I Hereby Rescind the Use of my Genetics, Lineage – Bloodline – Consciousness – Fractured or Whole (continued in this single post) | By Aug Tellez @Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling


Thank you very much, Aug Tellez!
Positive intentions to conquer and void the dark cabal’s manipulative matrix system (copy and print it out for your daily manifestation).
“I hereby rescind the use of my genetics, lineage and bloodline, my consciousness, fractured or whole, for any experimentation, energy harvesting, soul harvesting, abuse, sacrifice, ritualization, rape, molestation, murder, hate, lust, confusion, or any form or frequency of emotional manipulation, through the use of but not limited to scalar psychotronic technology to proliferate a destructive, chaotic experience on Earth for innocent beings.
I declare free-will a sovereign element of the life experience and I therefore activate my free-will to withdraw against harmful or deceptive contracts.
I declare this to be effective forwards and backwards in the temporal fields, in the possibilities that are not yet made physical not limited to those used for projected realities, alternate dimensions, war-games, spiritual attacks, harvesting, quantum exploration, through the use of supercomputer technology, remote viewing, dream-harvesting, psychological imprisonment, ‘astral’ realm encounters and operations.
I declare free-will as a sovereign element of the experience of all beings, and therefore I activate my free-will to withdraw against contracts that seek to harm or divide the human people or other peoples of Earth in order to produce disharmony, chaos, or suffering to promote the oppression of the true creative capacity of the human race and the other colors and races of the ‘persons’ that are widely known and accepted on the planet including but not limited to, Asians, Caucasians, Darker Skinned, “Latinos”, “Natives”, “Aborigine”, “Moorish”, Middle Eastern, African, Eurasion (those of mixed ancestry), Hispanic, Spanish, Pacific Islander, Original Americans, and all other races of Earth native. I declare these contracts void and unconscionable.
I choose to defend Earth from the invader races and to defend the original human to allow for a beneficial and progressive learning experience through the exploration of the creative capacity and the life experience under the free-will intent and freedom to express.
I declare my sovereignty through free-will and that I choose to assist in defending Earth and the original Human race from the invader races that seek to hybridize and assault the Earth inhabits for their sexual and creative energies including bio-technical, genetic, DNA, memories, consciousness, soul-harvesting and other abuses that utilize loopholes and broken ‘star-people’ contracts, deception, coercion, temptation, force, false appearances, fear, hate, or any form of abuse or misrepresentation of the true intentions of all parties therein to subjugate, traumatize, ritualize, belittle, and defraud the inhabitants of Earth.”

This declaration is effective for all so-called ‘loosh’ feeding in which a person’s psychological states, the information of their conscious experience, their emotional energies, their genetics or spiritual potential is stimulated through psychotronic weaponry not limited to advanced scalar-weaponry, and such operations are hereby commanded to cease and desist by order of the sovereign holders of the original Earth contracts between the ‘chosen’ bloodlines and the ‘star-peoples’.

I hereby command all forces of divine love effectively be rendered in assisting the Earth peoples in freeing themselves from the lower emotional entanglement of the deception-based mind-control system including their oppression through all means of the media, financial systems, legal systems, educational, medicinal or pharmaceutical, spiritual or religious enslavement, indoctrination, harassment, abuse, deception, abridging of free-will, coercion, and the oppression through the use of any corporate, industrial, public or otherwise rendered services on the surface of Earth as well as underground as well as in the atmospheric region.

Both the underground and the interdimensional layers of Earth as well as the atmospheric region where operatives are hiding cloaked and awaiting, all areas are under jurisdiction as per their involvement with the oppression of humanity including all possible parallels that are being linked to by those oppressors for the use of but not limited to the harvesting of information, genetic materials, future probabilities, tactics, mind-control operations, or other uses.

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Source: I Hereby Rescind the Use of my Genetics, Lineage, Bloodline, Consciousness, Fractured or Whole (continued in this single post) | Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling


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