Important Aspects of Disclosure 4.12539756

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

Important Aspects of Disclosure 4.12935756

  • In this universe, civilization moves from a high level of complexity to a low level.

  • All is created out of a ‘nova-point’ singularity.

    • Only the supreme creator has unrestricted access to this singularity.

    • Groups have been fighting for the control of technology which yields limited access to this singularity and thus control over the realm and sub-realities.

    • Mind is the creative force in this universe, and this is a derivative of the totality of cosmic awareness.

    • The mind is electromagnetic ‘light’ based technology and essentially the natural interface with the universe. This is beyond organic or inorganic technology as then organic or inorganic technology is used to carry that mind such as a human body or a cybernetic system.

      • This is part of the idea of this realm being a ‘fallen’ environment. Mind does not equate to true-awareness which is beyond thought processes and programs…

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