Belief, Venturing into the Abyss to Save Your Cosmic Family

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

“Let’s believe that the collective consciousness is going down the path that will break us free of all of the negative timelines. That the galactic pulse will purge the hive mind virus.”

This is called a “Deus Ex Machina”. The greater and more creative or substantive a belief is then the more the belief can influence.

Get the picture?

“Yes. Breathe deeply when you feel your emotional state teeter tottering in the wrong direction. Ground yourself in a positive thought.”

This is actually what is required of us now. This is required down in the moment, into time, in the height of an emotionally, spiritually, mentally or “dimensionally” impactful experience. The idea is that there is a basic curve of response from the ability to cope and reason to a complete inability to cope and complete autonomy and replication.

The point is that those who are ‘so far gone’, who…

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