World Mass Meditation Shockwaves Still Felt. Doom33 STOPPED … Decoding Cobra Intel & The Revolutionary Chi ‘Machine’ for clearing & healing. | Psychic Healing – Soul Healing – Aura Clearing – DNA Activation – Energy..

It’s Tonight – Wednesday night – Eastern Daylight saving time – 9.00pm


Join us this Wednesday night at 9pm EST/EDT, the 19th of April, for another mind expanding (some say bending) … clarifying … but calming & empowering episode on the latest of not only world-events (as it relates to the secret war of planetary liberation)… but also the revolutionary Chi “Machine”.

image by Trump Days

Chi = The Life Force … of all manifestations of energy.

  • Has a brilliant, multi-award winning Chinese physics genius automated the clearing of negative chi (energetic blocks)?

  • Does this Chi ‘Machine’ energetically clear ALL your lower bodies?   (astral, physical, plasma, emotional, mental & etheric, and even electro-magnetic??)… for vibrant physical health, emotional healing & unlocking our powers?

  • And does it clear negative programs (scalar waves, as explained in our previous episode) in your DNA?

  • Does it activate the Pineal Gland?

That’s right … all the most sensitive, pressing & highest concern Lightworker questions like those WILL be asked for you, this Wed 9pm – 10pm.

After the headlines & ground-breaking interview, we get into:

  • some decoding … dissecting & empowering understanding of Cobra’s Mass Meditation Report last week, that’ll save you from needless worries.

  • How last weeks’ global mass meditation was a big victory for all of us, depsite critical mass not being reached.

  • the truth about North Korea, and the moves the Chinese Dragons are making with the Pentagon white-hats

  • what Doom 33 is … and how the Lightworker world made it possible to stop Doom 33 dead in its tracks, and what all this means for planetary liberation.

  • Is Donald Trump indeed toast … as one of Ben’s intel sources stated?

We’ll get into Fulford’s report too, and make sense of it for our global community… to lift us all to a place of clarity, power & command of what we want.

Freedom … abundance … and healing!

We’ll close the episode with a great exercise for bringing more of your omnipresent I AM Presence … to bring you closer (and possibly activate) the next level of your absolute power.

All this on Wed night 9pm EDT.

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Source: World Mass Meditation Shockwaves Still Felt. Doom33 STOPPED … Decoding Cobra Intel & The Revolutionary Chi ‘Machine’ for clearing & healing. | Psychic Healing, Soul Healing, Aura Clearing, DNA Activation, Energy..


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