Important Aspects of Disclosure 2

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

Important Aspects of Disclosure 1

Important Aspects of Disclosure 2:

I.                This Realm is Made of Ideas in the Mind of a Larger Being

A.              These Ideas Constitute Metaphysical ‘Areas’ or Localities

II.             Reality is Comprised of Ideas Made from Ideas Made from Ideas and there are Repeating Universal Principles from Which All Ideas Exist

III.           The Beings Who Are From Elsewhere Are Connected to this Realm Through Ideas and Belief

A.              The Ideas that are Held in the Masses are Used to Communicate and Connect this Reality to Other Realities and Other Beings

IV.           The Physical Layout of the Universe is not of Separated Spaces and Is More Accurately Defined as Layers of Time

A.              As Such, the Temporal Layout of the Physical Expanse is closer to Consciousness, Belief, Experience, and Ideas

B.              The Layers are Not Different Areas, but Closer to Different Ideas or Frequencies of Consciousness


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