On Energy Activation, False-Light Construct, the HEART-CENTERED PATH

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

The subjects of the holographic false-light containment system,the reality of the human soul, the demiurge, energy activation and kundalini, the HEART-CENTERED PATH,DUALITY, TRANSCENDENCE, WHOLENESS, biological consciousness,SOULawareness, creation, and timeare all related together in this process of awakening to the true reality and discerning between the methods of enslavement and illusion which are used to manipulate and ensnare living beings.


Does energy activation MERGE one further into the holographic illusory realm? Is this realm the holographic illusion or is that a deception to cause us to stray from harmony? Is the holographic realm a potential OVERLAY that requires supercomputer technology WITHIN this realm which is still connected to the true reality?

Is the holographic false-reality the realm that was invented as a mirror image of this universe where there…

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