The One Supreme Creator

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

Remember, there is one supreme creator. There are ‘gods’ that people worship of various orders that enable or enhance certain aspects over another.
So in the question of whether one is performing to this level or to this emotionality, one could say these are the various ‘gods’ ( and some say that any pretense of their being a secondary god or ‘gods’ is blasphemy and illusion because this will quickly degrade one’s perception of the one true reality).
Whether one exists, the act of creation, the supreme and all surmounting efforts of the originality, that is only to and from one actual creative source. There can only be one, that is the whole point.
So the idea is that there can be all these derivations of that source, but remember that some believe that process in itself is an illusion and these are all false-aspects, false-lights, or…

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