#Review #History of the Earth and other notes given in 2012 Cobra Conference – 31st March 2017 – by Danell Glade @Prepare for Change

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We are inside a super wave right now – a quantum fluctuating black hole. Every 25,000 years, there is a galactic pulse where the sun emits energy.  This cycle started in 1975, continues to 2025, and is experienced in all planetary systems.  The Cabal cannot control the galaxies, so the Pulse favors the Light. It is like a galactic tsunami.  The Galactic Federation ships provide a powerful, yet gentle process more in line with Goddess energy so that the galactic pulse is not so damaging. We need to channel goddess energy to decrease the brutality of the tsunami.  It can trigger pole shifts but ETs are calming down the sun right now.  The Resistance can act only when we are prepared.
  • Planet X is not coming, it is orbiting the sun.  Nibiru is disinformation.  Nothing is going to come close to our orbit.  The Galactic super wave will bring in The Light.  We are inside the wave right now.  Without galactic ships, this super wave could be destructive, but the ships are stabilizing the frequencies of the sun.
  • Healing modalities will become more efficient based on true spiritual principles.  And it will be just the beginning.
  • The Ark of the Covenant has been hidden and transported into the Resistance Movement’s location.  Now The Cabal no longer have it.  It is an ancient replicator.
  • Bill Wood may still have a role in all of this .  We will see.  Don’t know for sure.
  • There may be social events after disclosure and The Event only in isolated cases.  The military and police forces will be taken care of.  The military will help out in a positive way now.
  • FEMA camps will be erased and gone.
  • YHWH was not a genetic engineer, but an old Archon.
  • Some Elohim are good, some are not so good.
  • YHWH can describe 2 different entities, one good, one not so good.  He could be a speaking space commander.
  • The Cabal are confined to operte on planet Earth.  They are currently confined to the US or Europe and can not move freely about.
  • Negative thoughts attract those dark  entities and provoke the suppressed negative thoughts.
  • The magnetic polar shift and the galactic pulse trigger the magnetic shift.  That is not dangerous.  They are 2 different events.  The galactic pulse triggers electromagnetic shift, causing the compass to point elsewhere, not the north like it does now.
  • The Galactic Federation is in communication with Gaia.  After the Even, most of the movies will be very positive.  There will be no more horror movies.  Actually, from 1995-2008 new movies were produced by The Resistance influence.
  • Ocean’s will not boil.  No sun will turn to blood.   The Galactic Federation is taking care of things.
  • Food will change.  There will be no more GMO foods.  Animals will be treated differently.  We will have better nutritional food.  Poor eating patterns will change.  Less meat will be eaten.  There will be less GMO foods and more balanced diets.
  • Some of the crystal skulls are real and some are from Atlantis.  Many are replicas.  Their purpose is to be a lens for energy for consciousness.  Some of the crystal skulls are not real however.  They act as lenses for higher energies.
  • Many are mind-controlled in the royal family.  Apparently not all of them are reptiles.
  • Didn’t invite Semjasi because it would be too dangerous for our group.  The Cabal would go crazy.  They would release chemicals.
  • There is only one sun.
  • The moon will continue to be there.
  • Yes, the moon is real and yes, we did visit the moon.
  • The galactic central sun is an object in the Sagittarius constellation.  Local central sun is different – Alcyone is a sun.
  • After first contact, it will open for us to visit other planets and slowly expand out into the Universe.
  • The Spear of Aesculapius was wanted by The Nazi’s.
  • The Galactic Federation has The Holy Grail.  This chalice was made of 144,000 facets of polished moldavite.  It activates the 144,000 Light Beings.  Each facet contains a code for a star seed and when the light hits the facet, the star seed is activated.
  • Each human being has a unique set of skills for the planetary liberation.  Each person had been born equal with unique capabilities.  You are given missions because you have the right skills to compete the job, not because you are special.
  • Buddha’s  role is to be a transmitter of cosmic energies between the galactic central sun and ascended masters.
  • Some souls connected to The Holy Grail are  aware, others will awaken. More are awakening during and after The Event from The Holy Grail.
  • I use 11 dimensional models which is aligned to string theories.
  • Purify and balance yourself.  Use pure water.  Don’t wait for The Event.  Start now.
  • The 144,000  is a complex mandala, and each personal will have their own role.
  • The location of The Holy Grail is  undisclosed.
  • When you ascend, you go beyond the incarnation cycle.  The Archons introduced the incarnations.  Everything beyond the 3rd dimension doesn’t have a body.  For those who stay, they will live to maybe 120 yrs.  There are no limits to maintain your body.  Basically, when you ascend beyond the incarnation wheel, you don’t have a body. You project consciousness into a hologram at that point.  When you reach a certain level of consciousness, there is no limit of how long you can live.
  • There is a planet being prepared in the Pleiadian society for folks going to the other 3rd dimensional reality.  It will be a perfect 3rd dimensional existence.
  • There will be many choices to stay or go when in the 3rd dimension.  Everything becomes free choice.
  • Just drink lots of pure water. Vortexed, tachonized, filtered, and enhanced water is the best to drink.  Best pH for water is 7-neutral.
  • Monatomic gold is very beneficial and a very old technology.  Monatomic gold helps us to be super conductive for spiritual forces.
  • Colloidal silver helps us to eliminate toxins.
  • Would not recommend alkalinized water.  A pH around 7 is good and neutral water is better.
  • Organite therapy is mostly not helpful.
  • May 17th and Nov 17th are the Pleiadian alignments each year. It re-boots 2 times a year.  Each year this is an opportunity for the incarnate Pleiadians to align with their home planet.
  • Most of the Annunaki were cleared a long time ago.
  • Sananda was incarnated as Christ, long ago and ascended.  Jesus was born years later and Christ was his teacher while he was doing his mission.  He was merging his consciousness with Christ.  Now both of them are working together as soul brothers to spread the message of Unconditional Love.
  • There are dinosaur sightings.
  • There were some reptilian entities entering and exiting the Congo portal.  The portal is now closed but there are a few reptilian’s left that are hiding in the jungles.
  • There are a few Draconians and Reptilians left in the political system in human bodies.
  • Billy Meier’s was a Pleiadian contactee.  He’s an incarnated Pleiadian and he had contact before.
  • Cobra doesn’t agree with some of the Daniel papers so use discernment.
  • The WWII black hole over Europe with the Nazi’s and all of the killing is being cleared.
  • Chemtrails are being cleared every day
  • A small segment of The Cabal are Annunaki’s and they are being cleared.
  • Angels are here to anchor angelic light and it’s good to connect with them. They help us connect.
  • The clearing process purifies the astral and etheric planes.
  • During The Galactic Wars there was clearing of Andromeda Galaxy.  Negative beings were cleared out and came to this galaxy and planted Archons here.  Most high Jesuits were from Andromeda.
  • You can be contacted is you have a genuine true to self demeanor and you have a desire for contact.
  • All chemtrail planes are based on earth – not OFF earth.
  • We are all awakening to the Jesus consciousness every day.
  • The galactics that turned to the dark were innocent beings who wanted to try something new and they were tricked.
  • Go on Cobra’s blog for the who’s who.
  • Darkness is NOT necessary.
  • About 50% of the people have closed their hearts to protect themselves.  When conditions improve, their hearts will open again.
  • It’s a gradual process for the old grid to continue with it’s disintegration daily.
  • Gnostic texts are the closest to the truth before the Archon invasion.  They give a good description of what happened.  The chief Archon is the fallen angel.
  • The Essenes were one of many groups who had access to part of the gnostic teachings, but not all of it.
  • It will be gradual process entering the 5D, but when we are there, we will know it.  When The Event happens, there will be no question.  When real change happens, it will be extremely evident.
  • There will always be choices whether to go to the 3rd or 5th dimension.  It is impossible to go back and Cobra can’t speak about any cut-off points. 
The year 2012 is a code-a time of completion, like an alarm clock.  Each lifetime we develop talents and made a plan for each incarnation to prepare for this time right now – to assist in the planetary liberation process.  We will all be creating a planetary mandala at The Event.  We are getting prepared for the final activation.   }}}   unquote
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Time for a review.  These are the notes from 2012 Cobra Conference where he gave a lengthy history of this earth, solar system, galaxy, Atlantis, The Event etc. etc.  41 pages long.




The four core goals for the up and coming New Age are:
1)         A fair, balanced, and transparent monetary system
2)        The release of new technologies, especially free energy
3)        The release of suppressed information regarding the true history of our planet and evidence of ET’s
4)        The release of spiritual growth and healing for every human being on the planet
When it takes place, will determine how long we have before The Event, but it will be a gradual process, although rapid as well. …
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Source: History of the Earth and other notes given in 2012 Cobra Conference – Prepare for Change


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