It’s going to be alright.

It is going to be all right.

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The best thing you can say to people who are stressed is that it’s going to be alright. People usually have an aversion to such news, focusing on the details that are sometimes fairly important. Often times, if a person is alive to learn, then we learn from those set-backs.

Yes, often times this is related to health or some other aspect of the equally relevant issues of life. Even then, the experience is capable of giving us something to walk away with.

There are beliefs that this world is a trap and that any negative experience is the bad end of a deal we were spiritually suckered into accepting through soul-contracts.

To this, there may be some validity, especially in what has been *created* of the current (and previous) civilizations. If consciousness and reality are inextricably linked, then what we make of the situation influences the outcome just as…

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