Important Aspects of the Fractal-Holographic Trap, Soul-Awareness, and Temporal Viewing Technology

‘Self Reference’ and the constant connection with ‘higher self’ will enable us to see the ‘bigger picture’ of All It Is. This constant connection with ‘higher self/selves’ is the foundation (between the 3rd, 4th and 5th) in co-creating and traversing towards the 5th (and back – constantly journeying to and fro) dimension and beyond. This allows the rainbow bridge to be constantly available to All Souls at all times and this mass transition of All Divine Souls are known as ‘markers’ and signposts for those who are ‘think’ that they might get ‘lost’ .. you can’t get ‘lost’ when you’re connected with your ‘higher selves’ or your spiritual angels/Source. Only if you should ‘choose’ to be in the energy of ‘desires’ and acting it out (e.g. addictions, fear etc), you’re more likely to get disconnected from your higher selves. We, who are the Rainbow Highway Bridge Builders are constantly keeping this bridge ‘active’ .. so please .. do not ‘waste’ your time with earthly desires. We, the Rainbow Highway Bridge Builders are very tired. Just get your spiritual work done – ASAP!!!

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

Humanity must be able to handle desires.

Advanced technology can be accessed or applied which can distort the personality and genome if the input/output of the body and mind is not harmonized through self-awareness.

Advanced technology enables the viewing of possible futures.

This technology has been used to secure the “future” that “already occurred”.

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