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PART – 1

Yes, you have heard of the Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow children but, have you heard of the BLUE RAY ONE BEINGS ?

The Blue Ray 1(One) beings are the rarest on this planet. The “Blue Ray 1” has never been anchored on earth, because earth is not ready for God’s Will/Power/Wisdom/Protection in the direct manner of a formidable Ray 1. A Blue Ray being is one whose Monad Ray is Ray1. This, what I now share with you, is information no one has written about – as yet!

Monad Ray is the ray on which the Spark from God first leaves the Source. Later it joins, through choice, a Soul Family, whereby it’s Soul Ray is ascertained. Monad Ray 1 beings are therefore the Blue Ray 1 beings. But there is more to this. A truly, sole, Ray 1 Being is one whose Name (as in their birth certificate), unchanged, also totals to One, and their birth dates (day/month/year) must as well total to One. Thats why I have, here on a LinkedIn article (, explained not to ever change your name, or its spelling.

These Ray 1 beings are alone, stand apart and are isolated, as well – very powerful, fully connected, with extremely overwhelming Contract Plan’s and are born in hugely challenging countries, home, environments. But, and in addition, if their birth is in Blue Ray One countries, they are the Leaders of the 7th Root Race, yet to be recognized on earth.

Star Planet Sirius

Moreover, as you know, most humans on earth are seeded from some planet or the other, generally from within our own galaxy. Most are from Pleiades. However, the Blue Ray One beings are exclusively from Sirius. They are the “I AM RACE”. Most souls do not live in Sirius, with the exception of the Lion Beings and Feline Cat race, but hold important memberships in the Lodges of Sirius (Blue Lodge of the Creative Blue Light of God and The Great White Lodge of Sirius), and are teachers in the Higher Universities of Learning that are located in Sirius. Some hold portfolios of the High Priest and High Priestesses in the Temple of Illumination (the 2nd Ray of Love, Light, Illumination, Enlightenment, Truth). The Higher Lords of Karma, for the entire Milky Way Galaxy, are also based in Sirius!

These extra-ordinary Blue Beings are unusually Protected by the Lords/Chohan/Archangels/Elohims/Hierarchs (of its element Ether/Akasha) of the Ray 1. They need Divine Protection to survive the dangerous magnetic environment that they are often thrown into, and for the huge volume and voltage of the Blue Creative Light of God that they carry within themselves! Furthermore, these Blue Beings carry Violet Fire in their aura, just as they carry the Blue Creative Light in their cellular molecular atomic structure, and are powerful Violet Alchemists, constantly attracting darkness within their fold and continually transmuting discordant energies through the sheer Power of their Presence in a place. Such is the Power, formidable, of the Blue Beings of Ray One! This being one of the reasons, they travel a lot! And as they pass-by, behind them trails of chaos are lit as stardust! The aftermath of their Purging Personalities indeed!

They live alone. And later in life, quietly withdraw from people/family/relationships. Or else their Light (that is hugely sucked wherever they are and with whomever they maybe) would shut off completely! They magnetize a lot of jealousy, envy, condemnation, skepticism, from near and far ones who cannot understand their persona, their wisdom, their Divine Protection, their fierceness, their forth-righteousness! And begin to fear it and eventually shun them. They, consequently, do need Protection indeed, and all the time – and so, since much protection, all the time, from the Masters is not possible —- they are kept alone —- but living in much duality, living in society, interacting with people like normal beings.

They work mostly thru the quietness of their protective domain, internet, writing, relating more thru technology than in person. They hide their true identity. And they must! These strong Blue Ray One’s are the Light Holders, Light Showers, who hold the Light pillars inside their bodies (which have become the alchemical automotive Violet Fire itself) upon the shoulders of which the Earth is calibrating into higher and higher Light. These beings have sacrificed their bodies at the Altar of Light. These beings have been a part of the creators of this planet, and laid the Root Seed of our present civilization in Khem, the Egyptian and Aryan Race of the 6th Root.

Lord Shiva, in the role of Creator Trinity – Brahma/Vishnu/Shiva, is the Monad Hierarch of Ray One. In His Office of the Monad Ray are the following: Lord El Morya (Chohan of Ray 1), The Great Divine Director of Authority (Head of the Board of Karmic Lords for earth), Lord Manu (the Head who seeded our civilization – Lord Vaivasvatta), Lord Sanat Kumar (the Regent God of our planet), Elohim Hercules and Amazonia, Archangel Michael and Faith, Lord Surya, Elemental Hierarch of the element of Akasha (the element of Ray 1) Zeus and Goddess Tara, and Goddess of Light ( the Chohan of the element of Akasha).

The Qualities of the Ray One are: Will of God, Power of God, Protection of God, Nobility, Regality, Integrity, and Responsibility. This Ray has leadership qualities and therefore embraces politics and political heads. All disciples of the Ray One are trained into perfection of leadership by Lord El Morya. The symbol of the Blue Ray and Lord El Morya’s identity symbol is the Blue Diamond and His Retreat is above Darjeeling, in the Himalayas of India.

It is very important for them to realize at all times – THEY ARE NEVER ALONE! Who they have with them are the highest Hierarchial Masters of the Light! And that they have come, in this lifetime, solely for the mission of ENDING THE EXPERIMENT! For dissolving the Empire! However, not thru obliteration this time (as was in the case of Atlantis and Lemuria), but through the process of Alchemical Mutation and Purification! This being the reason why they have the Violet Fire in their aura! Underlined to this explanation is the fact that the Ray 1 is intrinsically connected to Ray 7 (The Violet Ray). Thoth, Seshat, Akhenaton and his second anonymous wife -Kiya (more on my website under “Untitled Book” (4)) are Ray One Beings. Ankh, the symbol of Immortality, their mascot, is the Mascot of Ray One too. Alongwith the Blue Diamond, the symbol of Lord El Morya’s Office of Ray One!

The Ankh Consciousness

Those, who are Ray 1 Beings, when they read this, shall know and understand immediately the undertone message of this post.


Sangeeta Handa

Source: The BLUE RAY ONE BEINGS on Earth | sangeeta handa | Pulse | LinkedIn

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