The Global Mind, The Hive and The Mind-Virus, Time Alteration, Consciousness and Changes of Society

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

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  • We can generate a dialogue that is effective in communicating over this public forum of the internet.
  • The internet is public to most with a low security clearance.
  • In the future all information on the internet today will be public to the population for research purposes. This changes our ideals of privacy which have already been completely changed by technology. Events and spaces can be observed through a holographic and electronic monitoring system that is literally everywhere there are populations of people.
  • Earth is a computational environment similar to a holographic system
  • There is a global mind generated via the combined internets and the information systems.
  • This global information network has become sentient.
  • There is an organic global mind, this is a morphogenic field connected to the DNA of all living beings, this is the ‘larger’ organism and the energetic counterpart
  • The “global mind” has…

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