Stars, gods and Vampires

‘Seclusion’ is not a sure thing for a Reiki practitioner to master the art of balance and self mastery but it’s a wonderful ambience for quietude, calm, beauty and serenity. Partial seclusion is also good for a Reiki master to go out and have a change of ‘recharge’ by taking a ‘fast’ (from a fast) to break the monotony of All That ‘Was’ moments ago. Taking a ‘fast’ (from a fast/seclusion) is necessary. This method (don’t know about other masters) is used to ‘orchestrate’/synchronize the external energy in a form of balance. Taking a walk amongst a crowd is a good form of ‘balancing’ the external of the chaotic mass. When a Reiki master is at a level of self mastery, he/she is able to shine their love, light and blessings to All It Is in the Now wherever they go. Just Being who they are is a constant divine cosmic force of ‘balance’. No rituals to perform or ‘words’ to write/say. Namaste

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

“Sending” Energy

Little known secret, when people “send” energy, this is actually used to steal energy and is a vampire tactic that the Illuminati bred this species to be able to perform for them. When a person “sends” energy, they can move in and actually initiate war through this process.

Channelling the Crowd

They live off of energy, this is the entire plan of religion. It’s people, mind-raping people and literally getting them to believe and produce causal reference so that the masses reproduce them into as many realities as possible.

What is the one who is in ALL, or EVERYONE’s reality? A god.

Religions create gods. That is why the entertainers are “stars”, because they are next to god.

A Complex, Harmonious, and Strong Spectrum of Frequencies

This may be unfortunate for some but there are many people who pretend to have a healing vibration because they’ve convinced themselves…

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