Legal-Fiction Soul Enslavement System

Revoke it with your sacred heart space.

Papers are just papers in the 3rd and 4th matrix. ‘Trickery’ is a dark art .. so .. send it love, light and forgiveness .. it will dissolve and dissipate when we live, enjoy and experience the energy of the 5th dimension and beyond. Namaskar

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

The legal-fiction, fictional entity system is a front for something else. The explanation given is that everyone must denounce the system as criminally deceptive behavior that is actually an ACT OF WAR against humanity.

There are specifics which I did not retain as accurately, however some of this involved writing to one’s senator and specifically revoking the connection and of that fictional entity (legal name) to their living being and proclaiming absolute severance of any and all aspects of that system.

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