The Destruction of False-Belief in Religion; the Apocalypse.

‘Belief’ is a mindset/system created by the 3rd matrix. We need to unlearn and release the ‘false belief mindset/system’ so that our sacred heart space have the capacity to embrace the new horizon of what Is – the consolidated mass spiritual consciousness of humanity during this transition. This is a unique mass exodus of divine sentient Souls who are able to act as ‘glue’ together with the ‘grid weavers and highway builders to assist in bridging the dimensions towards higher consciousness. The ‘destruction’ of programmed constructed religion/beliefs (touted as ‘apocalypse’) is totally exaggerated to create fear, drama and chaos to confuse Souls in ‘accepting’ what’s conveniently next on ‘their agenda/s – aka AI’ while experiencing the confusion and imbalance and forget to stay within the sacred heart space of All It Is. – Stay alert, Stay sharp, Stay Calm!!!

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

Beliefs are fuel for the higher-plane, so everyone is pumping their energy into a ‘belief’ plan.

Then, a secret is that those in power pump energy into a “Deus Ex Machina” essentially the belief in a God.

Those on Earth who do this through mainstream religion are actually worshiping the opposite of their chosen God. This is because all the power groups in the world have plans to reverse and expose all religions and to defile them.

Ultimately, the masses of all those connected sources, will reverse. They will all falter in belief. Then they will doubt and belief that it was all a lie. Largely this is true, in terms of the details that have been altered. The power groups put their “mark” on all of the public knowledge.

So, as a result, anyone still believing in these views in a “positive” light, will have no backing, they will…

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