33 Blue RayAnchors /Starseeds 1st New Earth Unity Alliance Whales/Dolphins & Star – ET Races – Shekina Rose @YouTube

Recalibration and reconfiguration … this explains the aches and pain ..



Published on Jan 27, 2017

http://www.shekinaspeaks.com for New Earth Unity Alliance
We are being called to create a New Grid Jan 26th Thursday at 4;00pm Mountain Vortex time, {AZ does not recognize daylight savings}, with the Whales/Dolphins, Star Sirius A and Starseed that will activate our Star DNA 12 strands that are from other Planetary systems, Extraterrestrial and terrestrial inner Earth/ Shambhalla Ascended Masters/ Pleaidians, Lemurians inter dimensional that Humanities carries for the 1st Starseeds Unity New Earth Alliance with ET Races In the Name of Humanity through the Sacred Divine Feminine Light Counsel of Interplanetary Peace and teachings of the Star People a unity alliance for the New earth, planetary and interstellar grid will occur.
Following the 1st 33 Blue Ray anchoring, there will be continued alliances of other groups and star fellowships.
A starseed alliance with the Galatics and Star ET races inner earth Shamballa is being called for the empowerment of all Nations, Creeds and beings of Earth The Whales/Dolphins, Blue Rays and Starseeds will create the first anchoring.
The Blue Ray Counsel Overseer’s who have already been gathering that have been making attunements will be assisting in holding intending through heart radiance and Halo for a field for the 33 Blue Ray anchors with the Whales and dolphins to come together for the highest good.
This is being called through the starseeds peace makers with the activation of their star lineages with humanities Galactic inter dimensional Star DNA, Divine Original Blue Print that will anchor a divine grid field for all of humanity, all who hear and feel the soul call can participate Thursday, Jan. 26th, at 4pm.
Via heart radiance of your higher heart to your higher mind, 3rd eye divine mind, with anchoring at your feet with support of Gaia. http://spiritlibrary.com/shekina-rose

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