers’ are still working with their mind and not their sacred heart space. When some form of ‘feedback’ is being given .. they don’t know how to tell the difference how this form of ‘knowing’ works.

A bit of ‘humility’ goes a long way and when there’s any ‘form’ of ‘inflated ego’ shown clearly, you will know and feel that these ‘lightworkers’ aren’t working through their sacred heart space of ‘knowing’ but through the 3rd and 4th density path of ‘truth’ and that’s through ‘ego’.

‘Knowing’ is also about spiritual discernment. Stuff like ‘chain letters’ with conditional ‘egotistic instructions’ are known as ‘cursed chain letters’. Each time you send it to 30 friends, you are ‘activating’ the ‘curses’ unknowingly. That’s how black/dark magic works .. so .. don’t do or follow everything and anything that your friends send you through emails, cell phone texts etc. They are all being sent round thousands of times through the ‘mindless’ and unknowing general populace.

All of You can assist with the divine spiritual soul ascension of humanity during this lifetime by not sending out these kind of ‘cursed chain letters’. These ‘cursed chain letters’ are also being sent through the regular post mail here in USA – believe it or not .. I’ve received one and it was addressed to the ‘occupier of the stated address’.

I sent the chain letter back to the one who truly originate/started this chain letter with bad intention – ‘spiritually’ and Reiki style.

The one who started this could be a minion of the dark cabal (I don’t know) and those who do this ‘with bad intentions’ will get it back ten folds.

Those who have sent them out ‘without bad intentions’ they will have to stop doing this!!!

This is how rampant and desperate these dark cabal minions are … by using the ‘unknowing’ general populace to activate the dark spells/curses.

So .. please stop sending chain letters and if you happen to receive any, let your friends know that the chain letters are cursed black/dark magic spells and it will activate the moment you push that button ‘Send’. 10

Those of you who are ‘trigger happy’ with the ‘Send’ button – use your heart to think ’10 times’ before sending anything.

Ask your heart –

Is it kind?

Is it loving? (that means – no conditions, no egotistic instructions like .. if you don’t do this or send this .. something will happen to you)

Is it necessary?

You may ‘think’ that you’re ‘helping’ but you don’t know if you’re truly and actually helping .. and when you are in doubt – don’t do anything because it’s more helpful to your love ones and friends to send prayers of love and blessings than to send these kind of useless conditional chain letters.

This is the art of ‘knowing’ through your divine spiritual sacred heart space. This is not a ‘religion’ but one of the paths towards higher spiritual consciousness.


Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

Second-guessing yourselves will keep you in a state of guessing. You want to be in a state of knowing, and knowing is something that can be achieved through feeling. Second-guessing is what you do with your minds, but knowing actually goes beyond any mental process. Knowing is going with your gut. It is following your intuition, your instinct, and your impulse.

We invite you to listen to everything that is coming to you from within yourself and to let go of the opinions of others, the perspectives of others, and the influence of others. When someone comes to you and gives you that opinion that contradicts the knowing within you, it is in many ways an opportunity for you to choose. You can choose to trust yourself, to trust the alignment of energies that you…

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