Belief Determines Reality

Your inner spiritual organic wisdom is found within your sacred heart space using the heart-mindset to propel your Deus Ex Machina into the Universe (within) to be manifested. Feel through inner knowing to manifest what’s spiritually organic .. that’s your divine spark flowing through … know thyself with your heart not just through the ‘mind’. The ‘mind/brain’ function alone do not anchor your manifestation within. Only your inner knowing within your sacred heart space can do that and to anchor every ‘steps’ in to the core/heart of Mother Earth Gaia. This is further enhance the spiritual enhancement with our Mother Earth Gaia – she knows each and everyone of us. Those who are inorganic will be repelled by Mother Earth Gaia within her 5th dimensional plane.

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

History Occurs in Repeated Cycles because they are Managed

History goes in cycles because they are being managed! People went from believing one thing, then they’ll go to the other, and this cycle continues in faster and faster cycles until everyone who has the tendency to hold on to anything is flung off!

This literally occurs in the same way some information will threaten people’s conceptual limitations.

Reality does the same! Everything reflects into itself. We are all being tested and will continue to be tested until only those remain who are willing to let go of all misconceptions to find the truth of reality.

The Dream World and Programming

The DREAM-WORLD is the key to PROGRAMMING the mind. Deprogramming is a thing, if you didn’t know…

Is Genuine Intelligence Possible? What does it look like?

Here’s a question, does true intelligence exist (in our domain) or is everything at…

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