Waking Up in the False Matrix – by Morag O’Brien – Prepare for Change

quote {{ Be careful who you tell and who you talk to. Avoid trusting anyone who represents the system (unless you know they are free thinkers) including doctors, social workers and priests (or their equivalent). They are programmed to shut you down.

They can be the loveliest people, kind and compassionate, but they are trained and programmed by the system, and their thinking is structured to follow the matrix’s algorithms.

Keywords will set off alarms in their head, and trigger processes and procedures that can be hard to stop once they have started — and this is where the “mental health” system comes into play…

Barbiturates are one effective way the matrix hinders our awakening, as are painkillers and anti-depressants.

Anti-psychotics are most commonly prescribed medications to people experiencing something outside the matrix — children included.

All of these substances will zombify us and make us more obedient to the system, while offering the matrix the added benefit of the massive profits they generate in pharmaceutical sales. There will be no exit strategy offered to you.

Our energetic system gets blocked, dulled and even switched off by succumbing to such systems. Approach matrix-trained professionals with caution as a general rule of the matrix game, unless you know they are awakened people who see beyond their training.

Be mindful, practise being in the present and detaching yourself from anxiety about the past or worries about the future. Children, nature, friendship, good books and creative passions are all excellent ways to keep us focused on the now.

It takes daily practise to stay in the moment, and progress can be slow at first, but setting focused intentions at the beginning of each day and building these practices into your routine can help you learn to see your own power.

Avoid trying to escape too much. Once awakened, the spirit realizes it is in the third dimension, which can be brutal, harsh and painful, making us compulsively want to escape reality. }} unquote

The matrix. It signifies seeing beyond the invisible prison walls of our reality, and recognising and questioning its existence is one of the first signs of awakening — of truly waking up. by Morag…

Source: Waking Up in the False Matrix – Prepare for Change

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