US Ready ‘To Launch Preemptive Strike if North Korea threatens Nuclear Weapons Blast’ – Anonymous

This is the last time, we’re going to post anything that’s negative about wars etc etc .. unless it’s part of the Full Disclosure sharing.
We are making a ‘point’, out of this kind of ‘fearful and dualistic’ energy. ‘Right’, ‘Wrong’, ‘Good’, ‘Bad’ etc etc.
If we post negative ‘news/articles’ – the truth is that we are giving it more ‘power’ .. more ‘focus’ .. on the energy of ‘fear’ .. which will continue to ‘feed’ the dark cabal .. simply because they need and thrive on ‘dark energy’ like ‘fear’, making the general populace ‘choose’ who is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ .. who is the ‘bad’ guy ..and who is the ‘good’ guy ..
They will want all of You to focus on everything else that’s not part of Full Disclosure .. everything … as long as it is what’s not about them! ‘
Plain distraction!!
Do we understand this scheme of theirs?
We glance through the everyday ‘drama news’ created by the dark cabal hoping that the general populace will ‘react’ on what’s fearful and play of global power .. and that’s ‘fake power’!
We need to ‘reflect’ (not react) on why the dark cabal is doing whatever that they’re doing .. and understand that .. they are just mere mortals who are ‘desperate to their core’ and refuse to work with the divine light of unconditional love, compassion with humility and grace.
Thus far, they do not understand the word ‘grace’, nor ‘humility’ nor love – Love is unconditional .. no ‘ifs’ .. no ‘buts’ .. no ‘why’ – no retaliation .. no ‘reaction’.
Love is unconditional – it’s all about ‘reflection’ from within your sacred heart space. All of us have our own sacred heart space.
Use it, experience it, love it, nurture it, reflect on, with and through it.
If you don’t use it .. it will loose its grace with the direct connection to our divine spark from our Prime Creator.
It’s a very simple concept – when you don’t use it, nurture it, love it, treasure it, enrich and enhance it .. it will fade and diminish.


By: yonhapnews WASHINGTON, April 13 (Yonhap) — The United States is prepared to launch a pre-emptive strike on North Korea if it is certain that the communist nation is about to follow through with its sixth nuclear test, NBC News reported Thursday, citing multiple senior intelligence officials. The unidentified officials were quoted as saying that […]

Source: US Ready ‘To Launch Preemptive Strike if North Korea threatens Nuclear Weapons Blast’ – Anonymous


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