Oregano, Herbs, Fungal and Bacterial Infections and the Invader Organism

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

This is just as serious as other posts. All the food posts are!

The Body, Energy, Consciousness and Microbiology

The body is energy, the consciousness is an overall production of energy. When there are parasites, bacteria, nano-technologies, viruses, fungus, that is literally other organisms and thus other informational energy that then coalesces to produce some of your overall consciousness energy. If your body is a portion of bacteria and other invaders, then that is a portion of your consciousness, makes sense?

A “Mental” Microbiological  Entity and Purification

So in the same reasoning, the ‘invader’ races are literally a form of quantum parasite which collects around the ‘temporal membrane’ of your self which is literally like saying that this entity collects around and feeds on your thoughts and emotions.

Purifying the body, detoxing, flushing the digestive tract, fasting and other methods are all attempting to regain that missing portion of your…

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