1000 Pedophiles Housing Foster Children in CA in 2011

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LACK OF RESOURCESSource:victuruslibertas.com

WOW!  Thanks to members of VOAT – especially IXOYE, who discovered THIS little gem, which was published in 2011, from CNN – yes, the very CNN we all love to hate now!  This was way back when they were actually doing real journalism and weren’t such #FAKENEWS.

This is the link to the archived REPORT.

Los Angeles (CNN) — The California state auditor has found that more than 1,000 state-licensed facilities — including more than 600 for kids — matched addresses in the sex-offender registry, saying oversight mechanisms lag behind state requirements.

The state Department of Social Services “cites the lack of resources as the primary reason why it has not implemented an automated sex offender address match and why its oversight mechanisms are falling short of requirements,” said the state auditor’s report.

Do you understand what that means?   There were (in 2011) more than  1000…

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