February 2017 Energy Report – The Unraveling Matrix – Galactic Physical Body Gridwork Upgrades – By Lisa Transcendence Brown @YouTube

It’s falling into place … a lot of what we thought ‘is’ .. we need to unlearn and to open our sacred heart space to re-learn – I say re-learn because when we incarnate here we ‘forget’ and while we ‘forget’ and collect the information and data that we need to transcend the 3rd dimension was incorrect .. very good updates and all that I’ve been feeling … and continue to hear from the lay people that they are fighting to get back their ‘power’ and sovereignty … it’s the ‘self worth’ that’s been suffering.

Until we unlearn the programmed egotistic nonsense … we need to learn to transcend above the egotistic paradigm programming .. the program that’s putting us down that we can’t be more than who we are Now. Keep on challenging what we have been ‘comfortable’ with and get out of the comfort zone and to open up our sacred heart space to experience the energy of higher consciousness.

We are ‘less’ and ‘no worthy’ because we don’t have a college degree, or we don’t have money… or we don’t have a job .. or we don’t have a house .. or we don’t have a family .. or we don’t have what the regular programmed society have .. that is – status – money – material stuff – good paying jobs etc etc ..

This is a ‘must-listen’ for those lightworkers who are still in the path of ‘resistance’, victimhood, duality and lack of self worth!! Namaste



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